Twin Flames Beyond Love: 14 Signs When It’s Coming

Your twin flame is a person who perfectly reflects your soul, and it could be the most intense relationship you have in your life.

It is a being that reflects you and at the same time is your opposite in many ways.

It could be that you have not yet crossed paths with your twin flame and that their meeting is imminent.

And it is also possible that you have already met your twin flame at some point in the past, and for one reason or another, they just weren’t ready for a permanent relationship.

But twin flame paths are bound to cross over time, this is known as twin flame reunion.

When this event approaches, your mind and body can feel it. You may not be aware of what is happening, but your soul and the soul of your twin flame begin to communicate on another level.

And you should know that the meeting with the twin flame is so special because it is there to allow your soul to evolve.

So how do you know that the meeting with your twin flame is coming?

Here are 14 symptoms you may experience as your twin flame reunion approaches:

1) You feel something is missing

One of the first symptoms that you are about to meet with a twin flame that you have previously encountered is the feeling of intense unfulfillment.

As if you suddenly realized that your soul is incomplete. You feel that a part of you is out there, separate from you.

This initial feeling of emptiness is what causes you to try to fill that void. The feeling of a “missing part” is vital to your natural journey towards reunion with your twin flame.

Both you and your twin flame will have no idea what that missing piece could be.

One day you may feel that you are living a life that makes you happy, and the next day you will feel an overwhelming longing to fill an inner void.

This intense feeling of dissatisfaction remains in the back of your mind.

It is never strong enough to completely take over your thoughts.

But it’s persistent enough to make you feel like you must find something.

2) You feel its energy close

It’s hard to define what energy really is or what it feels like.

There are many people who believe only what they can see.

But think of everything that communicates today, without even an electrical connection, bluetooth, gps, and thousands of other technologies.

In the case of twin flames, energy is that sense of active presence within or around you, as if there is some kind of electricity in the air.

You are in a place alone and you feel that there is a presence, as if someone, specifically your twin flame, is next to you.

The intensity of this energy is unlike any other.

Without knowing it, you and your twin flame end up feeling each other’s emotions, thoughts, and energy levels.

Your thoughts and moods are influenced by that of your twin flame, even if you are not thinking about him at all.

This is a symptom that your souls begin to vibrate once again on the same frequency. Your inner selves know that the meeting is drawing near.

In certain cases, you might even be able to see a glimpse of them here and there and even pick up things they might be thinking about.

You probably can’t stop thinking about him either for some reason.

3) They appear in each other’s dreams

Twin flame dreams are one of the most powerful and subtle experiences you could have in your day-to-day life.

There are visions in our dreams constantly, but we do not interpret them correctly because we forget about them or give them little thought.

When your dreams start to become vivid you are more likely to remember them.

This is a major symptom of a close twin flame reunion: you start to dream frequently and vividly about your twin flame even though you haven’t talked to him in a while.

You may not understand dreams very well at first, because you may not have interacted with your twin flame in months or even years.

But the dreams accumulate, night after night, and eventually, those dreams could accompany you through the day, too.

Whenever your mind wanders, consciously or not, you find yourself remembering a certain person. This is someone with whom you once had an intense connection.

If this is the case, then you may be dreaming about your twin flame. It is likely that he is also dreaming of you.

On some occasions, you may even be having the same dream at the same time, interacting with each other beyond the physical plane.

4) You are excited but you also feel calm

Have you been feeling some level of unexplained emotion lately?

It feels like a roller coaster of emotions. Sudden feelings of absolute joy seem to well up in your heart.

Bursts of happiness and excitement come out of nowhere, and you can’t help but allow these feelings to manifest physically in the form of smiles.

Don’t try to fight those feelings. It’s almost impossible.

When people around you ask you what’s going on, you don’t really have an answer at all.

And at the same time, that enthusiasm never turns into anxiety or despair.

You never feel negative because of that great expectation. It’s not about nerves like when an important speech or presentation is coming up. It is a pleasant feeling.

Your soul is ultimately relaxed and flowing with energy.

All this happens because your soul is preparing for your reunion with your twin flame.

The excitement builds as your vibrations begin to match those of your twin flame.

And at the same time, your soul makes you feel relaxed, to help you align with your true desire and better match your twin flame.

5) You feel like you’re on a mission

In the grand scheme of things, twin flames are lightworkers united to serve the universe and bring light where there is darkness.

You wake up one day and have a need to do good for the world.

A need for service wells up in you and you discover a seemingly endless source of empathy.

For the first time in your life, you feel like you know why you exist and what your place is in the universe.

In other words, you discover your mission and create your purpose.

