18 Signs Your Ex Is Over You Forever

Breaking up with someone you care about is a very hard thing to do.

Your entire world can change completely in a matter of moments and you may find yourself not knowing exactly how to move forward.

If you haven’t really talked to him since the breakup or if things ended up messed up, then you might be wondering if he still has any feelings for you.

Is there any chance you guys will resolve your issues and get back together?

The most obvious way to find out the answer to his questions is to talk to him about how he feels and if he still has feelings for you.

To get over a breakup, one of the best things you can have is closure.

Without an endpoint, it can be very difficult to move forward with your life.

You may not be ready to see the signs that your ex is completely over you, or maybe you just don’t know how to read them.

Below are the signs that your ex is over and over and done with.

Use the signs below to find out if there are real signs that your ex is over it.

You’ll find that some of these signs apply, or you’ll come to the conclusion that he’s not done with you yet.

Either way, it’s good to take a look at your situation to try to understand if there’s still something between your ex and you.

There is another woman

Often, when an ex can’t get over you, they’ll avoid getting into a new relationship for a while because no one compares to you in their head.

This happens when they’re not ready to let you go.

Maybe he goes out on first dates and friends try to hook up your ex so he can forget about you.

But if you’re still thinking, he might not accept any of those possibilities, because he’s still thinking about you.

On the other hand, if your ex is really seeing someone, then he’s probably gotten over it, or at least he wants to give that impression.

The act of dating a new person can be anything from casual dating to establishing a serious relationship.

Maybe he even joined a dating app or website.

Any of these actions point to him trying to move on.

If he’s been putting himself out there and he’s been back on the market since the two of you broke up, then he’s clearly ready to move on in the relationship you two had.

He is not nice to you

If he still has feelings for you, your ex might still treat you differently than he would any other girl.

He may go out of his way to be nice to you and may still flirt with you intentionally or unintentionally.

But if your ex doesn’t try to be nice to you outside of what would be considered normal behavior, chances are he’s over you.

He probably now sees her just like everyone else, not the special person who used to be so close to him on an intimate level.

If your ex broke up with you, at best he will be civil to you.

At worst, he will be kind of mean to you and not have the same patience he had during your relationship.

Being around you might even irritate him.

Now that you’re not together anymore, you don’t matter as much to your ex as you used to.

This, of course, would mean that your ex has broken up with you.

He might not even be acting that way on purpose.

Love can do crazy things to us.

It can even make us ignore all the little things that normally bother us in a person.

Since you and your ex are no longer a couple, all these little things are probably clinging to him now, and may even annoy him.

If you expected him to still have feelings for you, those chances are probably long gone.

He asked you to return his things

Sometimes, if an ex hasn’t completely gotten over you, he’ll choose not to come back to pick up all his stuff so he has an excuse to pick it up with you at another time instead of picking up all the belongings that are with you right after the breakup…

Doing so will give your ex an excuse and a chance to see you again.

But if everything is in order and he’s already taken all his stuff away, or if he doesn’t want his stuff back, he’s over it.

Basically, if he wants to forget about you or if he’s over you, he won’t leave things unfinished.

So if everything has been returned to its rightful owners and he’s moved out of the place you shared, you can be sure he’s gone.

He Returned His Stuff

People can easily get too sentimental, especially about possessions when it comes to their romantic partners.

This is why some of us end up holding things from our exes.

Even if the relationship ended a long time ago, people sometimes cling to a gift or possession from their ex to just serve as a reminder of the relationship.

For some people, those belongings they choose to keep can even be like a souvenir or trophies.

If your ex gave you all your stuff right away, that’s his way of showing that he’s serious about moving on.

This is especially applicable if he returns the things you gave him as a gift.

Doing so means he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore and is trying to start over with a clean slate.

In other words, he’s outgrown you.

He Doesn’t Care If You’re Dating Someone New

Strangely enough, we can get incredibly jealous of the people our exes date.

It could be because you miss your ex or because the person he is seeing right now makes you feel insecure.

You may even feel territorial in this type of situation.

If you’re dating someone and your ex knows it and doesn’t seem to mind, he’s dumped you for good.

Your ex may be completely indifferent to this new development in your life or he may even be glad you were able to move on.

Either way, if you’re seeing someone new and he doesn’t seem bothered, it could mean that the two of you are working to keep your relationship going in the past.

He looks happy 

Does your ex seem genuinely happy with his life?

If that’s the case, it could mean that nothing is missing from his life, including you.

If he was missing you and what you used to have together, then he might express some dissatisfaction or regret that would suggest he isn’t fully enjoying life right now.

You would see this on social media or he might even communicate with you or someone you know that he is not happy.

But if you’re seeing or hearing that he’s really happy with life, try to be happy for him.

He may have gotten over you, but see this as a chance for you to find your own happiness elsewhere.

You don’t need it to have a happy life.

He’s Not Trying to Convince You That He’s Happy

One sign that your ex is really happy with his life is that he doesn’t feel the need to go out of his way to tell you he’s happy.

Someone who is not really happy would go out of his way to convince people otherwise.

The person may even brag too much about how good things are in life.

If your ex is really happy with his life, he won’t feel the need to prove it to you or anyone else.

If he seems happy and isn’t making an effort to show it to people, then he’s over you.

He Didn’t Choose You

If there was someone and he finally chose that other person over you, you have a definite sign that he wasn’t your first choice.

