How to make a man jealous and how to know if a man is jealous. Is it good or bad?

Let him get desperate for you, it is always good to make a man jealous, but it is not good to show jealousy to a man, we must always be cunning, remember that between men everything is more about reactions, more about impulses, we are more analytical.

We are the strategists par excellence of nature, they act by instinct, they are carried away by situations, and nothing better than being you who controls those situations at all times.

Does being jealous work? Are you seriously wondering? Without a doubt! Giving jealousy is one of the techniques that we all use to guarantee the attention of our partners.

How to know if a man is jealous

How to know if a man is jealous is elementary, you see him, you feel him, no one better than you to know if that sense of jealousy was activated in another. Well, not everything is a physical relationship.

You know him, you know how he thinks, you know how he acts, even you know him more than he knows himself, women are more intuitive, nothing escapes a girl’s eye, and if it’s about who she likes, much less.

The body language of a jealous man always gives him away, carefully observe his expressions, you know more from someone’s gestures than from what he says.

He will not tell you that he is, but you feel him, you know how he treats you, and how he refers to you, if you notice the slightest change in his behavior it is a symptom of jealousy that you should analyze .

Remember that there are types of jealousy, and that is crucial, jealousy is always present, it is a response of our mind to the love we feel for the other.

What things make a man jealous?

The things that make a man jealous can be of any kind, literally any. Everything will depend on the experiences that your partner had before you and how the relationship develops together.

Talking to other guys very often and showing affection causes jealousy in many because a man gets jealous of another, it is not common to hear that your boyfriend is jealous of you with a door or with the window of your room.

What is sick jealousy? An alert, when that alert is activated calls the police, well let’s not exaggerate, but if we must be careful, they can be the cause of a future breakup.

But hey friend, how to make a woman jealous is also good to know, remember that he has friends, and friendships exert influence, that your boyfriend’s friend is jealous of you with him for his attention is indicative that that boy melts for you.

How to easily make a man jealous

Go back to your ex, just kidding, don’t do it, if you’re out of that roll don’t go back in, but your ex will always be a good element to make a man jealous.

Among the things that make men jealous, the exes take the primordial place, that silly boy who did not value you will always be the source of displeasure for your boy, and exploiting that is simple.

We can always go further, take advantage and link your boyfriend and let your ex see what he is missing, how to make my ex jealous, it will be a fun game, where everything is win and win for you. And also like that, without realizing if those talks between him and his ex have something more than a peculiar friendship.

You are the architect and protagonist of this, enjoy along the way how making my ex jealous will be one of your personal missives, it is not too much to show how radiant you look now. Maybe he’ll even get back to you.

If golden opportunities come your way, like being at the movies with your boyfriend and bumping into your ex, don’t waste them, don’t let them see that you notice their presence, be natural and spontaneous, indifference is stronger than making yourself noticed.

At that point you are the center of attention, jealous men can lead to being like laboratory pigs, and we call this experiment: “Jealous man phrases” and study what they can say at that moment.