20 confusing signs your ex might still be interested in you

20 signs your ex-boyfriend hasn’t forgotten you

In most nasty breakups, women just want to pick up the pieces and get on with their lives leaving their exes behind forever. As long as their minds are made up, it is simply over and there is nothing that can be done to undo it. Once the decision is made, once it’s over, most women just want to completely sever ties with their ex-boyfriends to the point where they don’t even want to be friends anymore. Once a relationship ends, your ex-boyfriend may continue to do certain things that can be annoying in an attempt to get attention. Such signs show that he is not over you yet and that he wants you to come back.

Has your ex-boyfriend really forgotten you?

However, some ex-girlfriends can confuse and misinterpret men’s intentions as having an interest in them. So in an attempt to address this issue, what are some of these signs that will indicate that your boyfriend is not over you yet?


Sign 1. Make excuses to contact you

Your ex may always have excuses to contact you. They may not speak directly of having an interest in you. He will rather talk about some of your passions, which he knew from the time you spent together. Remember that he still knows you well, you were his girlfriend.


Signal 2. Bumping into your ex-boyfriend “accidentally”, almost all the time

What if you always meet him everywhere and all the time? Do you think it is a coincidence? Make no mistake my dear madam, your ex is just tracking and stalking your ex-girlfriend in hopes of getting her back. Be wary of comments like “nice to see you.” Nowadays one can know their location by various means, let’s take social networks for example. And your ex-boyfriend knows these tactics too.

Sign 3. Your status on social media

One of the most obvious signs is the current trend of your statuses on social media. Take, for example, that your ex posts numerous depressing statuses on WhatsApp or Facebook. Such as “enough is enough, I can’t take it anymore!” That’s for you, dear. This is a sign that he regrets losing you and is dying to get you back together. However, don’t get confused and end up stalking your ex on social media.


Sign 4. Somehow your ex-boyfriend shows up when you need him

Now, this sign is hilarious! After a breakup, you meet your ex and he won’t leave your side no matter what. Well, for him it’s not over yet and he would love to have you back. That guy you know who asks you several questions quickly. Make no mistake, that poster is very elaborate, he is trying to get his ex-girlfriend back.


Sign 5. He keeps in touch with your family

Your ex-boyfriend is still in touch with your family. That is despite the fact that it is over between you. So he hasn’t lost interest in you. This guy is not only stalking you on social media, but he’s also a member of your family. For example, leave weird comments about your parents’ photos. Something I’ve never done before. There you have it, a clear sign. He still needs you.

Sign 6. He asks about you all the time

Is your ex-boyfriend asking about you? This may be because it has taken over their futile attempts to contact you. Therefore, he is concerned about your well-being to the point that he begins to ask your best friends and even your neighbors about your whereabouts and well-being. Well, do you need any other signs? For him, it is not over yet. He still likes you.


Sign 7. Keep bringing back sweet old memories

Do you always keep bringing up sweet old memories? The ones they shared together when they talked? That’s a pretty clear sign, he’s still not over you. Take an example that the guy keeps reminding you of good times, like the first time they kissed. Hi, just understand that your ex won’t forget about you anytime soon. He still has an interest in you.


Sign 8. Oddly romantic talks

Are your talks getting weirder if not romantic? For example, keep signing some of your emails, WhatsApp chats, or messages with kissing emojis even though you are no longer together. These kisses should stop immediately after the breakup. A continuation of this trend shows that your ex has not gotten over you yet.

Sign 9. Still single after you

Despite the passage of time, your ex doesn’t want to date anymore. I mean, he won’t see any other woman after you. Deliberately ignores other potential women. This may be because he just wants to go out with you or the memories of the moments you shared are still very fresh and painful as a result. This guy is not over you yet and he won’t let you go anytime soon.

Sign 10. Dating your ‘double’

How about a scenario where your ex-boyfriend replaces you with a ‘double’, someone who looks just like you? Isn’t that significant enough? It’s not over and your ex can’t move a single one. He can’t forget you, he wants to see you all the time. That cute hairstyle you always wore, dress style, and even eye color. Even your friends have commented on the resemblance.


Signal 11. Holiday update

Ex-boyfriend trying to catch up on the holidays? With vacations being the loneliest of times, most people try to make connections with the people who matter to them. Your ex-boyfriend is no exception, he feels very vulnerable right now and that’s why he’s trying to reconnect. Well, that should be a sufficient sign that he never moved on. You’re trying to rekindle your relationship, it’s not over yet.

Sign 12. Always weird and silly around you

Being unnatural is a sign that he hasn’t gotten over you

Does your ex-boyfriend always act stupid or weird when he’s with you? For example, you try to bring up some inside jokes only to end up sounding strange. Sometimes he even ‘forgets’ and calls you words like baby and stuff. They avoid eye contact, they are always fidgety and uncomfortable around you. Well, my dear, he is not over you and that is a clear sign.

Sign 13. Always doing what you used to do

Trying to keep up with the trends they used to have when they were together. Take, for example, that you are always listening to your favorite song over and over again. So what your ex-boyfriend is trying to do is keep reminding himself of his ex-girlfriend, which simply means that he hasn’t gotten over you yet.

Sign 14. Trying to make you jealous

Is your ex-boyfriend trying to show you how happy they are now that you are no longer in their lives? Trying everything they can to make you jealous? Well, that guy isn’t any happier. It’s just that he can’t forget you. Instead, he’s trying to send you signals that he needs you back in his miserable little life.


Sign 15. Your intuition

Well, ladies, as we all know, we have that little inner voice that is very strong in our minds. I’m talking about your instinct or intuition. Having that feeling may mean that he wants you to come back, well then you may not be too wrong. That may be one of the signs that he really wants you to come back. However, be careful. You may be the one who wants it back.

Sign 16. Keep telling yourself how much he hates you

When your ex-boyfriend tells you over and over again that he hates you, there’s a good chance that he doesn’t really hate you. It’s just that he can’t forget you. As a result, he hates himself for not being able to let go. He is still very interested in you. That is why he keeps making futile attempts to get in touch.

Signal 17. Keeps the lines of communication open after the break

Your ex’s lines of communication remain open. And that responds promptly to any type of communication. That is another one of the signs that he is still deeply interested in you. He hopes that one of these good mornings you will call him and tell him that it was never over and that you can still do things together.


Sign 18. Tell you that he still needs you

Some guys are quite sassy. If they are not done with you yet, they will tell you. If he tells you he’s not over you yet, well, it turns out he’s genuine. So he hasn’t moved on and they can still be together. It all depends on you now.

Sign 19. Blocks you in all available communication channels

Here’s one of the signs that are actually very ironic. If your ex-boyfriend blocks you on all communication channels. Whether it’s social media, calls, emails, and whatever, it indicates that he’s hurt and it’s painful to watch you move on while he’s still stuck with you on his mind.


Sign 20. Attempted public humiliation

Were you dating a snitch who can’t move on after a breakup? Well, he will try to speak behind your back or even try to publicly humiliate you. There you have it, he can’t forget you and forget you. Your ex-boyfriend is trying to show you that he desperately needs you.

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Well, there you have it. Be sober, watch out for these signs, and if you see any and want to get back together with your ex, don’t waste your time, go find it, girl. And if it happens that you broke up and want to get as far away from your ex as possible, run. If this turns out to be an obsession, it may go over your head and try to hurt you if you reject it over and over again. Don’t let it control you. Breakups are not easy. It’s natural that your ex still has feelings for you. At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel. You can find out if you are not over it yet, but it is up to you to decide what to do about it. Listen to your heart. Stay safe and do what makes you happy!