Tell me about love

“ I once read an entire book. I learned that a man could take four hundred pages to tell a woman that he loves her. Four hundred pages before the first kiss, three hundred before a caress, two hundred to dare to look at it, a hundred to admit it. At a time when we send text messages when we want to fuck, I found it prodigious, dizzying, crazy, excessive, extravagant, foolish, grandiose… ”Sophia Azzeddine

Tell me about Love: the heart that beats against the chest, too short nights, kisses in the rain and sweet words.

Tell me about Love: delicious madness, knots in the stomach, accomplice looks, and tears that are revealed.

Talk to me about Love: secret dates, childish laughter, Happiness of the other, and the loss of self.

Tell me about Love: the two who are one, the sweetness of the mornings, and the calm with you.

Tell me about Love: ” it’s you and me “, moments of storms, words we regret, and ” forgive me “.

Tell me about Love: doubts, sorrows, wounds, and joys.

Tell me about Love: the sweetness of the breaths, your body on mine, shared secrets, and “ don’t forget me ”.

Tell me about Love: the leap of faith, “it can’t be explained”, messages of nights and ” there is only you “.

Tell me about Love: drownings in your eyes, long sleepless nights, sleepy coffees and ” I love you anyway “.

Talk to me about Love: travels at last, light in your eyes, life that runs away, and tears of joy.

Tell me about Lovelove at first sight, the real thing. Mythical couples and beautiful duets, eternal stories that never go out.

I take everything, the worst as the best, the pain and happiness, the bursts of laughter and voice, dawn and sunset, darkness and joy. The dishes flying, the doors slamming, your steps in the night for a second of you.

Exhausted lukewarm, bland, false joys,
Tired of clicks, flirtations, meetics,
I ‘ll accept the hardest, My Love, for a minute from you.

If you try this madness, if you jump with me, if you forget the world and these ” see next there “

If you really dive, if you finally dare
If I’m more for you than a second of emotion
If you risk yourself there, if you lower your guard, if you make room for me, in the hollow of you.