How to forget your ex: 10 keys to forgetting a love quickly

Forgetting someone we have loved is not an easy task, but these tips can help you.

Are you looking for how to forget your ex? Still can’t get over it? Breakups aren’t easy for anyone, but the worst part can come when you can’t get your ex out of your mind.

In this article we give you tips on how to forget your ex-boyfriend permanently and quickly after a breakup.


How to forget your ex quickly in 10 steps

Follow these tips to get that person off your head, get over your breakup, and move on with your life.

1. Assume it’s over

Before asking yourself how to forget your ex quickly and permanently, the first thing you should do is assume that your relationship is over and there is no going back. It is undoubtedly the most painful part, but if you do not accept this idea in the first place, you will continue to want to get that person back and you will never forget them.

Denial is one of the first stages that we experience during grief after a loss, such as in a relationship. It is totally normal to live it and you should take your time to pass it. However, it is necessary to move forward and accept that this stage of your life is over in order to move on.

2. Analyze the reasons and forgive

It is important to know well the reasons for the breakup and to leave everything that had to be talked about, so as not to be able to leave loose ends that could later haunt your head.

Not understanding well the reason for the breakup could cause you to enter a loop of thoughts about what you did wrong or what you could have done to save the relationship. Obsessing over these thoughts will not allow you to forget your ex quickly, so it is important to analyze the situation and settle this stage before trying to move on.

Another healthy way to move forward with this process is to forgive the other person. Even if the breakup was not friendly, you must find a moment to shake off the anger and be able to forgive the other. Making amends and not holding grudges will be one of the ways to move on with your life and forget your ex for good.

3. Don’t idealize and think about the negative

Probably one of the reasons why you can’t forget your ex boyfriend is because you idealize him and don’t think about the negative aspects of the relationship. Think that if the relationship has not worked it is for some reason, and although it is hard for you to see it now, you will understand that it should end.

Go over the negative aspects of your ex and the things they did that you didn’t like or that hurt you. In this way you can get the idea you had of him out of your head and appreciate that you are better that way.

4. Share with your friends

Expressing how you feel to your friends or other trusted people will help you bring out what is inside you. Talking about the subject with them can also help you de-idealize the relationship you had and will help you to quickly forget your ex.

They can also be a great support point to start participating in activities that can keep you entertained. But it will be above all the emotional support they give you that will help you process the pain of the breakup more easily .

5. Focus on you

In order to manage the pain of the breakup and be able to forget your ex boyfriend, it is important that you do not stop taking care of yourself. Now that it will no longer be in your life, it is time to think about yourself and what is best for you .

Stay busy and focus on new goals that help you both to be entertained and to achieve your goals. At the end of the day the important thing is you, and you cannot waste time thinking about other people who will no longer be part of your new life.

6. Look for new activities

Regain old habits that you could have abandoned or get involved in new activities that help you fill the void that your ex partner may have left . This will help keep your mind busy and allow you to meet new people.

It will be important to expand your social circle, since it will allow you to frequent new places that do not remind you of him and carry out activities that are far from what you used to do. It will be a way to cut with the old and to be able to forget your ex for good.

7. Zero contact

But how can you forget your ex boyfriend if he is still present in your life? One of the most important points to be able to get him out of your head will definitely be to cut all contact you have with him.

If you have already settled the relationship and there is nothing more to talk about, the best thing to do is remove him from social networks and delete his contact from your phone. Minimizing contact also minimizes the risk of relapse. You may be able to resume a friendship or cordial relationship later, but for now, avoid any contact until you are over the breakup.

8. Put your things away

Another way to ward off thoughts about your ex that are keeping you from moving on is to get rid of everything that reminds you of him. You must remove and keep any object of his or that reminds you of your relationship. But don’t throw them out yet. Just keep them in boxes and apart, because you may want to recover them later, when everything is a memory of another stage of your life.

9. Write what you feel

Another way to express your feelings and vent is by writing what you feel at all times, in the form of an unsent letter or in a journal. It is a way of letting go of everything you have inside without having to contact or communicate with him.

It may also be that your relationship ended abruptly and you could not tell him everything you would have liked, either because you suffered the so-called ghosting or because you ended badly. In order to move on and forget your ex quickly, it will be advisable to write down everything you would have wanted to say to him, without actually sending it to him.

10. Forget, but not erase

Last but not least, you must remember that even if you try to forget your ex for good, this does not mean erasing him from your memory. Even if you are trying to think less about him and want to stop missing him, his memory will remain because he has been an important part of your life.

That you keep thinking about it or that it appears in your thoughts is part of the natural process of breaking up, so you must be aware that you will not be able to eliminate it completely. It is simply a matter of turning it into a thought of a past stage that does not cause you discomfort.