12 signs, how to tell if a man likes you, you can’t hide

There are some body gestures to know if a man is interested in you. That man may or may not be married. The question is to know if a man likes you regardless of his romantic situation. A married man can be more discreet and a single man more obvious.

What do you have to look at to realize their intentions? A man married or not and of any age will always be interested in an attractive woman. Men are always looking at women.

You can be liked by a shy man and he will hide for fear of being discovered. That is, each man is a different case. That is why it is important that you know what to look at to see if he likes you.

1.- Smile a lot every time they meet

Our smile reveals what we like. Before anything that pleases us, we smile. One of the signs of how to know if a man cares about you is a big smile. He doesn’t stop smiling when you’re with him.

If you are a shy boy or a married man, your smile may be more discreet. But see how much they cheer up when they see you. Do they smile every time they see you? If so, you’re on the right track, I think he likes you.

2.- To know if a man likes you, see if he looks at you

When a man is attracted to a woman he cannot help not looking at her. As long as he can see her in the distance or a busy meeting, he will. If he loses sight of you, he will look for you and you will notice it.

If he does not find you with his eyes, he will ask, he will become anxious, his interest in you will show. For a man, the fact of not seeing, not hearing and not knowing about the woman he loves means suffering.

3.- He is always very attentive to you through good times and bad


It is no secret that a man interested in a woman will always pay attention to her. When something interests a man, everything else becomes secondary.

How to know if a man is really interested in you? When it comes to you, he doesn’t pay attention to anything else. You have made yourself his priority and he is very attentive to you at all times.

4.- It is born to him to be fun and pleasant by your side


To know if a man likes you, just watch his change in attitude. Every time he sees you, he is born to be funny. It lights up with sympathy just by your presence. It makes you feel good, it infects you with its happiness.

He is always nice and attentive just with you. Start highlighting simple but important things in your life. You tell him something about yourself and he will always highlight something as wonderful.

5.- Look for excuses to spend time with you


Another of the signs of a man’s interest in a woman are his excuses to be close to you. It doesn’t matter if the excuse is small or if the time with you is short, he will be there.

When a man likes you there are no coincidences. Rather, they appear spontaneously in unexpected places and times. He creates coincidences so he can see you.

6.- It is difficult for him to talk to you looking into your eyes


Knowing if a man likes you means knowing how to observe those little details of shyness in love. But if he is a self-confident person, he will not hesitate to look you in the face.

A shy man becomes nervous in the presence of the woman he loves. Your nerves get the better of you, your voice shakes or you stutter. This signal of interest from a man is not always so noticeable.

7.- He gets jealous and defends you from other fans


How to know if a man is really interested in you? If you are an attractive woman, it is not strange that you have more than one suitor. If a rival shows up, his body language is activated like a cock.

If he is shy, he can fold his arms. But if he is sure of himself, he will make a gesture that denotes belonging. For example, he will put his hand on your waist, opening the elbows to take up more space.

8.- Every time he sees you, his eyes start to shine

When to know that a man likes you? Every time they meet, observe their behavior. When a man is next to the woman he likes, many emotional processes happen.

His eyes shine, he sweats, he gets nervous, etc., all involuntarily. To know if a man likes you, look at his eyes, the shine is because he starts to tear a little.

9.- Look insistently at your lips and eyes

You can tell a man likes you on the first date by looking at your lips and eyes. He likes you and can’t help but dream of kissing you. Even if he’s discreet, he can’t help looking at your lips.

If you like that man, do not forget to highlight the beauty of your lips. While you are talking or quiet he will not be able to avoid looking at your lips in a greedy way.

10.- Always try to make eye contact

To know if a man is seriously interested in you, look him in the eye. If he is a man you do not know and you come across very often as if by chance, look at him. If he holds your gaze, it means he wants to meet you.

If he explores your body with his eyes, it means that he likes you. If you avoid looking, you may be undecided. Eye contact carries a lot of energy and you will realize what is happening.

11.- To know how much a man likes you, observe his approach

See how much he focuses on you. If you are truly interested, you will pay close attention to the conversation. His attention is so focused that he even remembers past issues.

How to know if a man likes you? The more attention to what you speak or do the more interest in you. It will also look at you with tenderness without being distracted by anything or anyone. Just for you.

12.- It accompanies you with all your gestures

If you smile he smiles, if you walk he walks, if you look somewhere he does too. If he does all this you can be sure that he likes you. If you also like, give him a smile.

If he is a man with a serious appearance but with you he looks smiling, he is yours. If you like it, do not hesitate to give it confidence, for example with a hug. See how it reacts.

If he also hugs you by the waist or your shoulder he likes you. It is your opportunity to make a subtle suggestion that you would like to go out for him to propose.