5 Signs He Really Doesn’t Like You (And He Never Will)

Deep down, everyone wants to find “or chosen”.

Yes, even men – no matter how much of an idiot he may seem to women who don’t fit his profile. 

The problem with men is that they’ll never tell you clearly that you’re not the one for them, because hey, a guy has to get laid. 

But why do women settle down? And why do they expect men to break down their walls when clearly that will never happen?

When a man likes a woman he will be more obvious and clearer than a landing strip for an airplane. No matter how many articles you read to “decipher” the “male psyche”, men are never as complicated as women. They are simple and obvious; it’s us women who try to read too much of everything that end up with broken hearts and a bunch of articles that feed our illusions.

1. He has clearly told you that this is a casual thing.

No matter what his friends say and no matter how much you read his actions and phrases, he will never want anything more serious. He told you very clearly – although he probably treated you very well because he still needs a backup woman to get laid with. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on you that you’re good enough for an adventure, but to him, you’ll never be good enough for anything else. And no matter how long you play this game and misinterpret the signs, your perception will never change! If you want to be casual too, go for it, but even if the smallest part of you wants something more, have the strength to cut it because no, you will never be more than one. colorful friendship, because he is far from looking at you as platonic love.

2. You feel like you need to work to break down his walls.

Think about it: your attention is focused on things on the internet or in magazines whose central idea is ‘How can I make him like me?’ It’s always worded differently, but it’s the same crap to skew our emotional quotient. The way to a man’s heart is never through his pants, his stomach, or anywhere else, really. He may only occasionally treat you well on a human level, but he will never care about you. Sure, he’ll appreciate the great things you do for him and those who don’t, but none of them will add up to clear the way.

Men are not like women! We may be forced to change our minds about someone we don’t like at first. Men, on the other hand, know exactly how you can fit into their lives after the first conversation: lover, girlfriend, friend, or nothing at all. If he really likes you, nothing will seem like an effort on your part because he will do his best to woo you, but if some small part of your mind wants to find ways to make him like you more, it’s just not worth it. the effort. Save that effort for someone who feels like doing the same things before emptying your love tank with the wrong people.

3. He never makes time for you

If he likes you, he will make time for you in his schedule, even if he is running a multinational company and works 80 hours a week. He’ll take time not only for a late-night date but also for some activities in public places. No guy is too busy for the woman he really wants. If you get these excuses from someone who is looking for a job or someone who works 20 hours a week, then… ding ding ding… he’s lying! Time and distance are nothing to worry about for a man in love, but it is of the utmost importance for the man for whom you are not good enough. You don’t have to sit down with your friends and make excuses for them; ask your friends and be prepared for a brutally honest answer.

4. He’s Not Ready Yet

Strangely, it seems that sometimes men are not prepared to commit for various reasons, if he is not established professionally, he has a goal that needs full attention, he needs to test the waters to be prepared for real commitment, he has No traumatic breakup that left him with scars, or maybe he’s too young. