How to be lucky in love? – How to be more positive and attract love?

Why can’t I be lucky in love if I’m pretty? How to attract love? Because I do not have a girlfriend? How to be lucky in love and money?

The question is whether it really is luck or something else . Whenever you have something beautiful and full of illusion, you think it can last , and it can be that way. But when we see that everything is over and now we have nothing left, we think “it can’t be again, I don’t have good luck in love”.

This can discourage us and even think about not wanting to go out with someone else for fear that everything will go wrong again. However, this thought arises from lack and the least it does is lead us to true love.

The idea that you are not lucky in love can be the result of your own thoughts and behaviors , which can lead to this bliss “luck in love”. Look at the following reasons why this usually happens.

Why am I not lucky in love?

You want to know the truths of “why are you unlucky in love . ” We explain 7 reasons why love is going badly for you.

– Think a lot about the past and your old relationships. You do not walk the present as it should be, because you do not move away from what has already happened and what is left behind. Remember that it can no longer affect you.

– You become obsessed with the idea of getting a partner, so much so that it moves away. You better let life be. What comes in due time is better, it does not mean that you can not search, but do not get frustrated and obsess over it.

– The constant comparison that you make with other people does not allow you to advance. If you keep equating yourself with the future of your friend and how she already has a stable partner and you don’t. You will only end up feeling worse and worse and you will become much more obsessed. Not all lives have to have the same trajectory or history.

This can make you fall into envy and if you already have it, it is surely because of this. This bad thought does not let you move forward since you only live wishing someone else’s life. Each one is the owner of his life . And that the same things don’t happen to you has nothing to do with being better or worse, everyone goes their way, it’s not a race.

– You victimize yourself too much , you think how bad you are to have a partner. That nobody will love you, that the same thing always happens to you and poor you. This kind of thinking only makes you push people away. Well, they know that if you treat yourself like that, something surely should not go well in your life so they will not want to deal with it or you will attract everything you think about.

-You tend to be very individualistic or independent . Something that is not wrong at all, but when this becomes too much, it prevents you from being with other people because you think that being in a relationship will take away your own control. However this is not a jail.

-You do not open yourself to new ideas and tastes of people. So always having an idealization will take away the satisfaction of meeting other types of people. Where quite possibly someone special for you is found. For this reason, do not close yourself to new ideas.

– You don’t give love time . You don’t let it be or you don’t pay attention to it so many opportunities can happen.

What are the problems that can prevent you from having a partner?

The get a new partner may seem problematic , nobody shows us that we like it or who has no idea that we exist and if we do know simply do not pay attention.

There are some problems that usually impede the process of having a partner and we explain them in detail.

You are desperate to find someone

Although it seems contradictory, the fact of desperate to find a partner keeps us from finding one. This is because unconsciously what we want is to flee from loneliness and the world moves by vibrations, what we flee from is what happens the fastest to live the emotion it produces.

Then you will ask yourself, what do I have to do? Because the only answer is to live the experience of loneliness and all the emotions that it entails. By staying calm and not running away from what we do not like, the right person will arrive alone.

You have unrealistic expectations

We always have to aspire to have something better , however the expectations we have of the future partner cannot be higher than what we are. This does not mean that you have to look for something less than what you want, but you do have to be clear that what you want to receive is the same as you are in the ability to give.

It is difficult for you to communicate with others

If you are an introvert then interacting with other people will be difficult for you. This will greatly limit finding a new partner because communication is necessary to do so.

However, being alone will allow you to know yourself and have more confidence in yourself and when you find yourself within a large social circle you will be able to develop what is necessary to interact with some people.

Overuse of victimhood

The problem with victimhood is that it does not allow us to take responsibility for life situations and learn from them , which will lead to the same mistake being made over and over again. Apart from the fact that every victim finds a perpetrator and there is a risk that the person who appears is not the one to start a relationship.

You are afraid of compromise

This is another important point, being afraid of commitment will make you get couples who are emotionally related very strongly and you will end up fleeing from such a situation . Or it will create chaos that will end the relationship.

On the other hand, you may not even start the relationship for the simple fact of not wanting it that way. Be clear about what you really want and when you can be honest with yourself, everything will be easier.

What can I do to attract love? Charms and Tips

There is no charm or prayer to attract and be lucky in love. As mentioned this would be like obsessing. So you may accept the first thing that comes to you and it may not be exactly what suits you.

How to attract rather than scare others?

If you have felt that instead of attracting someone, you only distance yourself or scare you, you have to do an introspective analysis . The love and attention that people give you outside is directly proportional to what you give yourself, so it is important to cultivate your self-love and raise your self-esteem.

A confident, well-off, and calm person simply attracts not only people but good things . It is a job that takes time and often generates pain for all the things that you will find inside you, but you will end up feeling full and happy with yourself and this will attract others. Work always begins at home.

Is it possible to change my luck in love? – How?

It is not always about luck but about dedication and decision. If you really want to initiate this change, you must make some adjustments to your thinking and behavior to truly do so:

  • Be alert to any sign, if it is bad it does not suit me.
  • Pay attention to your intuition.
  • Don’t think about it so much, think about yourself.
  • Work on your security and self-esteem.
  • Positive mind , radiates positive energy.
  • Open yourself to new possibilities and types of people, do not lock yourself in with just one taste.
  • Meet new gene . Get out of your house and do it.
  • Learn to communicate better and socialize.

Why do I follow the same love pattern and how to change it?

Life will always repeat the same lesson to you until you learn it and overcome it. But this is not entirely the fault of life but of ourselves. In our constant desire not to think about ourselves and what we feel, to want to please others and by adopting the role of victim, we attract the same cycles so that we can see where we are not acting correctly.

In order to decipher the hidden message you have to dedicate yourself to studying yourself , to know what are the things that hurt you and why they hurt you, from where that wound arises that is touched when someone does something that we do not like, etc.

As we get to know each other we will be able to realize where we have failed in each relationship and in the face of this discovery it is a mistake to justify ourselves . The duty is to take responsibility and decide if we want to change or not.

When the decision is made not to make the same mistake again, then the love pattern will begin to change because what previously caused us pain no longer exists and we will be prepared to have a more mature relationship.

The key to change is to see ourselves and discover why something is happening at home, feel the emotions it produces and start from zero again, without much judgment and a little more free from pain.