Nothing else matters except finding your soulmate and accomplishing your single and joint soul quests.

From the day of the meeting onward, you’ll wake up with a renewed sense of purpose.

This sense of mission also manifests itself in the relationship between you.

Although your twin flame relationship will be unlike anything you have ever experienced, you will need to put in some effort to make the most of it.

6) You see symbols everywhere you look

Seeing symbols is one way your mind tries to communicate to your conscious self that something is about to happen. Your soul wants to prepare you for the reality that your twin flame is just around the corner.

Only if you open up and “turn on” your antenna to detect and see the symbols around you, will you really appreciate how often these symbols appear in your daily life.

For example, if you often come across animals as a couple, whether in the world, in images or in movies, then this is a clear sign that you are about to connect with the other half of your soul, in the form of a twin flame…

Pairs of cats, dolphins, wolves, lions or even smaller animals like birds are obvious signs of this.

Look for symbols and signs in your life that can be interpreted as a new beginning or the culmination of an empty soul.

Once you start actively looking with your eyes and mind open, you will be amazed at how often these symbols appear.

7) You feel attracted to a place

You and your twin flame are destined to meet.

Your soul and his may be about to connect, and you may need to be on the lookout for sensations and calls for them to intersect in the first place.

This is why you may feel drawn to certain places that you may not visit regularly, for reasons you cannot explain.

For example, do you have a strange urge to attend a yoga class across town?

Is there a new coffee shop where you want to go to work remotely, just because you feel good?

Have you been itching to travel, get out of town or go to the beach the last few weeks?

This could be because your soul is leading you towards the place where you and your twin flame are destined to intersect.

So listen to yourself. Unexplained urges are just your soul’s way of speaking to you.

Souls and destinies do not speak the language of words; they speak the language of symbols, of feelings. Your job is just to notice those signs when they appear.

8) You interact with him beyond the physical world

As the meeting with your twin flame draws closer, both you and your flame will begin to connect on a deeper, spiritual, and unbreakable level.

This starts with dreams, where you and he begin to dream vividly about each other almost every night. Then it goes beyond dreams reaching the waking moments but always with a sense of peace.

As you meditate or rest in silence, you can feel the connection with your twin flame almost like on a spiritual and astral level.

There will be an indefinite link between their two souls, and you will simply know who is on the other side.

9) You feel excited and ready

Your brain may not be fully aware of this fact. But your body will inevitably react to this approaching reunion.

Seemingly out of nowhere, you’ll start to sense that something is about to happen, but you won’t be quite sure what.

You will feel more alert and simply wait for something to happen that surprises you.

People who have experienced this phase often describe symptoms similar to those of a panic attack, such as a racing heart, sweaty palms, and anxiety.

You may not know what it is, but your soul understands that a significant moment has come.

Divine Timing occurs when your energy aligns perfectly with the energy of your twin flame. Divine timing means that everything in the world is preparing for that ultimate meeting.

Twin flame reunions are unlike any other reunion.

Every particle, every element, every beginning that matters in the universe aligns for this perfect moment of reconnection, of merging energies and making it a single unit.

As a result, your soul is brimming with expectation and longing. Your body speeds up because it’s the most human way our bodies manifest the upcoming meeting.

10) You have strange urges to do new or unfamiliar things

Do you feel the sudden urge to do things you normally wouldn’t? Maybe you feel like trying a dance class when you’ve never been interested in it before.

These seemingly unexplained impulses are another sign that your twin flame is much closer than you think.

Think of this as the universe’s way of guiding the two of you together.

Twin flames are like magnets; they can’t help but be attracted to each other.

If you have this inexplicable desire, as if it were an impulse, to get on a bus and go to a certain place, it is the universe’s way of eliminating the physical distance between you and your twin flame.

When the time is right, even the universe will conspire to bring them together.

Contrary to popular belief, these wishes are not always special or mysterious.

You might want to go to that special market far away, despite being fully stocked at home. Or maybe you want to visit the neighborhood of your childhood. This could all be part of the universe’s plan to bring you and your twin flame back together.

So if you have this burning desire to get somewhere or do something, follow your soul in peace.

Your twin flame is likely experiencing the same thing, and following through on those individual callings will make it easier for both of you to meet.

11) You are bewildered by your new feelings

When their union takes shape, unknown feelings come to the surface.

When you meet your twin flame again, two fundamental things will happen:

First of all, for your soul to truly link with your twin flame, your entire being has to open up.

Without you knowing it, your subconscious expands and opens up. All your preconceived beliefs, as well as your repressed feelings and thoughts, come to light.

