10 signs that someone really loves you


How do you know if someone likes you? It is never easy to find out. Everyone has already wondered whether their boyfriend or girlfriend was really in love or if it is just a relationship with no future.

But these signs also apply to whether a friend who spends a lot of time with you and seems to be close to you actually has feelings for you and loves you.

I tried to search the internet and ask my friends what they thought about this problem. What are the signs that do not deceive and that shows that a man or a woman loves you? I managed to find 10. Finally 11 with the bonus.

So without further ado here is the list. I think if you know someone who has at least 5 of these characteristics with you, you can be sure that they love you and are in love with you. If anyone has less than five, maybe it’s not real love. Or it was, and it’s time you discussed it together to make it better.


  1. He thinks of you even when you are not by his side. For example, he might bring you a croissant because he was on the street and knows you love it.
  2. He takes care of you even when you are sick. If someone spends time by your side to cheer you up and heal you when you’re sick, it’s a good sign that they love you.
  3. He listens to you. It is something very simple but it is far from obvious. Someone who is not completely in love may pretend to listen to you. True love listens, analyzes, responds, and helps.
  4. He shares your passions and shows you his. If you love horses and your boyfriend accompanies you to the racetrack every Sunday, he cares about you.
  5. He talks about the future with you and plans and projects together. If your boyfriend tells you about the next summer vacation and a possible trip together while it’s January, it’s a good sign that he considers your relationship to be serious and that you will still be together at this time. the.
  6. He respects you. He respects you physically and morally but he also respects your ideas. You don’t have the same opinion on politics? If someone loves you, they will understand and respect your choice, without necessarily adhering to it.
  7. He is always willing to help you. Do you have math problems, punching a hole to tie up a blackboard, or keeping your budget? If your friend offers you his help systematically without you asking him, he cares about you and loves you.
  8. He cheers you up. If you have a sentimental problem, a problem at work and you need to speak with someone and they help you and cheer you up, you could be said to love you.
  9. He doesn’t let you down. You all had to go to parties with friends, but you have to stay at home to take care of your little sister. If your boyfriend stays by your side and gives up the evening to help you, keep him, he is precious!
  10. He’s not hiding anything from you. Someone who is honest and straightforward with you can only love you. A guy who doesn’t hide anything and tells you all loves you for sure.
  11. Bonus: He tells you “I love you”. Of course, that doesn’t prove anything. But someone who tells you I love you frequently, in different situations and looking you in the eye, really loves you. Do not doubt his love.

And do you know any other signs that someone loves you? If so, leave them in the comments.


While these signs are a great way to tell if your boyfriend likes you, it doesn’t prove everything. There remains one method to know if he likes you: Ask him the question.

It may sound obvious and completely silly, but why not talk to him directly about what is bothering you? Simply ask him: “Do you love me”. You will be surprised by the result.

A lot of men don’t necessarily ask the question and don’t necessarily know if they are in love.

That’s how it is, men are a little head in the air when it comes to love. So if you ask her the question you are giving her the opportunity to reflect on your relationship.

  • Is your love real?
  • Does he really love you?
  • Did you only become two friends?