They’re done, 6 reasons why a man looks at you when you don’t see him

If we already ended our relationship, why does that man look at you a lot and don’t talk to you? Why does a man look at you when you don’t see him and turn around when you discover him? Now we will see some reasons why a man keeps looking for you. The strange attitudes of men in love.

Why does a man keep looking for a woman even though he’s done with her? It’s one of those strange things about a macho man who resists losing a woman even if he doesn’t love her . Even when he was the one who ended the relationship, he looks for her again. He is still looking at her from afar.

1.- You do not feel at all prepared to start a new relationship with another woman

It may be that he is very used to you or that he still loves you. So one reason a man keeps looking for you is his apathy for a new relationship. Somehow he misses you and feels short or uninspired to start over with a new partner.

One of the reasons a man keeps looking for his ex is because there is a conflict in him. His pride made him finish, but his heart still feels something. For that reason, he feels limited to courting another girl. You are not motivated to make new appointments and a new commitment.

2.- Because a man looks at you when you don’t see him: He’s sure you’ll come back


There are many social mandates of which man is a victim. For example, machismo, far from favoring the man, makes him suffer. Which means that a man looks at you a lot even though they already broke up a while ago.

He can be very macho and think that he can come back or control you whenever he wants. A macho does not value a woman, this makes them suffer but they do not realize it. It can be very romantic, “please love, I still love you.”

People like this may be walking away and coming back without understanding a woman’s feelings or their own. They will generally blame the woman for their adverse results. Why does a man keep looking for his lover? Due to immaturity and very low self-esteem.


3.- Because a man keeps looking for his ex: Maybe he’s just looking for fun


Why does a man look from afar at a woman with whom he has already ended a relationship? You may not have a new partner yet, or you may not feel good about your new partner. It may be that your loneliness or lack of trust with your new partner is frustrating you.

Why does a man keep looking for a woman if he has already ended his love affair with her? When a man does not find satisfaction with his partner, he looks for other women. So what better than your ex with whom you already get along in bed?

4.- One reason why a man keeps looking for his lover: The stranger

The human being is a being of habits that is difficult to change. For example, in a relationship with a passionate and satisfying life, a strong habit is created. If there was mutual surrender in your relationship, it will not be easy to forget or replace.

A couple that lives strong love passions with great confidence and security, does not forget so quickly. So one reason why a man looks at you when you don’t see him is that he misses you. He feels like he needs you but doesn’t want to show it.

5.- The look of a man in love even after finishing means that he is sorry

Many times it happens, when a man ends a love relationship many times he regrets. If a macho character predominates, a man may get angry about something inappropriate and end his relationship.

Of course, the inappropriate thing may only be his imagination, but his macho pride can do more and he reacts badly. Then time passes and he begins to realize. When he is alone, he remembers and misses your skin.

Therefore, despite the fact that he has finished, he weighs himself, regrets, but is proud. This is one reason why a man looks at you when you don’t see him, he doesn’t want to say it straight out of pride.

6.- Why man keeps looking for you if they are finished: It was you who finished

If you were the one who decided to end the relationship, he may not be convinced that it is all over. It may be that you already have another partner or are dating a new suitor. Your ex knows your routines and it is easy for him to follow you with his eyes.

From a distance your ex can tell, by your gestures, if you are starting a new relationship. If he is very macho, he will feel very jealous and may appear trying to win you back. Being macho is one reason why a man looks at you when you don’t see him.

What can you do to avoid these setbacks? Be nice, your ex should clearly feel your right to be happy and that he should do the same. Therefore agree, with respect and security, to cut off all contact that binds you.