Second, your twin flame’s own convictions and feelings begin to manifest through you. Soul union is an absolute and complete experience.

This meeting is an extreme union. That union of two souls so absolute will make you feel that you live your life as if it were yours.

The initial jolt of these new emotions can be overwhelming, especially if you are not used to feeling those emotions.

Meditation is a great tool while you feel all this revolution. It will be crucial to keep you firm and with a clear mind at all times.

12) You have a sense of closure

So, you wake up one day and feel irrevocably whole.

The problems that worried you still exist, but you feel absolutely sure of your place in the universe. You feel as if the universe itself is telling you that you are exactly where you need to be.

With no more doubts in your mind, you feel confident in your whole being.

Gone are the days when you felt alone, alienated, or isolated.

There is a new wave of energy within you that silences every doubt that has ever crossed your mind.

It happens suddenly, but it’s understandable. You feel complete, without the slightest need to seek validation from others.

13) The signs become clearer through meditation

Twin flame reunions can be intense and people who don’t prepare for it can experience some overwhelm and heartbreak.

As your feelings, emotions, and your own personality manifest through you, in addition to the different signs and impulses you are experiencing, your brain feels like it is running at 200km per hour.

Interestingly, you feel a growing peace within you, and yet your mind is inexplicably busy.

Do not get lost in all the signals and stimuli and tune in with your interior.

Some people don’t even recognize the new feelings associated with their reunion, because they are so preoccupied in the earthly.

So, whether you feel overwhelmed by symptoms or the weight of your daily life, take some time to visit your mental palace and bring some order.

Meditation is a great way to improve your connection with the universe and your twin flame.

With no clutter there, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters.

Suddenly, your priorities will be clearer and you’ll have a better understanding of what’s coming next.

If you’re not sure what’s happening is a sign that a meeting is imminent, take some time to meditate.

Your brain may not know it yet, but your soul already knows.

Through meditation, you will be able to establish a connection between the temporal and the eternal, and eventually, all the answers you seek will be revealed.

14) Your ego weighs less than before

Worldly possessions, petty arguments, and superficial feelings vanish as if by magic.

As your twin flame draws closer, your soul opens on a new level and transcends all that is physical and material.

As your soul expands and welcomes your twin flame, your identity is less about your earthly self and more about your true self.

You are no longer enslaved by ego, frustrations or insecurities.

You begin to understand that your energy is greater and more significant than anything you have ever known on this planet.

As a result, you stop craving validation or superficial admiration.

The things that used to bother you, define you, and worry your soul no longer matter.

Suddenly, it’s like all the cares in the world have vanished, never to return.

All worries about yourself and how others perceive you no longer matter.

The only thing that has value and meaning is who you are and where you stand in the world, regardless of what other people think about it.

Relationships are not magic

If you are in a twin flame relationship, enjoy it.

These types of relationships can be fleeting and brief or last for years, but the impact they have on you will remain for the rest of your life.

It is a beautiful thing to experience.

However, twin flame relationships are not magical. There will be many challenging moments.

Stay positive, connected, and aware.

This, like any relationship, requires work and perseverance for it to last.

But first of all, consider yourself lucky to have found this unique connection.

What can you expect from love with your twin flame?

As we have already mentioned, the meeting with your twin flame is something very momentous.

And it is to be expected that such an important event will not go unnoticed.

Some things you will experience in your encounter:

  1. The attraction will be instant
  2. love will feel unconditional
  3. They wish they were together all the time
  4. you will feel challenged
  5. You will see yourself reflected or you will see your complete opposite
  6. They could have hiccups in their relationship
  7. Your old wounds might come out
  8. Despite their differences, they will be attracted to each other.
  9. You will feel comfortable being yourself
  10. There will be extreme emotions
  11. They will have a very deep connection
  12. your spirit will feel good
  13. They will love their differences
  14. Life will feel like an adventure
  15. They will respect your spaces
  16. You will feel whole and complete

Should you search for your twin flame?

If after reading this article you discover that you still do not know your twin flame, surely you will feel motivated to go out in search of her.

But you should know that this very special bond is something that should not and does not need to be sought.

A twin flame comes into your life at the right time when you and she are ready for it to happen.

It is also an encounter that is predestined to happen with which there will be nothing you can do to speed it up or avoid it.

Perhaps you have felt the curiosity to invoke it or manifest it in some way so that it appears. I understand, you feel that great desire to love.

But be patient, do not interfere with that contract that their souls have already agreed upon.

When the time comes for you to experience that spiritual connection it will just happen.

The best thing you can do is dedicate yourself day by day to being the best version of yourself and connect with what makes you happy and when you are ready it will appear.