How to avoid the traps of love at first sight?

This phenomenon indeed represents the stage known as the honeymoon of a relationship.

At this point, everything seems idyllic and wonderful to us. But beware, love at first sight also has its downsides and pitfalls that you should try to avoid!

• Love at first sight is to accept to live in ignorance, that is to say, not to know that tomorrow will come. Usually, when the passion wears off, one can be very hurt.

Because love at first sight is most often based on a simple physical attraction. Usually, it’s rushing into a story without knowing where you’re going exactly!

• Love at first sight makes us lose our minds. It can represent a destructive love because, it puts us in a bubble where we do not really see things. You don’t think about things that require reflection.

• When struck by love at first sight, we become so obsessed with each other that we leave our friends and family behind.

• You get so excited, the adrenaline and euphoria go up. It can put us in an attitude that is unlike us and push us to do things that we have never done before.

• The spark of love at first sight may stop shining overnight and that is why there is always a risk of ending up heartbroken.

What’s important to understand is that even if your heart is broken after a crush, you will have other romantic encounters.

By no means does that mean that over time you are never going to have the opportunity to relive something so strong with someone else.

It is important to move forward in life without regrets because, who knows, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you around the corner!

Can love at first sight lead to a lasting relationship?

If you want to make love at first sight last and build a stable couple life out of it, follow the tips below:

• Since love at first sight is primarily based on physical attraction, you should avoid relying on it. Physical attraction is important, but always try to bring other more interesting things to the couple!

• Before declaring your love, make sure you are dealing with a man in love / a woman in love in front of you!

• Take the time to analyze the behavior of the other, their gestures, and their looks!

• Even if this is difficult to do, don’t force it but try to take it slowly and at the right pace.

• Love, at first sight, will (thankfully) not last forever. After a while, your brain invites you to come back to reality and observe the other in their integrity.