How to Break Up With Someone Who Loves You: A Fair Breakup Guide

Sure, he loves you, but right now, you just want to punch him in the face.

So this is how we end up with someone who loves us.

Breaking up is always shit.

When I wanted to break up, I used to make my boyfriend hate me, I was too shitty to do anything.

Who wants to break up with someone?

Unless it excites you.

But for the rest of us, it’s hard to know how to break up with someone who loves you.

You need to meet him, sit down, talk about how you feel, and then watch him drag himself in front of you.

Are you free now?

Absolutely, and for sure, it can hurt, but it feels like a weight you’ve taken off your back, right?

How to Break Up With Someone Who Loves You

But when you break up with someone who loves you, it’s not that easy.

I mean, real separation can be easy.

However, if he truly loves you, they may not be as easy to get rid of as you think.

You were his world!

You were his life!

What does that mean?

Yes, you know what that means, the “I love you” messages, the drunk phone calls at 1 am – they start coming.

But you prevent that from happening if you break up with him properly.

Because you’ll have to do it eventually.

He won’t do it for you.

1. If You Think, It’s Over.

If you’re thinking about breaking up with him, well, that’s a good sign that you should get on with your thoughts.

I mean, whenever I thought about breaking up with my boyfriends, I ended up breaking up.

It might have taken me months or years to do this, but I did it eventually.

Listen to your intuition.

2. Sit Down And Make Sure It’s What You Want.

So I know I just said that you should follow your intuition, but I also understand that sometimes it’s not that easy to do.

Regardless, you should sit down and think about what you really want and whether you are getting it from your relationship.

Otherwise, you definitely know what you need to do.

3. Know You Will No Longer Be His Friend Afterward.

Yes, don’t expect him to call you the next day, asking how work went.

In fact, don’t expect anything for at least a year.

You don’t really know your partner’s feelings towards you, so it may take longer to move on than expected.

The point is, consider it like you’ve lost a friend.

I know, it’s sad, but if you think like that, you won’t be tempted to talk to him.

4. It will never be the right time.

Okay, there will be some moments that are better than others, but there will always be a holiday coming up, so it doesn’t matter.

You need to break up with him ASAP, not only so you can be single, but also so he can suffer and move on.

If you keep holding on, you’ll hurt them both even more.

5. Prepare yourself.

If you live with your partner, you should have already made preparations after you’re done.

You should know who you are currently living with, where your stuff will be stored, etc.

You don’t know what the breakup will be like, so having a definite plan is a good idea.

6. Don’t Surprise Him.

This isn’t a birthday party, it’s a breakup.

No need to pick him up from work and on the way home drop the “I think we should finish” bomb.

Be mature about it and consider people’s feelings.

Tell him you need to talk.

That will be a good hint that he should be expecting millions of news.

7. Use The Word “I”. And about you.

It’s about your feelings towards your partner and the relationship.

So, use the word “I”.

You need to tell him what isn’t working in the relationship for you and why you want to end it.

So saying something like “I feel like we’re not connected like we used to be” is a way to show them your feelings.

By doing this, you are not creating false emotions for him.

8. Honesty Is The Best Policy, But Don’t Be Innocent.

Be honest, people want to hear honesty, especially when it comes to a breakup.

That said, there’s no need to tell your partner that you’re breaking up with him because he’s bad in bed.

Instead, you’re breaking up with them because you “don’t feel the chemistry anymore.”

It does not degrade and lower your self-esteem.

Be classy.

9. No, Don’t Say “Let’s Be Friends”.

Oh God, please don’t.

It’s the worst thing you can hear from the person you love.

It basically means, “I don’t see you as someone I want to spend my life with, but as someone, I can sit at Starbucks once every two months and talk to.” So it’s worth it, I mean, come on.

Now, if he later texts you to go out for coffee or be friends, that’s different.

10. Don’t Text Him.

Don’t like their status on Facebook, don’t like their photos on Instagram, or text them when you’re bored.

This isn’t a game, it’s someone’s emotions.

You need to leave him alone for him to heal.

When he’s ready, he’ll like something on your Facebook page or wish you a happy birthday or something.

The point is, you let it come to you.

11. Don’t Say A Dramatic Goodbye.

This is not a romantic drama, so keep calm.

Breakups don’t have to be full of screaming and crying, they can be, but why not leave the relationship on a positive note?

Why not leave the door open for possible friendship later on?

When I mean later, I mean years from now.

12. Analyze Relationship And Separation.

Yes, you are single, but now you need to analyze the relationship and the breakup.

What went wrong in the relationship?

What do you want in future relationships?

This is difficult for him, but it is also a learning lesson for you.

Or else, you end up in the same relationship again.

13. If He’s Trying To Move On, Let Him.

See, you have the upper hand because you are the one who is not in love.

For you, it’s great, but don’t be the one who abuses it.

He’s trying to move on, so you flirting with him or being jealous when he goes on dates isn’t going to help.

In fact, this is your ego and you need to tame it.

He’s just trying to get over his pain, so let them.


Who Said Breaking Up Is Fun?

It’s not, but by following these steps on how to break up with someone who loves you, you can do it in a way that doesn’t make him eat a tub of ice cream while seeing a picture of you.

I mean, it’s probably going to happen anyway, but you know, not for months on end.

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