19 things a girl would love to see in a boy

Girls have different types of tastes when it comes to boys

You’ve probably noticed that not all girls prefer the same type of guy. This is because every girl has a certain type or taste when it comes to guys. Girls look for different traits, qualities, and characteristics in their ideal boy. While these preferences vary from girl to girl, there are also several qualities in a boy that most girls find attractive.

What qualities do you have

Have you ever asked yourself questions like “Why doesn’t he like me?” or “Why are women flocking around me?” You know what? While it is not possible for each and every girl to be interested in you, there are things you can do to make yourself generally attractive to many girls. To tell the truth, no one is born a man. Every man is made. And if you want to be a man who earns the admiration and respect of girls, you should exhibit these 20 qualities. These are the top 20 characteristics that girls would love to see in a guy.

1. Attractive physical characteristics

Before you can say anything, your physical appearance is enough to make a good impression. Frankly, a girl who doesn’t find you physically attractive in any way may not want to be in a relationship with you, regardless of your other great qualities or potential. Looking physically attractive results from dressing and grooming properly. It also involves having a fit body and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are not genetically blessed with great features, you can still look physically attractive if you put in the effort. So, don’t be among the many double-standard men who are looking for pretty girls but don’t go out of their way to be handsome. Always dress well, wear a subtle fragrance, and stay fit. Girls like handsome boys.

2. Girls like to see honesty in guys

Besides being physically attractive, the next important thing girls look for in men is honesty. They want to make sure you mean what you say and say what you mean. Most girls feel betrayed and unhappy when they find out that you are being economical with the truth, especially on important matters. When in a relationship with men, women want honesty as much as they want physical attraction. Also, no one will want to be in a relationship with a pathological liar no matter how attractive they look. Being honest with a girl will help you earn her trust. Be sincere when you speak. But again, you may need to exercise caution when showing honesty in some situations. You don’t tell a girl that she is ugly or too fat to show that you are honest. Even if it is, be polite and don’t be too direct.

3. Girls like strong guys

She certainly doesn’t want to date a man who acts weak and seems too fragile to protect her. Most of the girls prefer boys with character and physical strength. It is not surprising that many girls judge a man’s physical attractiveness based on some parts of the body. They love to see guys who are agile and physically tough. Also, emotional and mental strength is important. She doesn’t want to see a guy clueless when it comes to making decisions. Therefore, as you build your body parts, build your character as well. Women love being with men who know what they are doing, are in control of themselves, and are smart enough to know what step to take next.

4. Loves to see a guy with a vision

Your vision represents what you stand for in life and what you intend to become. Girls generally love to associate with men who have a vision in life. Talk to her about your life goals and aspirations. Having this trait shows them that you are not only existing but that you also have a purpose. The question is: “Do you have a vision for yourself?” What do you plan to become in the near future? What are the plans that you have established to achieve them? Ask yourself these questions and find out if girls will be able to see this attribute in you.

5. She loves to see your financial strength

This is one thing he really wants to see you demonstrate. Being in a relationship means paying dates. Eventually, it can also mean paying for travel or bills. A girl would always prefer a boy who is financially capable because he shows stability. Even if you have a pretty face and stunning body parts, a girl will lose interest if you are financially weak. But don’t get it wrong. We are not saying that you have to be a millionaire to attract a girl. No. She doesn’t need to pay for everything and buy everything from you. She just needs to know that you are hard-working, hard-working, and financially wise.

6. Girls like to see a great sense of humor in guys

If you are going to be her best friend and partner, then you must be able to make her laugh. Life can be frustrating and boring at times, so the ability to change things up with humor will always appeal to girls. You have to be able to talk and make fun of her. It can be a problem having to stay with a guy who is always in a bad mood and barely talks.

7. She likes to see that you care

Her very nature demands care and she wants to be with a man who understands this fact. She likes to see that you are not self-absorbed, but willing to put her first. Even when you are not with her physically, she wants to be sure that her well-being is the biggest concern on your mind. And guess what? Girls can easily identify a boy who doesn’t care. In fact, if you try to pretend, most of them can easily tell. It means that you have to be honest in your interaction with her. Also, be aware of your body language and actions. You don’t have to have all the answers to your needs. However, she wants to see that you understand and care about her feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

8. Girls like to see you act smart

Girls all over the world love to associate with smart guys. They want a guy who speaks well and is knowledgeable about many things. Being smart makes her trust your judgment even more. And once she trusts your judgment, you’ll have almost no problem earning both her respect and her love.

