There is something even stronger than love: bonding

We would all like to meet that person who just understands us through the eyes, who reassures us with their mere presence, and with whom we would not need to pretend to be another person.

Complicity is a feeling even stronger than love, we could almost say that it is the cement of our relationships. We develop such a special bond with people to whom we are attached that it strengthens this special bond that unites us.

When there is this bond, whether in love or in friendship, we know that these people will always be there for us, that we will be able to turn to them. They will always find the right words to comfort us and will take us in their arms to reassure us. These people will always give us strength and courage to overcome the trials of life.

This bond fills us with joy, and makes us laugh stupidly when we think back to how far we have come and how we got there.

Complicity and body language

Some looks mean more than words. It’s about complicity, that unique and special relationship that is stronger than love. To love a person is not just to love him. To love a person is also and above all to understand them.

To develop a bond, we must have no secrets from each other, whether in our gestures, our looks, and our hugs. These are the people who feel when we are wrong, even if we tell them otherwise.

They understand us beyond appearances, without even looking at us or hearing us speak.

When a bond develops in a relationship, a special atmosphere is created that links these two people.

The accomplice relationship is created on vibrations that complement each other perfectly

When we have an accomplice partner by our side, he is able to make us laugh without uttering a word, simply by looking. This is a person who will always be there to support us and cheer us up when we need it. This person will always be by our side to help us fight our greatest battles.

However, when we make a mistake or go down the wrong path, she will also be the first to let us know. And that doesn’t mean there are never misunderstandings or arguments either.

Nevertheless, complicity is above all a relationship full of tenderness and affection. In this relationship we fully accept ourselves and do not feel the need to change our essence, we love ourselves as we are, with our strengths and weaknesses.

“But deep down, there are no friends, there are only accomplices. And when the bond ends, the friendship vanishes. »Pierre Reverdy