How to know if he is your ideal partner: 7 signs that he is the right one

In our search for love and the person who really becomes our partner, we maintain relationships during our lives with people who seem to be the one, but how do you know if they are your ideal partner?

The truth is that people come into our lives for reasons that we do not know at the perfect time and rushing to decide on someone so as not to be alone can take us even further away from that person. Luckily there are certain clues that can tell us if that person is the ideal one.

The 7 signs to know if he is your ideal partner

The first thing to keep in mind is that each person is a world and what works for some does not work for others. But beyond specific tastes or lifestyles that can be shared, there are certain feelings that are awakened, when we are with the right person and they are precisely the answer to the big question: how do you know if they are your ideal partner?

1. He allows yourself to be authentic

We have all dated at some point in our lives with a person with whom we do not feel 100% free, or we think that we have to improve in some aspect to be up to the task. That person has probably already left your life because they were not the one.

On the contrary, when we have our ideal partner with us, we feel fulfilled by who we are, free to be totally authentic, to say what we think with total confidence, to make jokes or ridicule, and simply laugh at it. And it is that this person admires, loves, and accepts every part of you, even those that you yourself do not love so much.

2. Zero anxiety

Normally when we are in unhealthy relationships or dating people who, no matter how hard we try, are not for us, anxiety usually appears. So an indication to know if he is your ideal partner is anxiety, or rather, the absence of anxiety.

When we find our true partner, anxiety and that annoying emptiness do not exist, or at least not because of it. On the contrary, there is peace and trust in the person and in the relationship that we have.

3. Time changes

It could be said that when you find your ideal partner, time changes because there is no longer an urgency or that feeling of immediacy that we have when we just started dating someone and loving someone; but that also appears when we insist on being with someone who is not for us.

In this sense, even the uncertainty about the future regarding the fear of “if we will be together tomorrow” goes away, because you firmly know that that person is going to be there, so now you can live together in the present with more calm.

4. He supports you

In addition, this person encourages you to fulfill your dreams, to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, and invites you to dream higher every day, because he admires you and wants to see you grow because he is your ideal partner.

If he sees you falling or defeated in your fight, he will be by your side to get up and help you regain momentum. If, on the other hand, you go out with someone who, either out of fear or insecurity, diminishes you, limits you, limits your dreams, and does not really support you but rather hinders you, because you are with the wrong person.

5. He gives value to what you value

This does not mean that you have to give the person a test about the things that you like or have in common, in order to know if they are your ideal partner. Because nothing is further from reality, as there are couples who share many tastes like others who are together because they are totally opposite and complement each other.

When we talk about what you value, we refer to those concepts, emotions, feelings that are fundamental to you and that you see in their behavior. For example, if respect and love for animals are very important to you, your partner may not have a pet, but respects and values ​​the lives of animals. If the two people are not in tune with what is fundamental for both of them, it is very difficult for them to be your ideal partner.

6. You communicate as if by telepathy

With or without words, with a gesture or a glance, you understand each other perfectly. We could say that in a way they read minds. But it is not only that, with your ideal partner you communicate, you can say what you think, what you want and reach agreements, because they love and respect each other.

7. A bit of intuition

How do you know if he is your ideal partner? In the end, you know the answer, because intuition does not fail us. As cliche as it sounds, this is completely true. So really listen to what your heart tells you because your heart knows it.

But be careful to really listen to your intuition and not to let yourself go where your mind or your ego expects, because that is different. They are attachments and not really indications that he is your ideal partner. Trust in you woman, that in you are all the answers.