How to know if your partner is cheating on you (in 10 obvious signs)

Do you suspect that your partner may have a lover and is having an affair? You are interested in reading this.

Are you worried that your boyfriend may be hiding an affair? You may have noticed strange behavior lately or information from third parties has reached you.

If you are suspicious and want to know if your partner is cheating on you with another person, these are 10 signs that indicate that he could be being unfaithful . We explain them below so that you can detect it in time.


How to know if your partner is cheating on you in 10 signs

It is important not to jump to conclusions, since all these attitudes could hide other reasons. However, if you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you and you notice several of these signs, you may have reasons for the alarms to go off.

1. Your phone becomes the most precious thing

One way to know if your partner is cheating on you is by observing their behavior with their mobile phone. If you notice that you spend a lot of time on the phone or in front of your computer when you previously did not pay much attention to them, it may be that a new person has appeared in your life .

One of the most noticeable signs is if you notice that he is getting more suspicious of his phone or computer. These devices are personal items and everyone may want privacy, but if you notice that they are beginning to be suspicious of their devices in front of you, it is likely that they have something to hide.

Some of the signs that your partner may be cheating on you are hiding your mobile from your view when reading a message or writing, turning off the phone when you go to sleep or setting a password to access it when you did not have it before.

2. Find alone time

Another of the most obvious signs to know if your partner is cheating on you? You will need more time alone . Everyone needs moments for themselves and it is the most normal thing. But if you used to spend a lot at home and now you are looking to be alone or spend more time outside, it is likely to be to dedicate it to a new person in your life.

If he begins to meet more times with friends or encourages you to spend more time outside or take a trip, it is because he is looking for more time alone, and if it is not for some other reason that you know, it is likely that he is dedicating it to a affair .


3. Changes in your routine

If your partner is cheating on you and needs more time for a new affair, it is likely that he has also changed his routine to be able to adapt to it. You may now tend to leave work later or have more frequent meetings. If you take a shower now as soon as you get home when you didn’t before, it can be a clear sign that you are hiding an infidelity .

Always looking at your cell phone at the same time or routinely leaving the house for errands are some signs that indicate that you could be seeing someone behind your back. So are other changes in the routine such as taking the car when you did not do it before or suddenly going to buy at a certain place where you did not use to buy before.

4. New interests

If your boyfriend is having an affair and spends a lot of time with someone else, chances are he is interested in activities that they might like. So if you notice new interests without knowing where they may come from and you have no explanation for it, perhaps it is because you are sharing them with this new person in your life.

5. Changes in your appearance

Another way to know if your partner is cheating on you is if you notice changes in their appearance. If you have met a new person with whom you have become infatuated, you will surely be taking more care of your appearance. You may have unexpectedly joined the gym or started using cosmetics to improve your appearance.

If you notice that he is grooming himself more than usual for work or even when he is out on an errand, he may be seeing a lover or trying to seduce someone.

6. You notice him more nervous

If your partner is nervous in your presence or you notice him more stressed with you, it is likely that he is hiding something from you, and this could be an infidelity . It is also often the case that he has changed his attitude lately and is now always always on the defensive. It is your guilt that will make you especially irritable and sensitive, especially if you notice any hint of suspicion or if anything comes up about your changes.

7. Is very happy for no apparent reason

The same is true in the opposite case. If your partner begins to be very happy for no apparent reason or does not make you participate in it, it is likely that the origin of his happiness is something that he is hiding from you. If he can’t explain what’s behind his newfound positive attitude and enthusiasm, you may have reason to be suspicious .

8. He becomes more jealous of you

Ironically, when a person is having an affair he becomes more jealous of his partner. This is explained because by doing it yourself, you become aware that this possibility exists and that it is possible to do it behind the other’s back.

If he sees the slightest suspicion in you and accuses you, it is because he is seeing himself reflected. Being ahead of his accusations is also a way of justifying his own by trying to blame the other.

9. Changes in your intimate relationships

Another sign that your partner is cheating on you is when you notice a sudden change in your intimate relationships.

There can be many other explanations behind this change, but if it is not due to some other problem that you may have made explicit, it may be one more indication of infidelity.

10. Makes plans without you

Another important point that can explain a possible affair with your partner is when he begins to make plans without you. If he starts going to events without inviting you or notifying you, he probably doesn’t want you to go because he has something to hide.

It is also a red flag when he makes plans for the future without telling you or does not take into account common plans. This could mean that he is not very clear if he sees himself with you in the future.

Remember that any of these signs could have another reason behind it, so we recommend not jumping to conclusions and talking about the subject with your partner only if your suspicions are firm.