17 things to know about love and relationships

1. If someone really wants to be with you, they will do anything to be with you.

2. If someone doesn’t really want to be with you, they’ll test you. She will explore the depth of her feelings for you. She will test you as a partner, without making your relationship official. She will look for excuses like “now is just not a good time”.

3. It’s never a good time until it’s the right person.

4. When it’s the right fit, you don’t think about things like “timing”. You are only thinking about how you can redirect your life for this relationship.

5. Romanticism is common. It is the best of friendships besides romance, which is rare, but makes for a happy and lasting relationship.

6. People are sometimes afraid that they will have to be less of themselves in order to welcome another person into their life, but this only happens when there is uncertainty or the desire to flee.

7. In fact, what’s most amazing about a good relationship is that you are more yourself than ever. You become more confident, motivated, honest, and self-confident.

8. It also makes you more sensitive.

When your child feels truly loved, their feelings are expressed, especially those that you have held back for a long time.

9. “Love is enough” isn’t just bad advice, it’s bad advice. It should be replaced by: “The will is enough” because love is great, but it is not synonymous with commitment, and compatibility is great, but it is not synonymous with love. It is the willingness to be in a relationship that binds you together for good.

10. It is interesting to note that this will usually develops when the perfect combination of compatibility and chemistry is reached, then it becomes inconceivable to separate.

11. Love will not come when you expect it to.

12. Love will not be what you think it is.

13. Love will seem different from what you imagine.

14. Life has a fun way of removing people who are not good for you and putting in those who are – even if you don’t agree with that assessment at first. We don’t always know what’s best for us until we try.

15. No one else can save you, but when you feel completely loved for who and for who you are, love can make you feel strong enough to save your life.

16. The right partner will respect himself enough to demand respect from you.

17. Soul mates cannot be found. Do not listen to what you are told. Soul mates are what happens when you give up on the idea of ​​’finding your soul mate’, meet someone you think is not your soul mate, and start working to try and build your relationship. dreams. As long as you sit and wait for the perfect match, you will always be waiting. Good relationships are consciously designed.