Sometimes the bad things that happen to us change our lives forever, and it doesn’t matter, because that’s how we learn to survive and turn bad experiences into our strength.

That said, from time to time it becomes difficult for us to continue doing the same things as before with the same ease, especially when it comes to our relationships with others, and in particular with our romantic partner.

We may feel uneasy and insecure because of a trauma that we have survived that has left us with triggers that we did not have before.

We may feel compelled to put on a mask just to protect ourselves and avoid suffering.

You may turn into someone who is suspicious or fearful and lack self-confidence or motivation to continue doing certain things as before.

This is one of the reasons why I am here, to reassure you that it is normal to feel that way, and that you should not worry and here is why.

You deserve someone who will fully understand you and your feelings.

You deserve someone who will treat you as you deserve and who will show you that he cares about you.

Someone who won’t make false promises or pretend to take care of you and then send you mixed signals.

You should never feel like a burden.

The person who truly loves you sincerely will never give you the impression that you are someone who is difficult to bear.

On the contrary, she will show understanding and find time to listen to you and will have no problem making a real effort to make you feel understood and safe at all times.

The person who will really love you, will accept you as you are, and will have no need to change you.

Love should not deprive us of our freedom or be built on ultimatums.

Love is not supposed to make us cry. Love is supposed to give us a feeling of freedom and happiness.

If you don’t feel happy, then it’s not love.

But something completely different that you have had a bad experience of before and that you should definitely not relive.

When you find the right person, life will suddenly become simpler and easier, everything will fall back into place and everything will finally find meaning.

Yes, there will still be ups and downs, but life will never be unhappy for you again.

Little by little, you will stop hiding behind masks that you had to invent to protect yourself so as not to end up being hurt again.

You will stop living a victim’s life and finally start living according to your own conditions and rules.

Everything will become easier once you find that person with whom you can be yourself, completely and entirely as you are, without any fear.

With all your weirdness and your anxiety, all your sadness and your zest for life, all your madness and all your seriousness.

In fact, the right person for you will be able to see through your masks and through your pain.

She will recognize when you pretend and when you really are yourself.

Do not underestimate the powerful ability to see certain things through the eyes of love.

The right person will treat you with respect in both good and bad times.