I’m like that, take it or leave it.

Here are words that only an emotionally immature man would be able to say during an argument with his wife.

Psychology points out that one of the biggest problems is the fact that at the start of a relationship we try to present ourselves in our best light and that it is, therefore, difficult to decide on someone’s maturity. that time.

After much research on the subject, psychologists have compiled a list of the most commonly encountered types of immature men.

1. The insecure narcissist

His insurance is essentially based on his arrogance. He spends a lot of time in front of his mirror and only cares about what he looks like.

But beneath this façade hides insecurity and a fear of being with someone who would be more attractive and brilliant than him. He will tend to choose a companion who compliments him and feeds his ego.

As soon as she stops doing this, he will transfer her insecurities to her, complain and destroy her confidence.

2. The careerist

Her only goal in life is to be successful in her job. Everything else is just a waste of time.