Compliments for beautiful women

Here is a list of compliments for women who focus on beauty to make you feel beautiful and desired.

  • If you had to pay taxes for being beautiful, you would have been ruined.

Surely with this compliment you get a laugh, a compliment with humor that reflects the beauty of the woman in question.

  • What is a star doing by day walking down the street?

A street compliment that will make her smile, relating a woman to the stars in the sky is a very beautiful metaphor.

  • On a rainy day, every drop that hits the ground is just a tiny part of your beauty.

This is a poetic way of expressing how beautiful that woman seems to you, if you wear her on a rainy day, believe me, the sun will rise inside the door.

  • If beauty were a sin, you would already be in hell.

A fitting compliment for the woman who “slices the ground” when she appears .

  • Honey, there is no painter or painting that can capture such beauty!

An explicit compliment where you will tell him that the magnitude of his beauty is impossible to portray.

  • If you search for beautiful in Google, your face is the first, beauty.

A very direct and humorous way to praise the appearance of the woman in question.

  • Not even the moon would be able to overshadow such beauty.

The moon offers a lot of shade, and we can all see it, saying this compliment to a woman is like telling her that her beauty is so great that it cannot be hidden.

  • Not a thousand poets in a thousand years could describe your beauty.

An ideal compliment to enchant that woman of your interest, explicitly express that poems are not enough to even start talking about her.

  • If beauty were a drop of water, you for me would be the largest of the oceans.

A compliment to seduce that woman of your interest, with this you will tell her that her beauty is enormous, that she can fill beyond the oceans.

Funny and funny compliments for women

A woman can hardly resist the charm of a witty man. In fact, women often fall in love with those who make them laugh and find the funny side of life, with the right degree of humor.

  • Not even in the best recipe book you will find that of such a bonbon!

A funny compliment to make a woman blush and brighten her day.

  • They say that love is blind, but do not see what makes the sight happy!

An ingenious compliment where you will let that woman know that, although they say that love does not measure on appearances, she causes joy wherever she goes.

  • If every princess needs a castle, wait for me here I have seen the Playmobil one on sale.

A funny compliment for that girl you consider a princess, referring to toy castles.

  • You are like an iPhone, totally unattainable for me.

A compliment with a touch of humor, since the IPhone is usually an expensive mobile model and unattainable for many people, like this woman for you.

  • If I were mayor I would make you a square in the middle of town, beautiful!

A very nice compliment, because there are such beautiful women that they deserve a monument.

  • Beautiful! I bet your name is Google, because you have everything I am looking for.

A funny and witty compliment to tell that woman that she has all the qualities you are looking for in a partner.

  • Someone leave me a camera to take a souvenir of such a monument!

Because there are women who deserve to be seen more than once.

  • Call the police, they just stole my heart!

A funny compliment to break the ice in any situation.

  • Beautiful! For you I slap an elephant to death!

Does anyone want to tell us where they sell those flip flops? … Speaking of doing impossible things for love.

  • How are you beautiful … and it’s not a question!

A simple and fun compliment .