Friendship is not about being inseparable, but being apart without anything changing

If you have a true friend, you know it’s not about always being together, but being apart and yet nothing changing.

Of all the types of relationships we can have,  friendships are one of the most important because they stimulate our best sides, bring joy, unique experiences, and, help us connect with our true goals for them. achieve and build a climate of trust.

True friendships share problems and multiply the good things in life.

And friends often become the most important people in our lives, because they always show us affection, trust, and support, part of all our accomplishments and talents.

Showing us that no matter how disappointed we may have been before, we can always find people who really want our good.

When it comes to friendship, we should always keep in mind that quality is much better than quantity. After all, what’s the point of having more friends than the ones you can count on if none of them are really around when you need them most ?! 

It’s much healthier to have a friend or two that you can really count on than lots of people who are just numbers in your life.

True friendship goes far beyond the physical distance

True friends have a soul connection that will always be greater than any obstacle. There is no difficulty, no distance that can keep them away.

Often times, our friends who live far away are even more essential to us than those next to us because what really matters is that we stay close no matter the distance.

A true friendship is one that survives the complexities of life, requires no daily messages or calls, around-the-clock attention, and doesn’t require you to put aside your own goals to be. available to the other person at all times.

A true friend is one who does their best without asking for anything in return.

Because he knows that few things are better than the certainty that there is someone who loves us, in good as in bad, and who will do everything in his power to see us happy.

Friendships present us with some of the best times in life, and even far away it is possible to cultivate these relationships

A video call, letter, surprise visit, or even a photo on social media can be a way to show off our friends, those special people who occupy a large part of our hearts, even if they’re not with all of us. days.

If you have a real friend, you know it’s not about being together all the time, but that nothing changes despite the distance. Sometimes it’s complicated, but it’s always worth it.

Pamper your true friends, they are some of the most precious gifts in your life!

Mark the really special friends in your life and convey all your love and gratitude!