70 questions to ask a girl you like to get her interested

What questions to ask a woman so as not to bore her and rather become interested in you? Here are many questions to ask a girl you like and get her to have fun. As you manage to make her laugh, you will reach more to her heart.

You may like a girl because of her physique, but that is not enough to establish a romantic relationship. On the other hand, knowing her opinions, desires and beliefs, you will know her better.

Here are the best questions for a girl you like. You just have to adapt them to your personal circumstances. The goal is for you to have an entertaining, fun and interesting conversation.

1.- Questions to talk with the girl you like

If you like a girl it is because of what happens to you when you see her and spend time with her. You somehow inspire yourself to be entertained with it. It is something that happens naturally with who we like.

For example, if you use the following questions, your conversation will be very entertaining in a safer way. Everything is in putting more interest and affection in the way you relate to her.

1. What has influenced your life the most lately to make you look so happy?

2. Is there an achievement that you are proud of although for others it is superficial?

3. Women like fashion. In your case, what garment do you give more importance to?

4. Is there something insignificant or silly that amuses others and scares you?

5. How fast are you to qualify and know what a person is like?

6. Do you think that if superheroes really existed, the world would be more interesting?

7. If there were a world epidemic, how would it be reactionary?

2.- Questions to ask a girl you like

The attraction in men is usually visual, but in women it is auditory. That is why the attraction depends on the interesting questions for the girl you like.

With a few questions she can think about you for up to several days. So take these examples and feel free to use them in your next conversation with her.

8. What kind of education would you have liked to have in your school days?

9. Is there something you regret not having done in the past?

10. What do you like best for conversation, politics, cinema or literature?

11. Do you think there is something that makes a woman better or worse?

12. If they propose to transplant your body into a robot and live forever, would you do it?

13. If they propose that you design a new type of greeting, how would it be?

14. Has a guest ever unexpectedly done something funny or ridiculous in your home?

3.- Personal questions for the girl you like


Actually each of these questions to ask a girl you like are personal. Your goal is to get to know her more and to know if you really like her in other aspects.

15. Is there something you like to do and notice that time is passing?

16. Have you ever had a very good idea but then it wasn’t?

17. Do you believe that God created the world in honor of humans?

18. Has a famous person influenced your life in such a way that you feel grateful?

19. Is there a movie or literature character that you think looks like you?

20. If you were given the opportunity to send a message to the United Nations, what would you say?

21. Is there any curious data that still surprises you?

4.- Questions for a girl you like a lot


When you like a girl the best strategy is to make her laugh a lot. This is what you can do with these questions to ask a girl you like . Besides that you are going to know things that you did not know about her.

22. Is there something that you feel tired of being repeated?

23. Are there any memories that make you feel happy even now?

24. Your parents still do something immature?

25. Is there something you like to do and would you like more time to dedicate to it?

26. Any clever questions or answers you have heard or said?

27. Is there someone you miss and you want him to be very well?

28. Do you have a favorite and nice place you want to go right now?

5. Find out what is in common between you and the girl you like


When there is something common between two people, trust increases. So you have to find out what you have in common with her. These questions to ask a girl you like will help you.

29. Is there anything you would like to achieve this year?

30. Is there a humble and pleasant person you like to hang out with?

31. Do you remember if a friend lost their temper for a silly reason?

32. What would a person have to do to stop being tolerant?

33. Are there any questions you don’t like being asked?

34. Do you have any strange fear?

35. Who is your favorite TV character?

6.- Questions to ask a woman via chat


Today there are many alternatives to make conversation with a girl you like. You can jokingly ask the following questions to ask a girl you like .

36. Have you ever had a totally absurd argument?

37. Do you think life gives us the best lessons?

38. Is there anything you would like to be socially acceptable?

39. Is there something that only your family does that you think is great?

40. What famous person or person in history inspires you to be a better person?

41. What are the three applications on your phone that you would never delete?

42. How is the person who has impacted the most in your life?

7.- Questions to ask a girl you like


The best conversation starter comes from a casual and fun question. When you ask any of these questions to ask a girl you like, it will lead to an entertaining conversation.

43. Is there any human construction in the world that you would like to visit?

44. Is there a popular belief that seems absurd to you?

45. Have you ever carried a practical joke too far?

46. ​​What attitudes make you feel distrustful of a person?

47. Do you have a memory that always comes back and makes you happy?

48. Have you ever said or done something ridiculous to a person you loved?

49. If you were a singer or an actress, who would be your favorite model?

8.- Questions to talk with someone you like


To have a good conversation with a girl you have to touch her emotions. Some of these questions to ask a girl you like will excite her and she will think about you a lot.

50. Is there a science fiction or movie object that you would like to have?

51. What are you most grateful for in your life?

52. Is there a moment in your life that you would like to relive?

53. Do you think there is something that everyone should try to do at least once in their life?

54. What would you like to give yourself if everything were possible?

55. What do you enjoy the most, a hot chocolate in winter or an ice cream in summer?

56. Is there something you did with a lot of love in the past that now seems silly to you?

9.- Questions to conquer a woman you like

A woman is won over by her ears and by your attitude. Therefore, with these questions to ask a girl you like, you have to be authentic. In other words, having the attitude of someone who really loves.

57. How indecisive are you when it comes to getting a new haircut?

58. How would you use 100,000 dollars to make the greatest number of people happy?

59. Is there a time in the past that you would like to be repeated for your culture?

60. If you could travel anywhere in the world in 10 minutes where would you go for dinner?

61. Is there something you liked to do as a child that now seems very silly to you?

62. If you were a robot to make people happy, what accessories would you come with?

63. If you could click on each person to find out their functions, which ones would you like?

10.- Questions to make a difficult woman fall in love

To make a difficult woman fall in love, you have to touch something she loves. If one of these questions to ask a girl you like is emotional, do not deviate from that topic.

64. Is there a generally male action that you like to do?

64. A food that you loved as a child but now you don’t even want to see it?

65. What are you putting off doing that you nevertheless know is indispensable?

66. If you could live in any culture in history, which would you choose?

67. From what country would you like the love of your life to be?

68. Is there any person that you notice that you make you happy with just your presence?

69. If you could give shelter to any endangered animal, which one would you choose?

70. In the past, did you do something innocent that had serious consequences?

Each of these questions to tell the girl you like are to awaken emotions. It is a way to flirt and create a fun atmosphere that is hard to forget.

Just be patient. If you ask the formulas properly they will work in silence even when they say goodbye. She will think of you and link you with a pleasant emotion.