7 things, what is irresistible in a woman attractive to men

What do men find irresistible in a woman? It is not something you can only see, but something you feel. What is irresistible in an attractive woman is not the physical beauty, but the way of being of a woman.

For example, a woman with a very good sense of humor and independent can be very irresistible. A woman with an attractive personality is someone who comes to please a man’s instincts.

Sometimes a man does not know what attracts him to a woman. It is clear that she is an attractive woman, but there is something irresistible that she cannot identify.

Let’s see what makes a woman highly attractive and irresistible. They are qualities that can be worked on and managed to transform a life in a short time. It just takes a little self-love and desire for progress.

When a woman is authentic, you feel that she is your best friend at all times.

You fell in love with her and now that you know her you love her even more for her way of being. It makes you feel good that you can trust him with your smallest and greatest concerns.

Somehow you feel that in addition to being your partner, she is your best friend. Without realizing it, you talk about your fears and dreams. His presence makes you feel very supportive and increases your faith.

What is most irresistible in an attractive woman is her independence

A woman who is herself, different and unique, who moves freely and confidently feels very attractive. A man cannot resist the magnetism emanating from an independent woman.

Some men prefer a submissive woman, they only achieve shortages in their partner. Others prefer an abundant, happy, free woman manifesting her talents and love for life.

An attractive woman for men is one who feels irresistible to want, appreciate and desire. Your instincts know that she is going to be a good mother to your children and you want her for yourself.

A woman is irresistible when in her ways she is very sweet and charming


An irresistible woman is one who disturbs your instincts. It attracts you, you lose your mind and you don’t know why. A sweet and caring woman attracts. A man cannot resist her emotional charm.

When your partner asks you for something sweetly, you cannot refuse, you please her. An attractive woman can be so irresistible that a man can make his fortune or be ruined by her influence.

An attractive woman does not demand, but rather moves with subtlety and achieves what she wants


Communicating is very important in a couple, but also that each one has their space. It is not a good thing that neither of us is like a rope around the neck.

What is irresistible in an attractive woman? When he communicates even when something is not good and takes responsibility for what happens to him. It never makes you feel guilty or pressure about something.

An attractive woman always manages to be happy even in bad times. You don’t expect your partner to do something to make her feel satisfied.

A woman who leads her life wisely always feels attractive


A woman seeks to be happy before being right is irresistible for men. She emits a positive energy that attracts without much being able to do to counteract it.

For example, the confident laugh of a woman on public transportation is very magnetic and contagious. A woman who acts mature, who respects and appreciates differences, is wise and very attractive.

Women mature faster than men. They are favored by nature to play a very important role. Be loving, wise, tolerant and grateful mothers.

A woman with a attractive vibe is the charm that motivates a man


There is nothing more irresistible than a woman who aspires to a high lifestyle. Well, what is irresistible in an attractive woman if not her authentic femininity.

An attractive woman, not only because of her shapes but because of her magnetism in her way of being, is very irresistible. A man cannot stop paying attention to a woman who highlights her femininity.

A woman who manifests a great personality is always attractive

Appearance draws attention, attracts in a certain way, but personality falls in love. A woman with a magnetic personality is much more attractive and irresistible than one with a good physique.

When a woman is creative, intelligent and graceful in a relationship, she makes her partner feel delighted, happy. A man cannot resist loving and falling in love with this type of woman.

The personality reaches the heart and falls in love. A woman with character, strength, tenacity and sensuality reaches the soul of a man. This is what is irresistible in an attractive woman.