You know, this worry in the hollow of your stomach and this form of fear that consumes you but that you have chosen to ignore? Well, that’s what a narcissist feeds on, it’s what keeps him alive. This is what gives him the strength to continue to use and mistreat you.

Most empathic and deeply sensitive people experience these feelings of worry and fear – it’s their gut that tells them to run away.

But precisely because of their extremely sensitive personality, they choose to ignore their instincts and find themselves trapped by the canvas that a narcissist will have woven.

They cannot help but think that they will succeed in changing the said narcissist. They can’t help but think that if they try hard enough, if they try to understand them, they will find a solution and help them get out of the dark.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Once you get stuck in a narcissistic relationship, it’s almost impossible to escape. You become addicted to the narcissist. We feel a perpetual fear of which it is the origin.

We are afraid to leave because he has made sure that you feel unable to leave. He made sure that you felt you had no value. He made sure you felt like you were put off. He made sure you thought you were the problem.