8 things that can increase the desire of men in a relationship

When it comes to relationships, some men want approval, respect, to feel loved, and to be our protectors.

But find out below what could really increase their desire in a relationship. When our partner’s needs are met, they will automatically want to try harder, to do better, not only in the relationship, but in all other areas of their life as well.

To understand this, we have to start by accepting that men and women are a little different.

Women can be a little more emotional and have more influence in desiring love and affection, and while men need these things as well, they also value what they are shown to be. appreciation and respect.

This isn’t a list of rules, it’s just an overview and guide to understanding some of the things that tend to increase men’s desire in their relationships (other than intimate relationships).

1. Seek adventure with your partner

Men don’t just want a partner, they also want a friend. Get involved with the things he loves, it will help bond and bring you closer. Take off your heels, play ball, take a walk in a muddy forest, take a walk with your dog, camp, swim in a lake – go on an adventure.

2. Be his biggest supporter

Support him, be careful not to criticize him in front of others, compliment him, believe in him, show him that you are proud of him and stay by his side when he is going through a bad time. Tell him how important he is to you, how much he makes your world a better place.

3. Flirt with him

Whether by SMS or phone calls, keep the desire alive with a sometimes suggestive message. Tell him how he makes you feel and what effect it has on you. Flirting is fun and keeps the flame going and increases male desire.

4. Make him laugh

Laughter is contagious and sends messages to the brain, which then releases endorphins that make us feel amazing. Laughing is good for us physiologically and psychologically. When men are asked about the traits they like in a woman, they often answer first: a woman who makes them laugh.

Joke, lose your inhibitions, play together, and in doing so, you’ll relieve stress and put your mind and body in the perfect setting for more intimate action. You will be releasing hormones, from the simplest smile to the sweetest laugh, it doesn’t take much for our brains to be convinced that we are in the mood to love.

5. Give him space

Give him some space. Encourage him to see his friends, to do his favorite activities. Trust him, let him pursue his passions, and let him find the elements that define him, other than your relationship, it will allow him to fully develop.

6. Build trust and love yourself

Men like confident, happy, independent, and self-confident women. Our happiness should not depend on our partner. A relationship should complement and improve our life.

When we have great self-confidence, we are also more desirable. One of the greatest aphrodisiacs for a man is to be in the company of a sensual, confident woman who feels good about herself.

7. To increase men’s desire, let him protect you

As strong and independent as women are, men still have an innate desire to protect us. Usually, protection comes from the simplest things in everyday life. Let them do it, because we also protect them in a lot of things, but in different ways.

When your partner is in protection mode, he will feel like a superhero. He will release endorphins and feel good.

8. Try to keep the mystery

Be mysterious in a subtle way: surprise him every now and then, keep learning, have your own interests. Don’t give it all at once. Hold back, slow down and let him discover your uniqueness subtly, little by little. There is no emergency. Don’t rush, give it to him but a little at a time. His desire for you will only increase.