Don’t regret being nice to bad people. Everyone offers what’s in their heart

Are you one of those people who, no matter what they do to you, always prefer to respond with kindness, politeness, and respect? 

If so, you are probably suffering a lot of judgment from those around you.

“This person has hurt you so much and you still treat them with respect ?! ?! You are stupid (if) if it was me… ”  You have certainly heard this phrase many times. 

Your kindness is often not understood by many people, and you could be criticized for your polite attitude, even to those who have hurt you. 

However, this is not a reason to feel embarrassed or to change your behavior.

Education sometimes seems to be outdated in our time, but it is still one of the most important values. 

When you treat someone who is mean or who has hurt you, with kindness, you don’t behave like a fool or allow them to hurt you, even more, you are only offering what’s in your heart.

Everyone can only give what is inside. So don’t blame yourself for not offering resentment or anger to people because that is a good sign.

You show that you are mature enough not to damage your life by holding onto negative feelings. You let life do its job, instead of wearing you out.

Your kindness is one of your best qualities. This is what keeps you in control when someone else hurts you, and shows that you are much more mature than you think and still helps you make all the bad things better for you.

Your kindness is a treasure that is lacking these days, so it should be preserved.

Some people criticize your attitude not because they think you are wrong, but because they would like to have the same wisdom and emotional maturity in dealing with difficult people.

Never doubt your strength or character, because treating others politely, even in the worst of situations, only shows that you are intelligent and worthy of admiration.

The way we treat people reveals the feelings that guide us, who we are and the kindness is always a good friend

So when someone judges you because you still have a respectful word to offer, ignore them, because the peace in your heart is worth more than someone else’s opinion.