9 Signs He’s Sorry He Hurt You And Is Unhappy After Breaking Up

Being in love and making the other person feel the same way about you is a difficult task.

Not all relationships last forever, and unfortunately, many of them end up breaking up.

Breakups and disappointments are devastating.

After a breakup, you tend to think about a lot and one of those things is if your ex-boyfriend regrets hurting you or if he has moved on.

It is natural for you to miss him and spend a lot of time crying.

Your mind will also get very racing with questions, doubts, and confusion… and you will find yourself looking for signs that might indicate that he regrets hurting you.

Maybe you need to know your own peace of mind or want to know to reactivate the relationship.

But in many cases, no matter how much you want it, men get over it and move on easily after a breakup and have no regrets.

Sometimes men hurt you and break up with you for the most ridiculous reasons, but they end up regretting hurting you.

They feel guilty and will do anything for you when they feel remorse for hurting your feelings.

Guilt starts to eat away at your ex and you will see a drastic change in his behavior.

He’ll start contacting you more often, talk more about the past, or say how sorry he is and apologize.

Sometimes your ex can be silent and it’s hard to decipher how he feels inside.

How do you know if your ex regrets breaking up with you?

So… how long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up with you?

A day, weeks or months?

That depends entirely on how long your relationship has been serious.

It also depends on the problem that caused the breakup.

After the breakup, most guys will show that the breakup didn’t affect them and they are enjoying their new single life.

You can read here the differences a person faces when dating and when they are single.

Your ex-boyfriend will likely show up with a new love on social media and you will see more photos of him partying and showing off the “perfect life”.

When the literal and metaphorical hangover of partying and merriment comes along, he’ll likely decrease the frequency of social media activity.

You’ll notice that he’s no longer posting a flurry of stories and the flaunt of happiness will feel forced.

He will probably no longer be texting or calling the new girl as often and will be silent for a while.

That’s when the reality of the end of an amazing relationship he had with you hits him hard and regret starts to set in.

The end of a relationship is not easy, even for those who end it.

For whatever reason, everyone wonders if it was the right decision or not.

9 Signs He’s Sorry He Hurt You

He won’t let you know even though he feels guilty for hurting you.

If he’s feeling overwhelmed by his emotions, he won’t take it and will end up confessing to you that he regrets hurting you.

Maybe he wants to come back with you.

Maybe he wants the two of you to move on now, but he regrets the separation and regrets separating.

These are the things about breakup that no one tells you.

Be smart: Chances are you won’t get a straight answer from him, so you’ll need to look for signs that tell you he regrets hurting you.

1. He is quieter than usual

You will notice that he is quieter than usual.

It’s understandable that after a breakup, the conversation between the two of you slows down, but you’ll notice that he talks less and less with your mutual friends.

This doesn’t mean his social life is over, but simply that he’s going to take a break from the fun.

Guys are usually good at repressing their feelings and putting on a show in public, but when you look closely, you’ll be able to tell that your ex’s smiles aren’t as genuine and his laughs are not as real anymore.

When you ask why he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself, he’ll make excuses and blame it on sleep or other problems.

Chances are, guilt and regret are keeping him from having fun.

2. He contacts you more than usual

Even after it’s over, he’ll be worried about you, call you constantly, and text you to make sure you’re okay.

In the early stages of a breakup, he may not ask you directly, but he will ask his best friends for updates on your life and how you are doing.

You will be confused by his behavior, because if he really cared about you so much, why did he break up with you?

Remember when you ask yourself, “Does he regret breaking up with me? Is this a sign that he regrets hurting me?

The guilt is making him realize his mistake and he regrets hurting you.

He wants to talk to you to see how you are handling the situation.

3. He is extremely happy

This is a fun sign to watch.

He’s going to put on a big show for everyone about how much he’s enjoying being single again.

He will post extraordinary happiness on social media and will share posts and memes about the perks of his new single life.

