18 reasons why your partner ignores you on WhatsApp

When you open the chat with your boy and you see the double check in blue or you notice that hours have passed without him reading your messages, you start to worry. After all, it’s not normal for him to go so long without talking to you. Surely you begin to wonder “why does my boyfriend ignore me on WhatsApp?”.

Before you take it personal and panic, check out this list of the 18 most common reasons for not responding to you and some tips so you know what to do:

1. Busy with work/studies

If your boyfriend works or studies, especially if he is doing a higher degree, he is probably busy and therefore only reads you without replying or connects, but does not read your messages.

The best thing to do is call him when you think he is unoccupied or try to see him in person to ask if he is okay. If he ignores you on WhatsApp frequently or evades your calls and visits, being busy is not the reason.

2. Feel that things are going too fast

Relationships move at different speeds. If you are getting very close to this boy, and you have already sent him messages on very serious topics (marriage, children, future together…), he may be moving away because of all the emotions he feels.

How do you know if this is the case? Evaluate their behavior: If they respond normally when they talk about trivial topics, but disappear when they get into serious topics, this is definitely the case.

You can do two things: talk to him in person about your interest in being in a serious relationship, or take a step back and not bring these up any more until the relationship has moved on and you get to know each other a little more.

3. He is no longer interested in you and expects you to notice.

You will notice it because in addition to not responding to you, when it does, it is only with a disinterested, strange response and one or a few words.

Of course, if he continues to make an effort to show you his interest when they meet in person, this is probably not the reason why he does not reply to your messages.

4. Do not believe in words but in actions

Talking is easy, but actions prove everything. Imagine two men: one who talks sweetly to you, but doesn’t do anything special; another who doesn’t talk much, but strives to show his love through actions. Which one will you choose?

Perhaps your boy believes that showing his affection when they are together is enough and that is why he does not consider it important to respond quickly to you on WhatsApp.

5. Has another

This is difficult to accept because no one likes to think that their partner is cheating on them, or that they think of other women. It is unlikely, but it does happen.

But don’t jump to this conclusion before you are sure. If you really think this is the case, face it. If not, try to talk calmly with him to find out what might be the reason for ignoring you.

6. Play the ghost

This happens when he stops writing to you completely and practically disappears from your life without leaving a trace (no calls, no messages, he no longer frequents the same places you go …) and you don’t understand why he does it.

If he does not try to contact you again in a reasonable amount of time (up to 1 week), it is likely that he has ended the relationship and did not have the pants to talk to you to let you know.

If they write to you again or try to contact you, don’t pretend that nothing happened. Calmly ask for an explanation. Who loves you does not disappear like this “why yes.”

7. He doesn’t want you to misunderstand by text

A text message can be misinterpreted if the words or punctuation marks are not used properly. Perhaps he understands how easy it is to misinterpret messages, knows that he is not good at writing and prefers not to write to you so as not to damage the relationship.

If they are starting the relationship, he usually calls you and treats you very well when they see each other in person, you can tell that he tries to make you happy, this is probably the cause for ignoring you on WhatsApp.

8. He opened the conversation by mistake and did not read you

This is more common than it sounds and is not done on purpose.

It usually happens when you are in a rush to talk to someone, you scroll through all the conversations, but accidentally open another one and immediately close it without reading it. You agree to read and answer later, but you forget.

In this case, it is not that he directly chooses to ignore you, he just did not intend to talk to you at the time. We know that doesn’t sound like a good excuse, but it is possible.

9. You suffocate him with many messages

Are you one of those people who sends a message for every word you write? Or do you send thousands of texts in a day? Before answering that you are not like that, check the history of their conversation.

If you have noticed that you write too many messages, then you can understand that he may feel overloaded with so much information. Remember, men are not the best at communicating. You just have to write less and you will start to notice the results.

10. Your phone was stolen or lost

It is not the most common, but it is a probable cause for not answering your calls or messages. In addition, it is very easy to know if this is the reason: when you see him in person, he himself tells you what happened.

11. He gets bored with the conversation

Maybe he dumped you because he has nothing to say, or the topic of conversation seems boring. It is not a good excuse but some men are like that.

To make sure this is the reason, change the subject and wait for their response. If he responds quickly, you can be sure that you managed to get his attention again.

12. Doesn’t feel like writing to you

This is something that has happened to all of us at some point, and it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the relationship.

You may have had a bad day or are very exhausted. That’s why she decided to just read and she doesn’t answer you, but the next day she talks to you normally.

13. Prefers to speak in person

This has happened when they have already had face-to-face conversations and they have been incredible. He knows that no amount of emojis or stickers will be up to the task of sharing with you in person.

So why should he bother looking for you on WhatsApp if he prefers to spend quality time with you?

14. Is driving

It is not the best excuse, but it is a valid reason for not answering your messages immediately. Some people have a bad habit of reading the phone while waiting for the green light at a traffic light. They read, but they don’t have time to reply to all the messages.

This could be the case with your boyfriend if he answers you after a while in a normal way.

15. You need your personal space

Some people need to get away from the world from time to time to reconnect with their thoughts.

If that’s the case with your boyfriend, that doesn’t mean that you have stopped liking him or that there is some problem in the relationship, just that he wants to maintain a solo space.

16. He doesn’t want to hurt you

He may be angry or very stressed, even if you are not the cause of his discomfort, and that is why he decides to walk away and not answer you on WhatsApp.

It is a very common cause in couples who have communication problems, or in men who are very closed about their emotions and do not fully trust their partner.

17. There is something on your mind that bothers or worries you

Let’s be honest, men are not good at talking about their feelings. For the most part, when something worries them, they tend to become even more emotional.

There can be many reasons that worry him: family, work, friends, education … His mind is occupied with something else and he neglects important aspects (that is, you). If you think this is the case, ask him!

A clear sign that this is the cause is that when they see each other their body is there but their mind is very far away and if you call them they will respond.

18. He is mad at you

Do not immediately jump to this cause as your first conclusion, but it is a possibility that he is distant because you have bothered him in some way.

We all say things that can be misinterpreted or offensive, many times without realizing it. Sometimes people get angry very quickly, instead of talking about the problem and looking for solutions.

Ask him what is wrong with him. If he refuses to tell you, he may be upset with you. Try to talk to him in a calm and rational way. Make sure you come to an agreement, so that if it happens again, he will talk to you instead of taking this position.