Things only best friends understand, things they love

Admit it, in this wildly social modern world there are best friends who look like girlfriends. You know there are things that only best friends understand. They are the best confidants, especially in things of love and of what makes them laugh and excite the soul the most.


Best friends promise each other friendship until death. This is a very beautiful feeling that many times gives rise to beautiful stories of love and friendship. If you ask yourself, what is friendship? The following things best friends do will define you best. Because friendship is about attitude.

In this world full of uncertainties, madness and love, there are things that only the best friends understand. This is where the true value of a sincere friendship is understood. They simply love, trust and understand each other even better than with their partner.

Your best friend from school will hate whoever you hate without asking why

Only school friends understand and are forever. The things that you only lived with will show you. You could trust them no matter what, and when you needed their comfort they didn’t hesitate to give it to you. For example, when it came to hating someone, especially another woman, all the friends joined in without asking why.

School time is the best because it is the time where you meet those people with whom you make a great friendship. That is the time of great emotions, where you know the good, the bad and the crazy. One of those emotions is rivalry with other girls or first love with a boy.

They are the best to analyze and advise you every time you have a drama


Good friends stay hooked out of mutual affection. They tell each other their things and if they don’t they can tear each other more than in love romances. They tell each other their loves, failures, sorrows and hopes. But be careful with the one that does not find out or finds out last.

Because they ignore me? This is one of the dramas between friends . Your group chat suddenly appears inactive. You know that they are parrots and it is time to tell each other things. The boy I like was flirting with another. They come together and tell you what you should do and what they will do to support you and punish the impostor.

Only friends understand that there are things that can only be solved by venting


Sometimes you have so many sadnesses, disappointments that overwhelm your ability to put a good face on life. When these things happen is when best friends understand your feelings and limitations and support you. Nothing is more comforting than the unconditional support of friends.

When the world seems to collapse, let off steam is very good, but with whom? This is when only the best friends understand you and do their best. They accompany you sharing your sorrows and lending you their shoulder, attention and affection to release everything that you can no longer contain.

Best friends are the only ones who will put up with you when you are very hysterical


Best friends today and tomorrow are always important for your personal development. Thanks to the good and bad that friends do and the ones you do with them, you surpass yourself. Your mistakes, your failures, disappointments, sorrows and joys you live better with your friends.

Friendship is an interpersonal relationship of great importance for your balance and emotional intelligence. You can make more than 400 bonds of friendship. But only the best friends understand you and there are very few. And the ones that last forever are unique.

Only with your best friends do you talk about your privacy and they understand your mistakes


A moment with the best friends can turn into a long conversation where each one reveals some intimacies. Not with anyone you can talk about your feelings of love, problems with your partner or with your family.

But the best friends are intensely united as sisters of the soul and with them if you can open your intimacies. Only good friends understand your mistakes in love or your disagreements with your parents. Sometimes you feel sad talking about your things, but when another friend does it, you cheer up.

Things only best friends do: Share the same derogatory thoughts


There are best friends who fall in love and there are also those who despise each other. Rivalries for a boy or something that interests them a lot can lead to fights and displays of contempt. Only the best of friends understand these niceties of friendship.

The person who despises you the most is always someone very close, but what hurts you the most is your interpretation of what he does. A contemptuous look, a smile can humiliate you or make you laugh. Whoever despises is having their own drama that has nothing to do with you.

The closest friends always know how to feed each other’s ego

Feeding the ego in a healthy way between friends who understand each other only means that their weaknesses and strengths are recognized. Because loving yourself is often admiring an unreal image of yourself and your friends help you to be more realistic with a little compassion.

8. Only friends understand what you mean when describing someone . Because friendship is about choices, dreams, desires, and belonging. With your friends you develop a complex language that unites them.

9. When they talk animatedly and relaxed they always know who the enemy is . Among the best friends they need each other first and are accomplices until something happens and they become rivals. In these enmities they come to attack each other in a sneaky, but very harmful way.

10. Between the intimate friends with a single glance everything can be said . Someone appears or something happens and only the best friends understand the meaning of a look.

11. When you spend hours talking in the bathroom, you have a best friend . Friendship arises spontaneously with a look or with some coincidence.

12. Real friends can insult each other, but they will never hurt each other . These are the pretty best friend things even though they don’t all last the same.

13. The good thing about healthy friendships is that they always rely on their plans . Unconditional support is something only good friends understand.

14. Among the good times with friends are those irrepressible laughs. One of the things best friends should know is that they will always laugh at silly things.

Only real friends understand how to classify guys who pretend

Just as men get together to talk about sports, movies and girls, they too. But the girlfriends don’t beat around the bush, they talk about their true feelings and how they view men. Between them they confess if they want a boy as a friend or as a boyfriend.

16. All you want with your soul mates is to spend time together, enjoying the moment.

17. They know that in the future they will tell each other about how they shared their things, even their tears.

18. Having a healthy friendship means tolerating, forgiving and accepting yourself for who you are.

19. Only true friends understand the absurd love stories they lived through.

20. You cannot stop rejoicing and being happy when your best friend is successful in life.

21. One of the things to do as best friends is to stand up for and support each other.

22. Only good friends know their mutual love secrets and why everything happened.

23. You always ask God to enlighten your best friend, to lead her on the right path.

24. Even when life separates them, it is a tremendous pleasure to call each other, meet and laugh or cry again as before.

25. Many best friends, although they are not of the same blood, but they seem like little sisters.