When you see him in front, he will smile at you and talk like nothing happened.

He’ll behave like he’s the most optimistic person in the world.

No one has ever seen him like this.

He’s going to keep talking about how great everything is and how light he feels.

This happiness will be so extreme that it will be easy for you to see through it and realize how false it is .

If someone asks about the breakup, he can talk about it for a few seconds and then change the subject to something happier because he hasn’t fully accepted the guilt and regret he feels.

4. He can’t stop showing up

Whether it’s a mutual friend’s party or a small get-together, he’ll find a way to be there.

He’s suddenly become actively interested in your friends and will want to infiltrate any plans that involve you.

After a relationship, it’s obvious that you will have a lot of friends in common, but if you find him showing up at events he wouldn’t normally be there for, then it could mean that he regrets losing you .

Sometimes you can even find it in your favorite places, like in a restaurant or supermarket.

He may even become a stalker and show up at your place of work or your home.

It may seem like an odd coincidence, but he knows your routine and knows where to find you.

Is this cute or scary?

That only you can decide.

5. He will change for you

He knows you inside out, and as a result, he also knows ways to win you back.

He won’t be direct with grand romantic gestures, but his actions will make it clear that he wants you back.

When the two of you were in a relationship, you may have told him to stop smoking or maybe you would have told him to stop wearing his favorite shoes that you thought were comical.

The two of you probably fought over this, but there was no change in his behavior.

You will suddenly notice that he is taking all your criticisms into account and is a completely different person.

These gestures may be kind, but they won’t resolve what was wrong with the relationship.

6. He will find ways to talk to you

Your ex-boyfriend is probably extremely guilty right now.

He regrets losing you, and despite trying to stay away from you, he is unable to control his urges and cares a lot for you.

He probably thinks talking to you will make you feel better and that, in turn, will make him feel better.

You will notice that he is very active on his cell phone and is having long conversations with you.

He’ll respond to your messages within seconds, which is weird for a guy who’s just broken up with you.

He’ll call you or text you for just about anything and he’ll want your advice – whether it’s what to order for food today or what series to watch.

This is his way of saying that even after the breakup, you are important to him.

He probably misses you.

7. He tries to make you laugh

Just because your relationship didn’t work out and he might have abandoned you for some reason doesn’t mean he stopped caring about you.

He knows you are very hurt by the breakup and all he can think about is bringing the joy back into your life.

He makes jokes, makes you laugh and even tries to cheer you up with his favorite food.

You will see him working hard to bring you back to your joyful, happy self.

8. He apologizes

He’s sorry for hurting your feelings.

Eventually, he will open up to you and share his true feelings for you.

He will apologize for hurting you and breaking your heart.

Some men may apologize when they feel guilty about something, but eventually the apology will be genuine and you can see how they regret their mistakes.

He will tell you what he has been thinking and feeling since the breakup and will ask for your forgiveness.

He possibly regrets the breakup and wants another chance.

To forgive him or not is your decision.

9. He will want to get back with you

An ex who regrets breaking up with you will feel sorry for his actions and a part of him will say he needs to fix it.

Sometimes their way of fixing things will be to try to win you back.

Feeling regret for hurting her is one of the worst things he feels right now and one of the ways to ease the pain is to try to win her back.

His guilt and regret may be because he’s still in love with you and can’t stand the fact that you’re not in his life.

He will tell you how wrong he was to break up with you.

You need to reflect on the relationship and see if you want to get back together with him.

It is normal for people who started the separation to regret it.

Feelings for each other just don’t go away with separation.

The person initiating the breakup feels that they owe it to the other person to fix things.

He regrets breaking up with you because he still cares about you and is doubting his decision to end the relationship.

However, this may not always be the case.

You need to be smart about being able to distinguish between a genuine concern your ex might have for you and that he wants to get back with you.

If he says he wants to get back together with you, ask yourself if it’s a good idea and if the problems in your relationship with him can actually be fixed.