How do I know if my partner and I are compatible or incompatible?

Knowing if my partner and I are compatible is a task that can be quite difficult. Since they all have their diversity and way of being. And they create a unique link so identifying this is quite complex. However, to know how compatible we are with our partner, some general aspects of the relationship must be taken into account.

We well know that when starting a relationship we will always be filled with hope and romance. This means that we do not realize important aspects to determine if it is on the right track or not. These aspects can be seen in: attitudes, ways of being, small annoyances, among other things.

For this reason, whether you are starting a relationship or not, it will be important to pay attention to these aspects to avoid any disappointment.

How do I know if my partner and I are incompatible?

To identify if we are incompatible people or not with our partner. It will be important to keep in mind the following aspects that encompass the bond of any relationship. Which can be close to a fairly accurate diagnosis.

The first thing is respect in the relationship. This is basically the fundamental basis of everything. There must be this mutual respect. Since we will learn to value ourselves and not cross established limits in the relationship, which are important and which we accept at first.

They accept their differences and know how to learn from each other. This is undoubtedly crucial since they are not disgusted by the other’s taste or way of being. Rather they take it as a form of learning or acceptance. And they help each other with self-improvement.

They know how to handle an argument. They maturely assume what they did and know how to apologize to the other. They completely leave their ego and focus instead on solving the problem to continue to improve.

They have very good communication. This is another very important pillar that leads to a good relationship in the future. Know the details of the other, be aware of what has happened to them, among other things. Having good communication with total trust in everything will make this a lasting and healthy relationship. They do not think about the compatibility they may have and they are secure in their relationship.

Signs that determine couple incompatibility

These signs of incompatibility as a couple must be kept in mind to avoid any conflict or loss of time in the future. Or solve them if that is what you prefer. You can see the compatibility or incompatibility through the characters and interests that you have as a couple.

  • Small mistakes become big, overwhelming the relationship and turning everything into an argument.
  • It takes away all your freedom. Instead of feeling free with him or her, everything becomes awkward. It doesn’t let you breathe and forgets that you are a person with your own interests.
  • It is not their main desire to be together as a couple. They prefer the peace of being alone.
  • Incompatibility in coexistence. They don’t know how to live together. They simply have very different ways of living and do not share them at all. Which creates discomfort and constant disagreements between the two.
  • They are not heard. They cannot solve the problems by choosing to leave them as they are and walk away.

What to do if we have character incompatibility? Advice

If there is an incompatibility of characters and interests in the couple, we give you some advice that will help you improve this problem.

What to do when you are not compatible with your partner?

  1. Get to know your partner’s character well. In this way, you will not attack it from the most hostile part.
  2. Let him express what he feels. Everyone should have that space to speak and express themselves.
  3. Ask what you didn’t understand again to clarify anything.
  4. Work on good communication.
  5. Know how to say things in a good way having an attitude of respect.
  6. When having arguments, listen to each other to work it out and not keep fighting.
  7. Be ready both completely.

There are incompatible couples who love each other, so these tips can be of great help. It’s all about bending your ego and putting your focus on the relationship.

Remember that if someone does not want to listen to you or do their part. It would be best to leave that relationship.