Top 20 best compliments to give a woman

Complimenting is congratulating someone or praising them for themselves or for something they have accomplished. Whether it’s your mother or the one you love, it’s no longer a secret that women are very sensitive to compliments. However, to make sure your compliments aren’t devoid of creativity, here are the top 20 compliments women can’t resist .

Compliments on personality

  • ” You make me laugh”

A woman will always be happy to be appreciated for her humor. By giving him this kind of compliment, you strengthen the bonds and allow him to be more open with you.

  • “You inspire me”

Saying that she inspires you is one of the most precious compliments you can give a woman. This means that his actions and advice helps you move forward.
This shows how important his presence in your life is to you.

  • “I think you are a fighter”

To tell a woman that she is a fighting woman is to recognize that she is not the caricature that society makes of her, but a full human being who knows what she wants. A courageous woman who always gives the best of herself.

  • “You are irreplaceable”

If there is one thing that saddens the hearts of women, it is to feel compared to and diminished in relation to another. Every woman wants to feel unique, and to know that she occupies a place that no other can take or occupy. If you want to see her happy, give her that compliment and she’ll be proud of it.

  • “I never get bored with you”

Telling a woman that you appreciate her company is the most humble and sincere compliment you can give her.

  • ” I trust you”

This compliment is for all women. Whether it’s your mother, wife, daughter, etc. They deserve to hear it.

  • “You are good at everything you do”

Tell a woman that everything she does is successful will be a very touching compliment to her; especially if she is a rigorous woman who likes to undertake.

  • “You are a good friend”

If you praise your daughter or wife for being a good friend to you, they will thank you.

  • “You are very intelligent”

Telling a woman that she is smart is very difficult for some men. Some imagine that by saying it, they are diminishing themselves. But this is wrong. It just proves that you are smart enough to recognize a smart woman!

  • “I want your opinion, you always have creative thoughts”

Everyone likes to give opinions that are taken into account. So, it is important for a woman to know that her ideas are being considered; especially when it is constructive.

Compliments on style

  • “Everything you wear looks so good on you”

A woman spends a lot of time and energy dressing herself in order to please her man. Don’t pretend you can’t see anything. But give him that compliment instead. It won’t cost you anything except to see your wife fulfilled.

  • “I like the little knots in your hair”

It sounds so trite as a compliment. But, women are not as complicated as you might think. Sometimes the simpler it is, the more women love it. Because, it always seems truer and more sincere.

  • “You have a confident walk”

A woman who has a calm and confident approach is one who assumes full responsibility and who has no complexes. This is also one of the unmissable characteristics of a femme fatale. Complimenting a woman on her looks will warm her heart and help her feel more confident in herself.

  • “There are a lot of beautiful women tonight, but we only see you”

A woman who receives this kind of compliment has just become the happiest woman in the world. Especially if the one who gives her this compliment is her prince charming.

  • “You give off a lot of charisma with your style”

Woow! You have just scored a point. A woman who receives this compliment from you will become even more attached to you and love you even more. Indeed, by this compliment you take her to a level where she perhaps did not see herself personally. Because of you, no matter what the whole world says about her style, she will always feel strong, admired and beautiful.

Compliments on the physique.

  • “You are very beautiful”

Telling a woman that she is beautiful will generally be well received. But, it’s so classic as a compliment that it can ring fake or misleading. Go further by isolating its best features and complimenting them specifically. If you think her lips are beautiful, tell her so clearly. If you like anything else about her say so. However, don’t put too much emphasis on the genitals unless it’s your wife.

– ” You’re attractive”

Keep this compliment only for your wife. She’s the only one you’re supposed to tell.

  • “You are superb today”

Complimenting a woman’s appearance can be a tricky business at times. To avoid confusion, prefer to say that she is superb. She will receive it with joy.

  • “You have silky soft skin”

Women spend a lot of time taking care of their skin, their appearance. Appreciate her skin and you will be entitled to a thank you from the heart.

  • “Your smell drives me crazy, you still smell good”

All women love this compliment. If you can’t find anything to say to her, enjoy her scent and you will have conquered her. However, if it’s not a woman you’re a little close to, avoid it. It might seem inappropriate.

Men or women, we are always happy to receive compliments. But, now you know what compliments to give a woman. So be generous with your verbal affection and hope it will return the favor!