5 Things He Will Do If He Falls In Love With You

These Things Mean He’s Really In Love.

I will never forget those months leading up to the day my now husband, he, said: “I love you”.

I had known for months that he loved me and I knew that I loved him too.

But the importance of those words kept us from saying that for nearly a year of dating.

Holding hands in the car or saying goodbye to us at the end of the night, he would preemptively whisper, “I miss you,” and I knew what he meant.

Even though he was standing in front of me, I missed him too.

The truth is, while I was eager to hear him say the actual words, he was dropping enough hints to make me feel confident our feelings were mutual.

1 . He Begins To Perform Small Acts Of Kindness

In my experience, and from what I know of many men, it is often easier to express your feelings through small gestures and acts of kindness and kindness.

Although “I love you” hadn’t been said yet, the way he happily woke up to take me to the train station, took my car to the service, and took care of me when I was sick was a sign that he loved me.

If you’re wondering what your man’s true feelings are, see how he serves you.

Service is always the fruit of authentic love.

2 . He Begins To Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability can be difficult for anyone, but men often face this aspect of romantic relationships.

In the early stages of romance, the focus is often on looking good and impressing him.

But when you love someone, you want to open your heart to that person, even if it exposes your weaknesses and your wounds.

When he would tell me about his day (I mean really tell me everything ) and when he felt safe telling me some of the things he was most insecure about, I knew he was telling me that his heart was safe with me.

3 . He Starts Making Long Term Plans

When a man starts talking about “next summer…” or “someday…”, there’s more to these long-term plans than meets the eye.

Love is a rare thing; so when you find it, you don’t want to let it go.

Often, men realize this before they even internalize the fact that it’s love.

They think they’ve finally chosen the right person and start making plans with you to secure you.

4 . He is happy to take you anywhere

In the beginning, many men make a big deal out of a teapot because they think we are abusing them.

Things like nights out with friends and alone time are important – and it’s good that the relationship respects those boundaries.

When we were dating, before we actually said “I love you”, he still enjoyed nights out with the boys and still needed some “poker nights” (as he called them), but I knew things were getting serious. when those poker nights were increasingly infrequent.

Most of the time, he prefers that I go with him to meetings with friends, and even his family!

The problem is, when it comes to love, normally, you just never get sick and that’s how you know.

5 . He is willing to correct it.

It may seem contrary to the way you expect love to be, but when your man lets go of his desire to please you and makes the decision to fix her, that’s when you know he’s truly in love.

I will never forget the first time he corrected me.

I wasn’t being nice to anyone; I knew I was wrong, but I never imagined he would say anything.

He was embarrassed and I was embarrassed.

If he was the type of guy who often corrected me or did it in a mean or derogatory way, this could have been a red flag.

But he didn’t like the moment, and that’s how I knew he really loved me.

I mean, think: what could be in it to tell me that I had been cruel?

I’m sure he knew I would respond defensively, which is why he was superheroic.

Sure, look for times when he snaps at you, but don’t rule out times when he calls you back to reality.

These uncomfortable moments are when he is showing you that he wants to grow with you too.