Let’s stop looking for perfect love!

Even if we do not believe it, there is not a single love in our life. We can find love many times in our lives, and we can even be happy without necessarily being in a relationship.

It is not easy to find the love of your life, that person who can fill your voids, round the corners and make you exist.

However, sometimes time brings a harsh reality: we must let it go, because alone, we breathe sadness.

Affective relationships are not easy. Sometimes even love is not enough and because of this, we start to feel frustrated and even desperate when we get involved again.

But there is one thing to keep in mind: the love of your life is not based on one person. There is no perfect or ideal love.

Relationships are built, as long as it is worth meeting this person who deserves to be part of your life.

The love of your life can also disappoint you

When we love someone, we give them everything, without limits. We know that, as emotional psychology and gurus of relationships like Walter Riso remind us,  “we must not cling to anyone”  and  “first we exist, then our couple comes … 

But in real life, it is very difficult for us to respect these aspects.

  • When you find the love of your life you are able to let go of everything, see no more obstacles, and give priority to your loved one over everything else.
  • To love is also to take risks, and that is why it is normal to give up certain things and to do great feats to achieve this supposed happiness alongside the person we think is ideal.
  • Any relationship requires compromise, illusions, and willpower, but when we think we have found the right person, these dimensions acquire greater intensity.

The main problem in finding the love of your life is that you focus on a lot of dreams, desires and projects.

These aspects can gradually reverse themselves when we realize that the relationship is unbearable and painful.

We could conclude that love is blind and that we are fixing on the wrong people. Nothing is less sure.


What you need to know about the love of your life

The love of your life is as imperfect a person as you

Do not idealize, and do not project onto the other aspects that are not real. It is a mistake that many people make and must be taken into account.

Get to know and observe the person you fall in love with “without anesthesia” and in the greatest reality. No one is perfect, as we are not ourselves.

It is a question of accepting the faults, the manias and the habits while knowing how to incorporate them into ours to be able to cohabit.

The ideal person can appear several times

It is common to come across the idea that “there was someone perfect”, someone we left behind and put on a pedestal, who no one can match. Do not do it.

  • Perfect love can happen not only once, but several times. Do not be obstinate in these romantic terms which prevent us from seeing the reality of things, or you will suffer needlessly.
  • Allow yourself to be happy as many times as necessary. However, take into account that you can also be happy without being in a relationship. The important thing is not to have the need to look for someone perfect.

It is enough that he is a good person and that you know how to recognize his greatness by also accepting his faults.

How do you know if the person who really suits you appears?

Let us now reflect on these questions which can give us a clue as to whether or not we have found happiness alongside a person:

  • You can be yourself at any time of the day.
  • You feel free and happy to be engaged.
  • You no longer think of the past. You do not regret anything that you have lived and accept all your experiences because they allowed you to be where you are: with the loved one.
  • You are his priority and at the same time, this person helps you grow and have your own spaces.
  • She is there when you need it.
  • She knows how to team up, she builds and does not destroy.
  • She knows how to take care of your relationship through small details.
  • You laugh with it, you profit, and there is complicity.
  • Bad days are less worse with his help.
  • You think about your future with this person.
  • You feel that it is a mature love, where there is no jealousy because there is understanding and trust.

AND THE PRINCIPAL: You feel good about yourself when you are with this person, and even if there are complicated moments, you know that you can overcome everything.