Meeting someone: a challenge? A sweet dream?

I thought I liked, often. I liked, rarely. And today? I would like to love but I no longer believe it… .or vaguely!

Why? By dint of meeting guys even more twisted and/or neurotic than me. What? No, I’m not neurotic… just a little demanding!

I will try to classify them into categories, with supporting examples (always funnier!). But I’m certainly forgetting some so don’t hesitate to tell me about your experiences and your experiences.

1- Guys who announce that they are married after a rather encouraging day of discussions

a- The one who would never have told you if you had not asked him the question

  • “Do you have children? “
  • “Yes 3 children and 1 woman”
  • ” You are married ???? “
  • ” Yes “
  • “And with 3 kids and 1 woman at home, don’t you mind putting yourself on Happn ??? Do you know that there are sites for guys like you? “
  • “People like me? “
  • “The big as**holes”

b- The one who tells you just before going for a drink (for a good conscience surely … yeah I don’t know if the term
“conscience” is really appropriate)

  • “By the way, for the record, I’m married”
  • ” For information? Because you really think it’s just one piece of news ???? “
  • “Well at the same time it’s common nowadays”
  • “So I’m going to explain one thing to you: working is common, having cheese before
    dessert is common, enjoying a drink is common.” Adultery is not common. It’s
    just ba**tard “

2- Guys who run away when you announce that you have a child

a- Those who flee directly … at least, you are going to tell me that it has the merit of honesty

  • “Do you need time for a child?” “
  • “A little yes, he is in fact a child!” “
  • “Let’s leave the luck to a nice separated father so… good luck”

You will notice the courtesy of this charming young man, going so far as to encourage me.
He could have written “Well my old lady, I wish you good luck, you’re not ready to settle in with your ball on your feet” that it would have been the same thing.
Okay … he won’t have wasted my time, let’s see the positive side.

b- Those who wait several months before fleeing

  • “We’re good together but I’m leaving you.” I cannot take responsibility for a child ”
  • “Who asked you to take it on? He has a father ”(well, a big a**shole, but a father all the same)

But above all, we tell ourselves that the guy took 6 months to realize that you had a child. And yes my guy, the 6-year-old kid who sleeps under my roof and who moreover calls me “mom”, he is my son. Scoooop!
I admit that it took a bit of imagination to draw this conclusion, so we will be indulgent (you will notice that I still remain excessively positive all the same!).

Editor’s note: In this case, the guy I am inspired by is a really good guy (it would be time for him to
know it too, but I ‘m working on it) and that I adore moreover.
So if you read me, accept my mea culpa: the facts are very much caricatured for the needs
of the article… to be taken at the 2nd or 3rd degree so J

3- Guys who only want s**x

a- The one who tells you bluntly, from the first words

  • “What are you wearing under your clothes?” “
  • “We can ask our first names before or is it optional? “

b- The one who waits before announcing the color to you after many exchanges (often not very constructive of course)

  • “I’m coming at 11pm. Don’t worry, I’m cool and not starved to death ”
  • “So we’ll wait a bit if you don’t mind!” “
  • “Well, not starved but celibate and full of desire all the same”
  • “And I celibate with what you need on hand. Translation: no need for you “

4- Guys transfixed with love from the first meeting

Not much to say other than “Beware!” “.
It’s always nice to read and hear sweet words, but that’s not necessarily a good sign.
The guy who calls you “My Love” or who tells you “I’ve never felt that for a long time” from the first night: advice, run away! And running!
Because either the guy is a huge mytho, or he is the badger that nobody wants since he was 11 years old (and there he says to himself “Owl, I will finally settle down!”).

5- Perfect guys… .but… huge BUT… when the light goes out, you discover the unthinkable!

  • Nature has not spoiled him (below the belt)
  • Nature did it well (below the belt) but he’s not very good at doing anything with it
  • Nature has not spoiled him and in addition, he is a bad gymnast: he combines a + b

Girls: whether it’s a or b or c, go crazy!
Unless you feel the soul of a teacher. In this case, you can give b.

6- Depressive guys who even after a drink make you want to jump off a bridge with him

  • “She says I’m harmful. Am I harmful?
    No, because you imagine that she filed for divorce because I am harmful. Harmful !!! »
    (Yes yes I look blonde like that but I think I understood correctly, you are therefore harmful. It seems pretty clear to me!)

… ..So imagine two hours like that. You would be at the dentist that the moment would be
more pleasant.

And when it comes time to leave, he dares all the same (the depressed can be reckless, you will

  • “Can you give me your phone number?” “
  • “You already have my email I think that should be enough”

In short: it is the guy who is waiting for your shoulder and your breast to find his comfort
in utero.

So in 4 words: IT’S NOT WIN!

We just have the impression of wasting our time, of getting attached when we shouldn’t, of not giving the “good” product a chance… well, it’s the CATA!


SOLUTION 1: Get used to your celibacy maybe?… Pffff celibacy annoys me!
SOLUTION 2: Continue to search without believing in it? But can we open our eyes when
we have lost our sight?
SOLUTION 3: Rely on the sky and your lucky star

Personally, I choose solution 3. Because I am an optimist celibate, let’s face it!

So, I decide to leave it to my guardian angel.
He will guide me. Will forbid me to lose hope.

It seems that we all have a celestial being, a being of light who protects us,
to whom we can speak and ask.
He shows us the route to take.

let us not hesitate to ask him, to address us in the silence of our heart,
to find comfort in the hollow of his wings.