10 fun ways to say I love you, I love you I love you I love you

For many people saying “I love you” has great value, so they don’t say it lightly. Unless they really feel it. But there are fun ways to say I love you. Also keep in mind that women need words of affection, not just actions.

There is always a special person we would like to tell how much we love her. There are many details with which you can show her how much you love her. You can also say I love you funny way. We will show you some ways later.

Giving gifts is a good way to say “I love you.” But you can enhance the emotional experience with how you do it. Because everyone is giving something away, but the details make the difference. Well there are always original ways to say I love you.

Some fun ways to say I love you that should be more frequent

There are many different fun ways to say “I love you.” But what matters is that you do it with your heart and convey your feelings well . Small details to your partner can improve the quality of love life.

For many people it is not easy to express their feelings of love. But you can say it in other unconventional ways, all that matters is that that person feels loved. Giving expression to feelings works wonders in a relationship.

According to experts, expressing our feelings towards others through words or actions favors our health. Therefore, so that you can express your feelings in an unforgettable way, we present you some fun ways to say I love you.

Your very affectionate pet can give you creative ideas to say I love you


A pet often receives good care from a partner. Therefore, it would be very original for your pet to be the bearer of your message of love. A flower, a letter or any present can become a great detail if your pet is the messenger.

Keep in mind that emotion can be made very special with your pet’s expression. It is natural for your pet to show affection for the person who accompanies you.

A drawing in the mirror or a surprise when you are taking a shower


There are always lots of fun ways to say I love you, for example in the shower. While your partner is showering, you can prepare a surprise in your room. You can also draw some love images on the mirror.

You should know that expressing your feelings on paper or with a surprise, lowers your cholesterol levels. Nature wants us in love .

There are fun ways to say I love you with music


Music is always part of the loving emotions that we live. There is always a song that can represent your love story. You could make your own recording, I love you I love you I love you. You can do it in a funny and romantic way.

With music you can say, I love you very much my love. There are even ways to say I love you with other words that you can use in your song.

There are original ways to say I love you, for example with a Post-it


There are fun phrases to say I love you that you can use on a Post-it. Drawing funny little pictures can be an original way to make your partner feel that you love them. You can make many pieces of paper with different messages and distribute it to several places so that he can find it.

There are so many ways to express what you feel. You just need to feel your true happiness and express yourself from the heart. Free yourself from the conventions.

Can you say I love you inside a chocolate egg


A chocolate egg can help you find fun ways to say I love you. A chocolate is always a welcome gift, and when you eat it the surprise will be very exciting and fun. Put in the egg a message that wants to say “I love you”.

A good touch can be to prepare several chocolate eggs and create a whole love story.

A collage of photos or images that express the love you feel

With a photo collage you can put together a message to say I love you in a fun way. You can also search for images on the internet and put together a message that expresses your feelings. Do not limit yourself to the conventional, there are many ways to say I love you in an original way.

Once your creation of love is finished, you can put it somewhere visible so that he will notice. Don’t forget to highlight the main message, “I love you.” Loving relationships are good for your health when they are expressed in many ways.

Create your love message using discount coupons

There are many commercial establishments and brands that give away discount coupons. We are always shopping for things and you can find fun ways to say I love you with coupons. For example, behind each coupon you can put a message:

– Shampoo coupon: For my love’s pretty hair

– On the clothing coupon: Voucher for two kisses and a hug

– In the coupon of the hairdresser: Today I want to show off with you, you are the love of my life

I know you can be more creative with coupons in hand. You can always pamper your partner with something they like to buy and receive your expression of love at the same time. Keep in mind that expressing your feelings is the best way to spend unforgettable moments.

A kiss for every reason in little chocolates

Thanks to chocolates you can create fun ways to say I love you. For example with Kiss chocolates, you can express a reason for your love . You can also stick a piece of paper on the chocolate. You can express multiple reasons why you love her.

You can express 50 to 100 reasons for your love in a fun way. What matters is creating a climate that strengthens your relationship.

You can use small boxes or envelopes to simulate mail parcels

Phosphor boxes, medicine boxes, used envelopes, etc., can be used to create funny messages of love. Throughout the creation process, your heart will be full of feelings and inspiration. You can pretend that the postman made it arrive and you leave it in his space for him to find it.

Small messages of love with pictures can help you say I love you in a fun way. You are the light of my life, you are the reason for my being, etc.

With an original painting or a love puzzle

Focusing on what you feel and what you have on hand you will find many fun ways to say I love you. For example, a painting that you can take to work or put in your room. How many things can you put in a box?

You can also use an old puzzle to paste a photo or message. Use what you like the most, something that impresses her and you can write “I love you.”

Love is freedom, creativity and a lot of passion. Whoever loves every moment finds ways to express his love. This manifestation of emotions and feelings creates unforgettable moments in a couple. Nothing is more beautiful than those moments when the heartbeats to the maximum for love.

Create your romantic moments as you can think of best. I hope these fun ways to say I love you inspire you and create your own resources to express your love.