There may have been more than one time he had the chance to choose you and he never did.

This action says a lot about how he feels.

Maybe you were waiting for him to come to his senses and come running back to you.

But if he didn’t choose you, then it almost definitely means he’s done with you.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t risk losing her forever if he didn’t choose her.

He Unfriended Or Unfollowed You On Social Media

As a couple, you were probably on every social media account connected.

While some exes stay connected on social media, others completely disconnect from each other.

If he unfriended and unfollowed your social media accounts, it means he doesn’t want you in his life because he’s trying to move on.

For many ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, staying connected on social media is unhealthy and can leave the door open for communication.

This could be why he no longer follows your accounts.

Try not to take it personally.

Many ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends unfollow on social media so they can move out.

He Does Not Display His Own Happiness

If your ex isn’t over you, he might be trying to make you jealous by showing off his new girlfriend on social media.

He would be bragging.

But if he’s happy and is over you, then he has no reason to try to make you feel jealous.

If your ex is just living his life and not showing off his new life without you, then he is probably over it.

He Stopped Contacting You

You were used to him contacting you all the time when you were in a relationship but not together anymore.

While it’s completely normal for people to stop talking when the relationship ends, some still stay in touch because they choose to remain friends, or sometimes because they haven’t gotten over it yet.

If your ex has stopped contacting you, he’s over it.

If you haven’t already deleted his number, do so.

The only reason to have his number is if you have kids together.

You deserve to move on too.

He Said He Has No Feelings

If your ex has told you that he no longer has any feelings for you, then you should choose to believe him.

Why would he lie to you about such a thing?

Try to accept that you are the best and do your best to find happiness elsewhere as it touches your life.

You can’t control how he feels about you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

What you can do is appreciate the past you had together for what it was and cherish the good memories.

But let that be in the past.

The longer you are without your ex, the closer you are to letting go of your romantic feelings for him.

He Moved On

Moving on doesn’t always have to be symbolic, sometimes it can literally happen.

If your ex walked away from you, chances are he’s moved on with his life.

While it’s not always necessarily true, when someone stays and lives near you, they may not be ready to move on.

Or you can at least get that impression because that person is still around.

If your ex walks away, chances are you’ll never see him again.

There would be no more running into each other at the supermarket or realizing that a mutual friend had invited you to the same party.

He pulling away can be a healthy way to give you the closure you need, and it signals that he’s ready to start a new chapter on his own and without you.

He Doesn’t Flirt When You Talk

Even if you are no longer together with him, you can still be put in situations where you need to see him and talk to him.

This can happen if you work at the same location or if you have mutual friends.

When you talk, you will be nice to each other, unless things end badly.

So how do you know if he is flirting or not?

Since you’ve been with him, you probably know how he flirts.

But there are some very obvious signs of flirting too.

Is he complimenting your looks or finding excuses to be around you?

Does he find excuses to touch you while you talk, like putting his arm around you or resting his hand on your shoulder?

These actions could mean that he is flirting with you.

But if he keeps things too professional when he talks to you, he’s over it.

His New Girlfriend Is Nothing Like You

Sometimes when we don’t completely break up, consciously or unconsciously, we find someone new who reminds us of that person we’re not with anymore.

This could mean that the new person physically resembles the ex and has the same hair color, eye color, or general physical appearance.

Or it could mean that this person has the same profession or interests as the ex.

Ask yourself: is his new girlfriend just another version of me?

If the answer is yes, it could mean he hasn’t gotten over you, or it could mean he just has a very specific type that he’s attracted to.

However, if this woman is nothing like you, that’s a sure sign that your ex is over you for good.

After all, he chose someone completely different from you.

When You Meet, He Doesn’t Bring Up The Past

If you work in the same circles or go to the same school or work in the same office, you might run into your ex from time to time.

You can even talk to each other when that happens.

Whatever you talk to your ex about, it should never be about the past if either of you is trying to move on.

And if he never mentions his past with you, that’s another sign that he probably doesn’t have feelings for you anymore.

He Doesn’t Hasten To Respond When You Get In Touch

When you and your ex were together, you were at the top of his priorities.

He probably used to respond to your text messages and phone calls as often as possible because you were important to him.

Now that you’ve broken up, does your ex rush to respond to your texts and calls with the same urgency he had before?

Otherwise, it means that you are no longer a priority for him.

It’s perfectly normal not to respond to your ex when he contacts you, or not to be in a hurry to respond.

You are no longer part of his life and vice versa.

If your ex is not responding to you when you reach out to him, understand that he is over you and the relationship.

Use this as one more reason to move on.

He Told You To Move On

There is no clearer sign that your ex is over you than this one.

And that sign is that he told you to move on.

If your ex told you to move on, you’ve probably hinted that you’re not over him yet.

At this point, he’s desperate to move on without you getting behind him.

You may have your reasons for wanting to hold on in hopes of getting back, but if he wants you to move on, he won’t share your feelings.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to accept that your ex broke up with you.

In that case, your time is wasted, waiting for him to change his mind.

Do your best to use your energy better and put your story with him where it belongs, in the past.


To sum it up, there are a number of signs that will tell you if your ex is over you for good.

Use your judgment to find out if he might still have feelings for you or if he’s completely changed.

And remember, if you can, ask him to get an honest answer.

The biggest sign that your ex has broken up with you is if he tells you he has.