17 signs when a man plays with you, finally here you will know what to do

How do you know when a man plays with you? It may be or maybe you are just imagining. That’s why you better know the signs when a man plays with you . Dating a man you know very little about can bring surprises if you don’t know quickly what matters. You need to build trust and security.

How to tell when a man plays with you: Introduces you as a friend

It has changed from a while ago. You are his girlfriend, but now he is only loving when they are alone. For example in public he acts strangely, as if there is no trust between you. He no longer holds your hand or stays close, he walks away like a stranger.

Some signs that a man is playing with you are very obvious. For example, when you are with your family and friends, you are just “a good friend.” What to do when a man plays with you? No resentment or make yourself the victim, love yourself and overcome yourself. I will explain to you below.

The signs when a man plays with you, can indicate something good


To fall in love a man will always say that he likes you and it is true, he is attracted to you. And like you, he also has big goals, dreams to fulfill. But as living beings we feel the need for emotional intimacy with a partner that you like.

It may be that he is a man of great goals and you crossed his path. He sees you as a woman and turns to you only as a woman, it may be that you do not feel up to him for other things. How to act when a man plays with you? Take charge of your personal and professional happiness and success.

Know that when a man plays with you, he doesn’t take you seriously

He has no intention of formalizing the relationship. This is one of the most common signs when a man plays with you . Since you agreed to be his girlfriend, there is no further progress. He doesn’t even ask to know more about you.

He doesn’t take you home, you don’t know his family, and they don’t even go out with his friends. He is simply a hungry male to have fun with you and is not born to be serious in a relationship. For example, when a married man plays with you, it is noticeable by the lack of commitment and seriousness.

Signs that a man only plays with you: You are not his priority


One reason men play games with you is that they have other, more important things to attend to. You do not feel important enough to get involved in the most important issues in his life. Only when he needs you does he quote you somewhere, he doesn’t even go to your house.

For example, one weekend he calls you because he has nothing to do. He will never be able to cancel his plans when you need to, he will tell you that he does not have time.

A man may be playing with you if he doesn’t make plans and wants to stay single.


A relationship is not necessarily going to lead to marriage. But when the relationship is serious, plans are made. At some point I will get married, first my studies, my career, etc. Therefore, one of the signs when a man plays with you is that he does not plan anything with you.

If that man really loves you, he will want you to always be by his side. But if he talks evasively about his future and insists on remaining single, he doesn’t take your relationship seriously.

Other signs that a man is playing with you: Appears and disappears without explanation


When he is with you he is very tender, romantic and is completely dedicated to you. Other times nothing is known about him, he disappears for several days and even weeks without explaining anything. These signs when a man plays with you do not necessarily mean that he is cheating on you.

Many men are not very interested in socializing with other women or are very busy with their things. Why does a man play with you? You don’t interest him enough.

It is possible that a man is playing with you if his dates are always solo


What does a man play when dating his girlfriend is always solo? It is obvious that he does not want to be seen when they are together. Why? As you suspect, this is another of the signs that this man is using you.

A man in love who considers his girlfriend as his best opportunity wants to be in all places with her.

A monothematic man in his conversations is likely to be playing with a woman

Another of the frequent signs when a man plays with you is his lack of enthusiasm when talking. The only topic that seems to interest him is, “what gives him pleasure.” For example, if he calls you just to have fun with you for a while.

The only thing that interests him is his things. He only talks about his concerns, his pleasure and if you talk to him about another topic he immediately changes the conversation. It may be that he himself is not aware of his lack of love.

But one of the signs that this man only uses you is that he always erases all evidence that I speak with you.

A man plays with a woman if he has zero contact through social networks

Nowadays practicing social networks means the presence and even existence of a person or relationship. Many people think that if you are not on social networks, you do not exist. Therefore, one of the signs when a man plays with you is zero actions with you on social networks.

He never responds to you and leaves you seen on WhatsApp. It does not interact with your posts on Facebook and when you comment on something, it does not react, not even a “like”. You probably don’t want that evidence to be seen.

A man is playing with a woman when sometimes she is tender and other times, very distant

The signs that a man only uses you does not necessarily mean that he is aware of what he is doing. He may be very immature, he may have a very low libido, or he may not consider you his height. He just needs a woman.

He only looks for you when he needs something from you, then he is loving. Then he gets lost in his affairs. His interest in you is so small compared to his interests that he doesn’t even apologize. Some can even be rude.

When a man plays with a woman, there is no we

Another of the signs when a man plays with you is that he does not involve you in his plans. This game feels very strong in self esteem. But if your self-love is strong, you will walk away without resentment. Do not blame, better take responsibility for the lifestyle you choose.

It feels like a man plays with a woman when despite having a relationship, he does not talk about plans. What do you want to achieve, where do you imagine in your life, if you want to have children or not. It may be a temporary relationship, but it’s still important to share plans.

A man is playing with the feelings of a woman when he appears when he wants

What to do when a man plays with you? Talk to him about your plans, what you expect of him and what you are going to do for your life. Never negotiate your happiness, because if it is not with him, it will be with someone better.

Your happiness depends entirely on you, not on what your partner does. Therefore, your suitable, ideal partner, you will find him living the lifestyle you love. Then there will be a lot in common, a lot to share.

But if your man is not the right one, you will never be his priority. It will always be busy, it will only appear when it needs you. You are always available, he only when he wants darling.

When a man plays with you, he is not interested in knowing anything about you

This is very frequent, when you are with him, the only topics of conversation are his things. This is another one of the frequent signs when a man plays with you. Their interests, their tastes and you never figure in their conversation.

How to act when a man plays with you? Note that you only have control in your inner world, not the outer world. If you are not interested in your goals, your happiness and what you do and feel right now, you are.

When you want to talk he says, wait, let me tell you, then you tell me your opinion. Your life, your happiness does not have to wait for what he does or says. Take care of your personal growth.

For a man who plays with a woman, interesting girls are other girls

There are men who can be so unaware that they can even tell their girlfriend about the girls they like. These signs are easy to notice when a man plays with you. You are not the important one, but others, his ex or the girls he says are after him.

He never talks to you about how important you are to him. Total, if you are always available and you access everything, why? He’s not even as loving to you as he does to other women.

When a man plays with you, you are always the one to blame

In every relationship there are always problems and in all cases both are responsible. Everyone has to work on their own self-esteem and self-improvement. It is useless if only one of them is considered responsible for the problems and has to pay.

An immature or manipulative person will become the victim. You are always to blame for any problem or discussion. He will even bother pretending to be the victim.

When his conversations are not that deep he may be playing with you

How to tell when a man plays with you? A relationship is a love relationship overflowing with passions. All the time, in all places and regardless of the circumstances. When there is love, you both want to spend time together, loving each other.

A superficial relationship, without passion, with sporadic intimacy, only when he wants it, is sick. As time passes, a healthy relationship deepens your commitment. If not, someone is playing.

Another sign that a man plays with a woman is that he does not use words of affection

“My love” is a phrase widely used by emotionally healthy couples. The two of them indulge in affection, appreciation, and motivation. Therefore, the lack of “I love you” or “I love you” are signals when a man plays with you.

Affection is very important to the health and growth of a relationship. Affection is a natural emotion in someone who loves. Therefore when a man does not show affection, it may be that he is playing with the feelings of the woman.