How to say I love you to a boy in an original way without saying it? Ways to say I love you indirectly

Without a doubt, expressing what we feel about love can be a challenge for the vast majority, since shyness is present in an exaggerated way. Since thoughts things like ” and if he doesn’t feel the same ” or ” and if he rejects me and I end up being embarrassed” etc. So we don’t say anything at the end.

It is true that there are 100 ways to say I love you, up to a thousand ways to say I love you to a boy, now we show you how to do it discreetly.

Original ways to express affection and love to a man

First of all, to conquer someone, it will be important to show even a little of all the love we have for them. We must find ways to say “I love you” that are original and that at the same time are very discreet, to begin with.

We can make or use phrases to say “I love you”. That they are totally original or if we look for them in a book or the Internet, it will be good that they fully reflect what we feel. In this way, we will say words that mean I love you without saying this as such and it is totally original.

You can also tell him how happy he makes you, with jokes or with simple words on various occasions. Highlight his attributes or how good he is, from time to time. Always be careful not to exaggerate with our love so as not to see each other sweet. That is why to express an I love you in a special way we must use subtlety above all with that person.

Ways to say I love you to a guy without confessing it

Now how to say I love you indirectly? Without a doubt, one of the simplest and most discreet ways to do this is the body language that we have with the other person. In the first place, the look that we have and hold with him for a few seconds is one of the most effective, since it is the way in which we will awaken the mystery between us.

Also, small touches that we have “unintentionally” will be a way to flirt very subtly. Like rubbing of legs when sitting or leaning towards him without becoming very abusive. Always have an upright and open posture before him.

When saying something to him you can touch his shoulder or arm in a subtle way. We can also use ways of saying I love you by message or WhatsApp such as when you chat you flirt a lot with him.

What does it mean to tell you, darling? ; When a man calls you darling, he can refer more to the realm of being a couple, rarely does a friend call you that. If he does it, he undoubtedly wants something else with you, or is it just a joke. When a man tells you that he loves you, that’s where the confusion is.

I may tell you out of courtesy and because this affection has really grabbed you. But for just friendship and that he sees you as an important person in his life without necessarily liking you. However, it may also be because he likes you, everything will be seen in the body expression he shows. That is why it is important to pay attention to that so as not to get confused.

Ideas and phrases to say I love you to your partner in an original way

To create ways to say I love you or the first I love you and that is as unique as possible, what you have to do is start writing what you like most about that person, why you like them, and things that make you happy of her. Writing is one of the simplest and most original ways to express what you feel. You can start with something like:

This from you really makes me happy

You are definitely special

Something awakens in me knowing that you have arrived

We can also give small gifts or details that are completely personalized. Something that that person really likes. Take time for him, pay attention to him and help him as a friend in whatever way you can. Well, it is one of the most important things to know each other and helping each other as friends will help our relationship grow much more and be really healthy.