Mastering sarcasm is something you are born with. The sense of acerbic and distributed response associated with pure sensitivity is part of the winning combination.

If you are lucky enough to date a girl with a big heart and a sarcastic mind, your life will never be boring again. She has a gift allowing her to make anything interesting in her own way. The balance between these two characteristics is the most incredible thing you can find in a girl.

1. She is a bad**ss but She is also sensitive.

Her hardness is only superficial. Behind her severe appearance hides a big heart. She is whole. Her feelings are deep and she loves unconditionally. Once its defensive walls have been broken through, you will enter the world of lucky men.

2. She is very clever.

She has a lively spirit and a remarkable sense of distribution. She is able to adapt to any situation. With it, each situation is interesting. His sarcastic remarks are not the product of wickedness – but are part of his charm, his thinking and his intelligence.

3. She does not crack when the pressure increases.

Her liberated mind and tongue, which she cannot control, are present in any situation. But when things calm down, her feelings catch up with her. There may also be crying – all of these pent-up emotions have to be released at some point.

4. Does she play with you or is she sincere? You never know.

You always assume she is playing with you. This is the case most of the time. But even when she tries to reveal her feelings to you, you think she’s just being sarcastic. It is still uncertain. This is the reason why you feel this keen need to try to understand it. This keeps your interest alive.

5. She joins your sense of humor.

To go out with this kind of girl, you must clearly have a solid sense of humor. Otherwise, you would find it threatening. You know that his intentions are never bad. Thus, you enter his game and take the opportunity to improve your own mind. Have fun !

6. She is not afraid of quality replicas.

You can play with it as much as you want. But beware, between sarcastic remark and wickedness, there is only one step. If you join her spirit, she will love you more. If you offend her, and we’re talking about a girl who can hardly be offended, she’ll cut you short. She takes things to heart and will not tolerate “dirty” and contemptuous remarks.

7. She does not disclose her feelings to anyone.

She successfully hides them but, you know that she loves you and that she would do anything for you. She will hide her feelings even if she suffers martyrdom. Although she does not reveal herself, her feelings will be visible through her actions. She is more affectionate and loving than girls who tend to open more easily and do not hide behind sarcasm.

8. She has funny ways of showing her affection.

“Hey idiot, I love you you know” is a good summary of the situation.

It is the combination of a big heart and a sarcastic mind in one sentence. And she loves you. You can be sure.