Reasons why I hate my best friend and what I do about it

Best friends are the people we love and trust the most after the immediate family. No matter what the circumstances are, a best friend is always our go-to person for all kinds of advice and sharing. However, even though you love your best friend, there are also times when you hate him. For example, you might hate them when they socialize with their other friends. Most people do not like to share their best friends with anyone and are often just as possessive of their best friends as they are of their partners.

Other reasons why you sometimes hate your best friend include when they become friendlier to your parents, when they make fun of you for the person you like, when you are tired of covering up for them, etc.

Why do you sometimes hate the person who knows you best


Sometimes even though you love someone very much, you may start to hate them for a temporary period, regardless of your undying love for them. As human beings, it is natural to get irritated or angry at someone about something. Sometimes we can also overreact, but that does not mean that we no longer love that person. Every now and then, we end up angry or frustrated with the people who know us best because they tell us the bitter truth. Some of the most common reasons are when you share something with a friend and they tell someone else, not with the intention of betraying you but to help you fix things. Another reason you start to get agitated or end up hating someone who knows you best is when they break your trust. Being betrayed is one of the worst feelings in the world.

What are the reasons behind these feelings of love and hate?

1. They don’t understand the concept of personal space

You love your best friend, but sometimes you want to be left alone for a little while. You don’t feel like interacting with anyone and you just want to enjoy your own company for a while. No matter how much you love your best friend and are comfortable with him, sometimes when you want your personal space and they don’t give it to you, it becomes irritating. Lack of communication in such situations can turn into a source of pent-up frustration that turns into hatred.

2. You are tired of covering them up for all their stupid mistakes

You love your best friend, but sometimes you get tired of covering it up. You know they have your back and you do your best to never let them down, but sometimes you have to lie to yourself over and over again just to cover up their stupid mistakes. When this becomes a habit, you may start to see them as a selfish person for continually putting their needs first and putting yourself in an awkward position and it’s completely justified if you hate them for it.

3. They prioritize their partner over you

Imagine being single and having a best friend who is in a relationship. You understand that he is their partner and you also give them their space, but sometimes you just want to have a girls’ night out and hope they get it. There is a type of friend who just doesn’t understand the concept of having a separate life from their boyfriend, which is annoying. It’s hard to share something with her without her boyfriend knowing, it’s hard to plan a lunch just with you and her without her boyfriend showing up and you can hate her for this because I’ve been there and this feeling isn’t. t under your control.

4. They will not miss any opportunity to embarrass you in public

You understand the concept of having fun and you are not an old soul at all, but you also care to act a little decent in public places. You love your best friend, but sometimes you can hate him for embarrassing you in public. They can be too loud or they can do things that can be quite embarrassing and trust me, it’s okay to hate them for this.

5. They will not miss any opportunity to annoy you with the person you like

If you’re even slightly in love with someone, your best friend would be the first person you share it with, but they will also be the person to make sure everyone finds out. They won’t miss a single opportunity and might even act strange when you interact with them. I’m pretty sure you would do the same when your best friend is in love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hate her for doing what best friends do.

6. They could say bad things to check reality

Best friends are often the ones who are brutally honest with us and tell us the things we need to hear more than the things we want to hear. That’s also something a best friend should ideally do, but sometimes we just want them to make us feel good and stop giving us reality checks. Of all the people in the world, we want them to understand what we are going through and we want them to be a little empathetic to us. At this point, you may hate them for a time when she tells you the things you need to hear about the things you want to hear, but in the long run, you will love her for this.

7. Fights with them are a nightmare

You have a relationship with your best person that is directly related to your mood. If she is sad, you are sad and if she is happy, you are happy. When you have a good day with her, you can feed for weeks on your grueling routine, but what about the fight? When you have an argument with her, it is a nightmare! It’s one of those moments where you hate her for that and you think you’ll never talk to her again… but it doesn’t last long to love her. After all, we’ve all been there doing that. Love always conquers hate.

8. When they don’t reply to your messages on time

Your crush has finally texted you, and obviously, all the butterflies in your stomach make it impossible to write a sensible reply, but your future with him depends on the first impression of the message you leave him. Where is your best friend? She passed out on her bed with her cell phone in silence… Yes, I hate her for that.

9. They make you wait after giving you strict orders to be on time.

Well … the title says it all. I know the frustration and believe me, I too have been receiving this kind of hate… and she will understand you for hating her for this.

What do I do when I hate my best friend?

When you feel like you hate your best friend, the best thing to do is not talk to him for a while and give yourself space to understand your feelings. Talking to them when you’re mad at them will only add fuel to the fire. It is better to give them and you time to reflect on things and realize that they cannot live without each other. However, after a few days, talk to them and tell them the things that pissed you off. Tell them if you don’t like something, and don’t let any misunderstandings or misunderstandings get in the way of the beautiful bond that you and your best friend share.


Best friends are the people we are most honest and comfortable with. Only your best friend knows you from the inside out and maybe even more than yourself. Even though you love them unconditionally and would never want anything to ruin that bond, sometimes you hate them, which is completely normal. Try to fix things as soon as possible and also try to understand their point of view. As said, the bond only gets stronger after a fight. Appreciate your best friends and make sure you always have time for them, no matter how busy life gets. At the end of the day, it is just one best friend who will always be your shoulder to cry on and it is extremely rare to find a best friend again in life. So no matter how hard it gets