16 things that can repel a potential partner even if you are attractive

Sometimes we meet a very attractive person, but we have difficulty making it through the first date or the relationship ends only after a few weeks.

If the person starts ignoring you before they’ve even started something, you might be responsible for certain behaviors that instantly turn someone off, even if you are fit, well dressed, and very attractive.

Here are 16 things to keep in mind that instantly repel a potential mate even if you are attractive:

1 – You don’t have much conversation

Relationships start with conversations. If you can’t have an important conversation on topics that matter to both of you, your looks won’t be enough to hold it back.

2 – you are the type to argue

If arguments make you tick, you are probably pushing away those you want to date.

3 – you are inattentive or distracted

A potential partner wants to know that you are important to them. When you look away, half-listen to the conversation, or keep looking at your phone, you’re sending the wrong signal.

4 – You make fun of his passions

Everyone is interested in some special things like bowling or reality TV for example. You may not understand him, but if you laugh at his passion it instantly shows that you are not meant for each other.

5 – you are emotionally closed

It’s recommended that you don’t unpack all of your emotional baggage the moment you meet someone, but if you don’t open up at all that’s problematic as well.

6 – you are disrespectful

Your partner needs to be able to trust you to interact with friends, family, and coworkers in a way that doesn’t bother them.

7 – You take up all his time

Everyone needs a little space, and if you’re unable to let them hang out with friends or have a drink after work, they will distance themselves.

8 – You issue ultimatums

If you always make threats to get what you want, you can be sure that you will scare your potential partner away.

9 – you are a sore loser

A potential mate can run away if you are furious when you lose and brag when you win.

10 – You have fits of jealousy

If you become possessive and see everyone as a threat, it can scare your potential partner.

11 – You are pessimistic

If in every conversation you talk about things you don’t like, or constantly criticize, you are pessimistic. It can be off-putting for your potential partner.

12 – you have low self-esteem

It’s fine to be humble, but if your self-esteem is low to the point of causing negative behavior, you may have to push your potential partner away.

13 – You lack ambition

If you don’t have life goals or ambition, or even a to-do list, you may appear immature in the eyes of others, which is not at all appealing.

14 – Do you like to be the center of attention?

It’s great to be in the spotlight when you’re an actor, but don’t expect someone to stick around if you want everything to revolve around you. If all of your sentences start with “I”, you have a problem.

15 – You are a hypocrite

Reliability is a key trait that attracts people, but if you criticize someone as soon as they leave the room, don’t be surprised if the person is distancing themselves.

16 – You are a materialist

It’s good to have beautiful things, but if that’s all that matters to you or if you judge people by what they have, it can scare your potential partner away.