Someday you’ll find someone who loves you for who you are

One day you will stop questioning yourself.

You will not wonder if you should call him, or if he will like the new blouse you bought.

You will not wonder if you are too excessive, or you will not hesitate before sending him a message.

You will stop analyzing all of your actions and you will stop doubting how you should act.

Instead, you will just be who you are. Because that person will just love you for who and what you are.

One day you will find someone who will understand you.

He will like the way you bite your lips when you think, or the way you excessively butter your toast.

And when you insist on turning on a little light at night, he’ll find it cute, and certainly not boring.

When you roll up in the sheets and steal the entire blanket, he’ll just kiss you and flip it over.

Whatever you do – he’ll find it just endearing, even if it sounds a bit ridiculous, frustrating, funny, or really weird, and he’ll love all the little things in your house, because they make you the person you are. are.

No, he will not idolize you, or think that you are absolutely perfect.

But it will see you for who you are and all of your previous reactions, and will not ask you to change.

He will accept you with all your luggage, your faults and your habits, and he will proudly say to you: ”  Yes, you are made for me  “.

One day you will find someone who will appreciate your faults. And it won’t bother you if you bite your nails or turn off your alarm several times after the bell rings.

He will understand that you are a morning person, but that you do not necessarily like coffee. It will not roll its eyes when you choose wine rather than beer during football matches.

And he will never tell you that you are doing too much, that you are too stupid or that you make too much noise.

It will not make you question your decisions, or make you feel like you have to act differently.

He will not let you guess his intentions, because he will let you know clearly that he cares about you. And that he has no intention of leaving.


One day you will meet someone, and everything will make sense.

You will not feel compared to others, or to relationships from its past.

You will feel lighter, happier and more loved, because when he looks at you, you will know that he will look beyond your imperfections and directly into your heart. And you will know that he will always support you.

One day, you will meet someone, and you will not want to be different from the person you really are.

You’ll find it easier to laugh, breathe more deeply, and feel freer than any other person has ever made you feel before.

You will no longer doubt your actions, or whether or not you should speak to them, send them a message, kiss them, and show them affection.

This being will help you shine brightly, build you as you build it, change your life, and help you see that you are a beautiful, strong and precious person. Because sweetness is definitely what you are.

One day you will meet someone who will love you for who you are. So be aware of it, because it is love that awaits you and that you need.