12 signs you’re prettier to men than you think

Every once in a while you feel doubts about your beauty. When that happens, our environment is a good indicator. How do you know what they think of you? How do you know if I am beautiful to men? You must be attentive to the signs that we comment on below.

1. You have a beautiful partner

Beauty attracts itself. A beautiful person almost always has a partner who is at least as beautiful as she is. Psychological studies confirm that attractive people tend to surround themselves with people similar to themselves.

Remember that non-verbal language often says more than words, so pay attention to gestures, looks, or facial expressions, because they reveal everything you need to know.

2. You receive messages, even if you are in a relationship

In this age of technology, social media, and more, it is no wonder that attractive people find in their direct message (and sp4m) inbox messages from friends, acquaintances, or strangers looking for a link.

If you happen to receive many of these messages, even if you are in a formal and stable relationship, it is because you are so attractive that others cannot help but seek your attention.

3. You receive calls or messages from unknown numbers

This is related to the previous situation. If people who don’t know you actually text you to try and pick you up, you are definitely beautiful and physically attractive.

However, in these cases, you must be very careful. Very attractive people can generate many emotions in others, even obsessions. That is why you should be attentive to whether these messages are dating or more like harassment, intimidation, or persecution.

If necessary, contact the authorities and let your friends and family know what is happening.

4. They are almost always looking at you

Another sign of non-verbal language that we must read in people is their gaze. It is the gesture that reveals the most.

When an attractive person arrives at a place, it is impossible to avoid catching the eye. It is natural that all the people present turn to see her. It is an indisputable reality.

If this happens to you when you arrive at a party or event, it is definitely a good sign. When men fixate on negative details, they often try to hide their gaze. If it is a beautiful woman, they do not hide their expressions of admiration.

5. They tell you that your smile is beautiful

Another of the non-verbal signals that reflect your essence is your smile. We are not necessarily talking about perfect teeth and lips, although they must be beautiful, but about what the smile projects: security, self-confidence, and self-love.

A person who smiles from the soul and with sincerity shows his joy and spreads it to his surroundings. This makes her a magnet for other people.

6. People are always looking for a reason to talk to you and be close to you

Attractive people are a magnet for others, simply because the vibes they emit are positive and we feel very comfortable around them.

Psychological studies confirm that it is an innate attitude to approach the things that we like the most. Have you noticed if people are constantly looking for conversation topics with you, even if they are the most trivial in the world? Do you feel like they sometimes talk to you about something just to get your attention?

The reason is simple: your attractive personality attracts them like a magnet. They admire you, they esteem you and, if they are men, do not doubt that more than one does it with the intention of flirting with you.

7. There are people who act awkwardly around you.

Attractive people often have effects on others, one of which is making them nervous. So much so that they act awkward when they’re with you. Have you seen that they even sweat excessively for no apparent reason?

The image of an attractive person can be so imposing that it makes others uncomfortable. So if you notice that sometimes there are people around you acting awkwardly, this may be an effect of your presence. It literally makes them shiver!

8. When you go out with your friends, there is always someone looking to annoy you

Have you noticed that in groups of friends there are always one or two who are always teased? Are you the person who is constantly the subject of annoying jokes or games?

This is likely to happen because you are one of the most attractive in the group. That attitude is a reflection of the attention you get. Because of their trust and closeness, they seek to “get you out of your boxes”. They simply believe that nothing they do to you can affect you.

9. People are very good or bad to you

When you are an attractive person, who arouses passions in others, the treatment of people can vary radically.

You will find people on your way who treat you very well, in a respectful, friendly, and cordial way, but you will also run into people who act very unfriendly to you for no apparent reason.

Many times your appearance has to do. Those who are attracted to you, admire your beauty and approach because they want you in their life. Those who treat you badly, probably feel threatened by your virtues and can often feel jealous or have their self-esteem affected.

With the latter, the best thing you can do is compliment them and give them a little attention from time to time. You will show them that you don’t think you are superior to anyone and you will help them increase their self-esteem.

10. It is very rare that people congratulate you

Does it happen to you that you are rarely congratulated for an achievement or for a change of look? Peaceful! That does not mean that they are not interested in you. Many times it happens that because you are so beautiful, others believe that it is not necessary to flatter you because you are already aware of your beauty.

So do not wonder if you do not receive compliments from others, or think that you do not look beautiful with that new style.

11. People are surprised when they discover that you have complexes or insecurities

When we meet a really attractive person, we think that their self-esteem is unshakable. We believe that they are strong, brave, confident, confident, beautiful, and more.

And, yes, they are, but we also forget that they are human beings. We are all imperfect and self-doubt is common to most.

So, if in any conversation you see that others are surprised when you confess if you have a complex, it is surely because they find it not very credible that an attractive person can be dissatisfied with their body.

12. You are an intimidating woman

You may think that men don’t approach you often because you’re not pretty. However, what could happen is that you are an intimidating woman and that paralyzes them. No man likes to be rejected and many may think that they have no chance with you.

Your independence and apparent self-reliance make them question whether they will really add anything to your life. That intimidates them to the point that they think more than twice before approaching you.