How to make a man think of you and look for you in 8 tricks

The best tips so that that person cannot get you out of his mind and miss you.

When we start dating that boy that we like so much, after the first date the question that remains is how to make a boy think of you , so that you stay engraved in his mind, miss you and want to see you again.

Although there are no clear rules in dating and in the attraction between two people because we are all different, it is true that there are certain ways or tricks that you should know about how to make a man think of you and achieve that next date that you want so much. . We will tell you.


8 tricks to make a man think of you

If you are starting to go out with someone and you want to make new dates with that boy you love, follow these tips to make him think of you and you will surely have that next date faster than you expect.

1. Security and trust above all

Success on a date, in addition to the attraction between the two of you, has a lot to do with the confidence and security you have in yourself , because you are an incredible woman and this is how you should show yourself. Who wouldn’t be thinking of a woman as cool as you?

When we show ourselves as we are, we speak with confidence and confidence in ourselves. If we are really authentic (because each one is), we have the best seduction weapon on our side and in it the best answer to how to make a man think of you. Unless the date really went wrong and there was no chemistry between the two of you, there would be no way that guy could get you out of his head after seeing you.

2. Make sure to seduce him

Take advantage of that first date to seduce the boy you like. Take advantage of the security and confidence in yourself to put into practice your tricks to seduce a man; flirt with him, make eye contact, have a good conversation, smile and you’ll see how that’s the best combination to make him end up thinking of you.

3. Give him space to think about you

It may sound like grandmother’s advice but to make a man think of you there is no advice more infallible than to give him the space to think of you and miss you . And of course, if you start sending him messages all the time and showing up everywhere, then at what point is he going to miss you?

Give him time to think about you and miss you even if you are dying to write to him, to hear from him and to see him. Give him time to take the initiative and in the meantime, live your full and independent life. Do your thing and don’t wait for that guy to show up. Remember that you are worth a lot and you must put yourself above anything or boy in this case. Being very available to him will take away the excitement of the conquest for your boy.

4. Don’t be obsessed

While this is not properly a trick on how to make a man think of you, it is very important that we tell you that in the process, do not become obsessed with being on his mind .

When we start dating someone we like we should have fun, get excited about it. However, when the center of your life becomes getting that guy to think of you as much as you think of him, it is exhausting, sometimes frustrating, and can damage your self-esteem.

Remember that you are great and deserving of all the love and all the attention, but this must begin by giving yourself everything. Value your time and your thoughts and don’t change everything by trying something new with this guy. He will like that about you too.

5. Perfume

It is incredible the memories that a smell can bring us, so make use of this trick: always use the same perfume when you see yourself with it. This will create a scent that will be particularly yours for him. In times when you are apart, if he smells a similar smell, he will immediately remember you and you will be on his mind for a long time.

6. Decide when the conversations end

As much as you love talking to him all the time and are anxiously awaiting his messages and, why not, an invitation, managing the pace of the conversations yourself is the best thing to make a man think of you.

Do not respond immediately to his messages , let him wait and look at his mobile a few times to see if you have said something. When they are chatting on the phone or through messages, end the conversation so that they will be left wanting more.

7. A bit of mystery

Another of the grandmother’s tips that are totally correct and current: do not give everything of yourself to the first and keep a little mystery so that he wants to spend more and more time with you and discover a little more about you. Be open, share and go as far as you want, but always keep parts of yourself that are consciously mysterious to him.

8. Don’t always say yes

As you have your life and your plans before you meet him, do not always be available and do not say yes to everything the first time . We already know you want to see him, but if he calls you at the last minute so you’re not doing anything, tell him no. Let him feel that he must make himself worthy of your time and keep thinking of you.

When you see each other, make sure you do or say something that will keep him thinking of you until the next time, for example, a little provocation is the best way on how to make a man think of you.

In any case and to finish, he trusts you more than anything. You more than anyone know your tricks to make a man crazy about you and make him not stop thinking about you.