9. She loves to see a guy behave maturely

Do you know girls know they can be naughty sometimes? They Yes. And for this reason, they want the boy of their dreams to be able to keep up and handle their occasional antics. A girl cannot imagine herself with a boy who would easily get upset at the slightest provocation. While she sometimes shows the girl in her, she expects a guy to handle her in a mature way. Therefore, you must show an adult attitude called maturity.

10. Girls like it when guys are disciplined

If you are disciplined and you love to discipline, then most girls will probably like you. They want to be sure that, should you decide to marry them, you can handle problems at home, especially with your future children. However, being disciplined does not mean intimidating or excluding her. Rather than see you as disciplined, she will see you as a bully if you show such signs.

11. Girls like it when guys smell good

As a result of its constant activity and biological framework, it is likely to perspire more than it does. Sometimes this produces body odor in men. Body odor is a huge turn-off, so make sure it always smells nice. What good is wearing nice clothes if a girl can’t bear to be around you because of your bad smell? Girls like it when boys smell and look good. Try to figure out which cologne works best for you and use it sparingly.

12. She likes it when you’re independent

For some girls, this is what it’s really like to be a man. Being a real man means being able to make independent decisions. She doesn’t want to be with a guy who even makes up her mind unless he is helped by someone else. It shows that you have no direction in life. You’re going to frustrate her that way. A girl will have a hard time trusting and trusting a boy who cannot be independent.

13. Girls like guys who are confident

Confidence is a quality that can get girls off their feet. If she is a shy girl, she will like a sure boy who can take the initiative. If she is an open girl, she will like a boy who can match her confidence. It’s always good to have a confident guy. Their physical attractiveness or large body parts can be quickly forgotten by girls if their personality lacks confidence.

14. Girls like men to be innovative

You will leave her in awe if you have a talent for doing some everyday tasks in an unusual way. Most girls, like many men, tire of routines quickly and would love to see some variety added to their lives. As such, they are often looking for men who can think and think from different perspectives.

15. Girls like to see boys keep their promises

Did you ever make a promise to a girl? You can be sure that you have it stored on the tablet in your heart. She hopes you honor the words you said. A girl will be turned off if a boy does not value promises. But if you show him that you will never break a promise, then he will surely treasure you. Don’t make promises if you don’t intend to keep them. Always be a man of your word.

16. Girls like guys who are not easily discouraged

Girls understand that life is full of uncertainties and disappointments. Girls like to see guys with unwavering hope for a better tomorrow. A “never give up” attitude is not only attractive, it is also an inspiring trait. If you have the ability to keep going despite all the setbacks in life, then the girls will find motivation in you too.

17. Girls like to see guys proclaim their love for them

Girls like to be told that their men love them often. They hardly get tired of hearing that. Even after being together for years, she wants to hear words of affection from you. As a man, you must be generous when saying the words “I love you.” It may sound repetitive, but your girl will always appreciate it. Show her that you love her not only with these three words but also with your actions.

18. Girls like to see guys give them thoughtful gifts

Gifts are highly appreciated by girls, especially if they are thoughtful. Imagine presenting a football or t-shirt to a girl who loves sports. Sure, she will never forget it! While your words may gradually fade into your ears over time, your thoughtful gifts will constantly remind you of you.

19. Girls like to see guys stay humble

Even if you possess all the great qualities and amazing talents, girls will not like you if you constantly brag about them. Girls like it when boys are humble. They don’t like displays. You earn their love and admiration more by not blowing your own trumpet. If you interview five girls, you can be sure that no fewer than four will clearly tell you that they like humble men. Humility is a precious characteristic in both men and women.

Bottom line

So there you have it. These are the 20 qualities that girls like to see in boys. Do you have these traits? Some of these traits are found naturally in some men, while others can be achieved with extra effort. For example, you cannot pretend humility. However, you can do something to be physically attractive. But the most important thing is to be yourself. Girls will easily know if you are trying too hard to pretend to be something that you are not. If you are going to change something, make sure you really want it.