9 signs that reveal that you are in a situationship

Over time, what is expected of two people sharing an emotional relationship has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when affectionate feelings were only publicly announced in the chapel, in the presence of friends and family of the couple, and under the supervision of a priest. Contemporary love comes in all shapes and sizes and does not have the conventional requirements that in the past had to be met by hook or by crook to be accepted by society as a couple.

The newest ship, which has been around for quite some time, recently got its title from the ambiguous and anonymous circumstances that bring two people together without having a shred of certainty as to what it means to be together for each of you and what it would be like. . Continue; that shared feeling of affection or something that can be mistaken for love is called a situation. If you are in one, you do not enjoy the privileges of two lovebirds that can be seen together all the time, fingers intertwined between loved ones without any shame, but you have generally seen alone except when it is time to go home. . late at night, where her supposed partner expects something more physical than emotional.

What is the situationship?

Two people in a situationship are more than friends, less than lovers, and certainly not in a casual relationship or a friend-with-benefits arrangement. They are together for the simple fact of being with someone and probably to get rid of the loneliness that haunts them.

You’re never sure what’s going on except for midnight shenanigans that might be too good to give up. Talking about your future is taboo and none of you dare to ask questions that may reflect your seriousness or emotional investment in the amorphous relationship you are in.

All settings are kept extremely unobtrusive and there are some shaky conditions attached, but they are just a compromise between not having attachments and having a lot of them. However, a situation does not have room for an overly binding and possessive effect. It may be like taking a bus without a destination, but it is operational only by moving in the middle of nowhere, and that passengers can abandon at any point of the trip without a destination for a vehicle that looks better or has a real destination.

10 Behavior and signs of situationship?

1. Does not exist in the real world

If you’re with someone who makes sure you never leave the anonymous space they’ve put you in, but act like you’re the world to them when it’s 3 am in the morning and they’re over at your place for a little fun. , you should be alarmed. They never see you with them in public or outside the premises of the place where they are. None of your friends have seen them and none of their companions know you, just realize that the ship is aimless.

2. Both are afraid of being alone

Sometimes the main motivator for forming a nameless situation with someone is the excruciating thought of being alone and not having someone when the need arises. Of course, this loneliness rarely refers to an emotional void; rather it implies that they are placing it in spaces intended for other things and other people, to help them feel good about themselves.

For example, they text you to meet them at the local bar for a couple of drinks, but when you get there, they hardly talk about anything, drink their beer, make love to you in the car, and just drive off. You can do the same to them. It is the loneliness that sometimes forces us to opt for people who simply exist for the sake of existing, without them playing an active role in our lives.

3. They keep you away from your best friends and family

Now, this is a telltale sign of being in something as uncertain as a situation. Sharing your identity and getting you to meet your immediate social circle is a responsibility and there will be many questions about how what and when an interrogation that none of the people in a situation are ready to answer or face. This is especially true for those who mention it to their families or vice versa. None of you want to join the crowd with whom you share strong ties.

4. Text messages are the main means of communication

There is no desperation to watch someone on Skype or hear their voice when you are in a situation. Communication is limited to texting and you have a little chat about anything that is important to you or them.

5. Absence in social networks

There is no mention of you on their social media accounts or any record of the two of you doing something together. You scroll through their feed only to find that they are indifferent to the time you had together the other day or the movie you watched, while delighted that their sister is having a baby or that their best friend is getting married, which is evident in all the photos to send. They don’t want to reveal you even to the virtual world where they might be too active.

6. You two live the nightlife

The only time you can spend together is late at night, mainly for carnal gratification. As soon as the sun rises, you two go your own way until it gets dark again. The day can be too popular for a situation.

7. The future is a forbidden area

You two have no plans or even a casual discussion about where the whole ensemble might be leading. Marriage and children have never raised issues, either because the two of you understand that this is transitory or because you are both afraid of the answer you might get if you dare to question tomorrow together.

8. Always looking for someone better

Most ‘situations’ are the transition period from singleness or a bad breakup to finding someone you can consider for a long-term commitment or something else. You may notice that they or you seek out other people or interact with someone more apt in conversations that you don’t normally have with the person with whom you share a situation.

9. Your anxiety is devastating

If you are constantly upset about the time and money you spend with someone who has made it clear that none of this is serious, you need to be sure that it is a situation. Their ideas about the bond, the future, the things they share with you, and vague and inconsistent communication can be a major source of apprehension, especially if you are someone who believes in commitment or is waiting for a relationship to mature. you can live with.

Tips for getting out of a situation

Be honest with yourself

Be true to yourself and reconsider your priorities in life. Time is precious and should not be wasted on something that will not bear fruit or that will not contribute to your well-being, think about your future self and the damage that a situation may be causing. Ask yourself if this is really what it is or what you want. Write down the traits that you want your partner to have and what a healthy relationship should be like, compare it with what you have with the person you are in a situation with, and analyze the whole scenario to reach a conclusion.

Face the situation

Confront them and ask them about their own expectations of the arrangement. If you make it clear that you are not ready for something serious or if this is not what you want, pack your bags.

Share your stage with someone you trust

Try to share the entire stage with someone you trust, your friends and family. They could help you reconcile with your inner self and give you the emotional support you need to get out of something as toxic and mentally draining as a situation.

Look for someone better

Go out and find someone better. Have firm faith in the universe and realize that you are all magical; there are people who would do anything to have you in their life. You can find them only if you release yourself from the burden of a situation, which makes you feel unworthy of having something consistent and prevents you from seeing another person.

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While loneliness can make you feel like you need someone, it’s never as bad as being with a person you can’t talk to and who you’re too scared to share your dreams. Every relationship in your life will directly affect the lens through which you look at the world around you, a painful experience can leave cracks that make everything around you seem evil and antagonistic.

It is better to wait and enjoy life than to get into a situation with someone. Cut all ties with them if you see any of the aforementioned red flags to improve your mental health and preserve your emotions instead of wasting them.