How to ignore a man so he wants to get back with you

If your partner has drifted away from you, ignoring them can bring them back. One of the most effective tips when trying to win someone over is to act a little cold and aloof to get the other person interested.

But if we have already been with someone and there has been a breakup, could this strategy continue to work? Well, the truth is that yes. So if you’re wondering how to ignore a man so he wants to get back to you, here are some guidelines.

Tips to ignore a man and have him come back to you

After a breakup or estrangement, comes a moment of chaos. It is likely that you feel the desperation to try to get your partner back and because of this, you take unhealthy attitudes and that on the contrary, they end up distancing them even more from you.

That is why, in many cases, the best way to make a man want to come back to you is to just ignore him. Although it is confusing and also complicated, the truth is that it is a very effective way of getting him to reflect after a separation and choose to return.

1. Don’t call him

The first thing you should do is not to call him under any pretext. Faced with the anguish of losing him, sadness and nostalgia, it is normal that your first impulse is to call him with whatever reason comes to mind. It is also a way of thinking so he will not quickly forget about you and stay present, you feel that this ensures that he will have you in his head and reflect on the relationship.

However, these attitudes have the opposite effect. If there was a break it is because something was already wrong and it has reached a breaking point. So taking a healthy distance is good for them and keeping in constant contact does not allow them to miss you and value certain things. That is, you don’t give him enough time for him to feel, thanks to the distance, that he needs to know about you.

2. Do not block him from social networks

Better not delete him from your social networks, but do not show up either. If you delete or block him, he will pick up on this and it is a way of placing too much importance on the breakup. That is, the message you are sending with this is that you care and are affected by his presence (even if it is virtual) and this does not show your indifference, but quite the opposite.

Be careful to keep a low profile on your networks. Do not post too much or share photos or phrases that pretend that you are very happy or very sad. By doing this you do not convince anyone, on the contrary, he will quickly realize that you want to appear and influence him. So post things that are not related to love or your mood and, yes, do not like anything that uploads it.

3. Don’t answer immediately

If he calls or texts you, don’t answer quickly. Breathe, take your time, don’t immediately return the message or reply hastily. Many times, faced with the fear of making him angry or facing the possibility of making him feel that we are no longer interested, we are little measured and answer his calls instantly, but it is better to hold back a little and oxygenate the interactions.

Wait a few minutes and then yes, answer. But do not be angry or distant, because this also shows too much interest in him and what he does in you. You must sound relaxed, friendly, and yes, busy. A good idea is to pretend that you are doing something that has you very entertaining so you can not spend too long talking to him.

4. Forget about jealousy

In order for him to feel truly ignored, you must act without jealousy. Perhaps it is the most complicated part because it can happen that, after finishing, somehow you find out that he is dating someone. Or even if he is not doing it, the very possibility of you eats away at you, and when you get to talk to him, complaints immediately arise.

But you have to avoid this at all costs. If in itself in a stable relationship jealousy should be left out, all the more so when it has already ended. So if you see it with someone, be it a friend or a date, if you find out or even when it is he himself who tells you; You must forget jealousy and do not complain, do not exalt yourself and do not recriminate him that he is dating someone.

5. Be independent

An independent woman is very attractive to men. If he realizes that you do not have any emotional dependence on him, surely you will attract his attention even more. That is why it is important that at all times we make sure that we do not depend on any man, all the more so if the relationship with him has ended.

The more independent, autonomous, and secure you feel, the easier it will be for you to ignore it and be indifferent. In this way, when you talk to him or meet him again, you are going to convey this remoteness that most men find very attractive. This is because, instinctively, they feel satisfaction in being the ones who have the task of conquering a woman in their hands.

6. Get on with your life

After the breakup, don’t freeze. Do things, follow your plans, find activities, be active. This, in addition to being good therapy for you, transmits a strong message of empowerment and autonomy. And it is precisely those types of women that men like to go on conquest.

Going on with your life is going to give him the idea that you are ignoring him, as it is a clear message that you do not need him to move on. Also, when he calls or looks for you, it will be real and genuine that you have activities that prevent you from quickly coming to his call and that you have important things to do before going to see him.

7. No pressure

Even if more time has passed, do not pressure to try to return. Maybe after the breakup, you think that he will reconsider and look for you soon. But sometimes this process takes a little longer. Then despair comes in and you start looking for him, asking him to come back and even blackmail.

This is totally counterproductive for both of us. The best thing is to breathe, take your time, make your life, and not look for it. When he realizes that you don’t need him and that you are moving on without him, he will feel ignored and this will create a challenge: to return with you and become important in your life again. That is why it is important that you take this whole process slowly.