How to make a Virgo man miss you?

You found out that the guy you like is Virgo, you’ve already dated him and they started a relationship.We leave you a list of the best strategies you can adopt to make a man with a Virgo personality miss you:

1. Stay away for a while

How can you miss someone if you always have them around? In the case of Virgo men, this applies much more. This personality loves his personal space, so you should let him feel your absence from time to time.

Take some time for yourself: share with your friends and family, travel, attend classes or the gym and let him do the same. Find a middle ground for the two of you, where you feel comfortable with your personal space individually and also as a couple.

Do not write to him daily or respond to him the minute after receiving his message, assert yourself and make him understand that your individual time is also important.

2. Show your independence

Virgo men love a woman who fends on her own, so it’s good to show her that you don’t need it and that your world doesn’t revolve around her. Work and earn your own money, pay your bills, and take care of your appearance: stay neat and pretty.

He will want to take care of you because that is his nature, and that’s fine, but take it as a help from time to time and not as a routine. This way he will be happy when you accept his help.

He needs to feel loved and not used or needed. Saying yes to him every once in a while is the way to keep him attentive in the relationship.

3. Have entertaining phone conversations

If you are dating him and you do not live in the same house, you should know that a Virgo man prefers a good conversation on the phone than texting throughout the day. So try to call him and keep the talk interesting.

Talk about important things: your passions in life, intellectual issues. Try to have discussions that encourage him to be active during the call.

Another tip is that you don’t just talk about yourself and your thoughts, you might think you have ego problems. Ask him questions or encourage him to learn about you, make sure the conversation flows.

4. Don’t force him

Always keep one important tip in mind: you can’t force a person to do something they don’t want to do. It sounds redundant, but this will help you in all your personal relationships, especially with a Virgo.

Virgo guys generally enjoy conquest. So if you make yourself a little unattainable for him, you will always keep him interested in you.

We are not saying that you should ignore or reject it all the time. Just don’t make things so easy for him, put in a little effort for your attention.

What does this mean? 

Let him guide the conversation from time to time, both of you participate in both the talks and the decisions about your relationship. Giving in may be difficult, but letting him participate is important for a Virgo man to miss you.

Why does the Virgo man ignore you?

There are several causes for this behavior. Although it depends on the situation and the way to ignore you, here are the most common causes:

  • He is testing you: if they were already in the dating stage and he disappeared without saying a few words, but after a few days he seeks to have contact with you (calls, messages, visits you …) as if nothing else, he is likely to want to measure your independence.
  • He does not see you as a possible stable partner : in case you have rushed things with him: kissing or being intimate, he will walk away without giving you explanations.
  • He ended the relationship with you: A Virgo is an expert at ghosting when disappointed in the relationship. In this case, he will change his number, he will block you from his networks and you will hardly ever hear from him again.
  • He’s busy: If he doesn’t write or call you as often as he used to, but when they’re together he’s behaving normally, then maybe this is the cause.

How do Virgos end a relationship?

Men born under this sign are very honest and express what bothers them at the moment. Although it is not a general rule, the vast majority will tell you up front that they do not want to continue the relationship by explaining their reasons.

Does a Virgo give signs before finishing? Yes! He makes small changes: he goes out more often with his friends, he stops prioritizing plans as a couple, he becomes less expressive and a little colder … Small changes that accumulate until the moment of breakup.

Are they cold when doing it? It depends on your perspective, the truth is that they will tell you things clearly. Is there a chance that they will get back in the relationship? It is unlikely, when they have decided to finish, they do not turn back.

What’s the worst thing you can do to a Virgo man?

Despite the fact that Virgo men seem very mysterious beings, and can vary according to their personality, there are certain things that no one tolerates:

  • Lie to him: a Virgo values ​​honesty. If you lie to him, you can be sure that he will not want to know anything about you.
  • That you are indifferent and / or reject him: although it is true that a Virgo loves an independent woman, he also likes to feel that you can count on him, so do not say all the time that you do not.
  • Being late or changing plans at the last minute: they are perfectionists, controllers and planners, that’s why they like to keep commitments.

How to make a Virgo man obsess over you?

  • Show him your good sense of humor.
  • Be cheerful, spontaneous, and honest.
  • Show yourself as the independent and confident woman that you are.
  • Always take care of your appearance and personal hygiene.
  • Respect his limits and adjust to the rhythm that he sets in the relationship.
  • Be patient with the way they are.
  • Talk about interesting topics.
  • Find out what their interests are and try to satisfy them. For example, if he likes art, invite him to a gallery; If you like adventure, a weekend kayak trip will be fun.

How to regain the interest of a Virgo man?

Do you feel your boy walk away? If so and you want to win it back, you must be patient. Virgos are very changeable and closed about their emotions. Here are some things you can do:

  • Propose him to do things that you know he enjoys: Virgos are not fans of stepping out of their comfort zone. So instead of doing something new and unfamiliar, ask him out to a place that he already knows and feels comfortable with.
  • Respect their routine: those born under this sign are structured and planned. So instead of changing your plans, stick with them.
  • Be detailed with him: do it in his right measure, not daily or every moment because you could suffocate him. From time to time, give him something that he likes, send him an affectionate message, make a gesture that shows how much you love him.
  • Be tactful to tell them things: they are sensitive and self-critical so the least they need is your reproaches. This does not mean that you should hide things from him, but rather use the right words and choose the best time to say them.

When a Virgo man looks for you

Feel lucky, if a Virgo boy looks for you, it means that he is genuinely interested in you, since he finds time to share with you.

In case you feel that it does it in an inconsistent way, do not worry or build stories in your head. Virgos are known to walk away and come back like nothing, they use those moments to reconnect with their emotions.

How to make a Virgo suffer?

There are some things that hurt the boys of this sign to the depths:

  • They can’t stand destructive criticism: maybe it’s not so much because of the words, but because of past traumas that make them remember bad times and feel belittled.
  • The continuous mockery hurts them: it is a sign that sees everything in black and white, so it can be very negative if it is rejected.
  • They hate lies: if something characterizes a Virgo it is their need to always know and tell the truth.

Virgo man: when he’s not interested in you

People born under this sign are very diplomatic. Unless your presence really bothers them a lot or you openly declare yourself to them, you will not hear from their mouth the lack of interest they have towards you as a sentimental partner.

Is it impossible to know if a Virgo doesn’t like me? Yes there is a way and it is called body language. If he does at least three of the following things, he doesn’t like you:

  • It is difficult for him to make eye contact with you.
  • His body posture when he is with you is leaning back, as if trying to get away from you.
  • His facial expression is neutral or tense, you will not see him happy being with you.
  • Keeps the palms of your hands down or toward your body.
  • It doesn’t pay attention to you.

What melts a Virgo man?

If what you are looking for is how to conquer it through small details, we leave you some tips:

  • Take care of your appearance: they love a woman who fixes herself, takes care of her figure, hair, nails and skin. If you are always pretty, it will be easier for him to notice you.
  • Say yes to them dropper: they don’t like rejection, but they don’t like that you depend on them for everything, or that your world revolves around the relationship that exists between you. Say yes from time to time to show that you are interested, but are independent.
  • Be honest: here you should be a little careful, you should not hide anything from him, but neither criticize or make fun of him. A Virgo knows his flaws very well and does not need to be highlighted.

Now that you know how to make a Virgo man miss you, what you have left is to get down to work to ignite that relationship.

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Now you wonder how to make a Virgo man miss you …