Feeling alone in your relationship: loneliness and emotional distance

Feeling alone in your relationship is not only devastating but also in contradiction with the idea that one has of a romantic relationship. Yet this reality affects many people, and it can cause serious consequences.

One of the deepest pains is to feel an emotional distance in your relationship.

It is very hurtful to have the person we love by our side and not being able to feel the warmth of their presence.

In reality, we live in a society where many stable people feel alone and disconnected from their loved ones. Not only can this cause worry but also psychological problems.

However, the problem of loneliness is not new. There have always been people who felt alone in their couples. On the other hand, thanks to the various studies carried out on loneliness among people, we obtain more precise information on this evil which affects almost all ages. Loneliness affects young couples and almost all older people.

How can you come to feel alone in your relationship?

Suffering can arise without palpable tragedies, words or blows. In fact, emotional distance usually comes with time, day in, and day out. With routine and time passing, these people who have sworn eternal love end up not promising each other. Gradually, emotional distance sets in, consciously
or unconsciously.

This psychological distance does not occur overnight, it
appears without even realizing it. With the passage of time, many couples fall into a routine and no longer always want to do activities together.

According to experts, such as Dr. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, a philosopher, psychologist, and emotional relations expert, explained:

We must distinguish between the phenomenon of loneliness and being alone. Being alone is a physical reality, while loneliness is a psychological fact. It is especially people who live in a couple who feel lonely.

Often, this kind of loneliness sets the foundation for anxiety and depressive disorders. According to a study from the University of Manchester led by Dr. Greg Miller, loneliness is as dangerous as a sedentary lifestyle and smoking.

What can be the reasons for this emotional distance which sets in?

The disappearance of love and the fear of making a decision

Sometimes, without warning, love wilts and disappears and the feelings are not the same. When this happens, it is disconcerting to the person experiencing it. However, it is important to take action and clearly express your feelings because lying to others and lying to yourself can have profound repercussions.

Routine imprisons us

With the hectic pace of life, we can sometimes get stuck in a routine. Work, children, obligations… all this leaves little room for love and reunion. It even happens that all conversations end up being the same, which spills over into the relationship and leads to emotional distance. To overcome this problem, we may decide to implement changes or enlist professional help. Moments of intimacy are essential to keep the flame alive.

Sometimes we can feel a sense of loneliness without any explanation.

Since we never stop evolving, we can each go in opposite directions without realizing it. Our tastes, our needs, our outlook may have changed.

Thus, the emotional distance in a couple is more common than we think and can be responsible for the disappearance of many relationships. It not only causes sequelae, but can also be responsible for psychological and health problems.

It is therefore important to determine the cause of this loneliness in order to find solutions to breathe new life into your love.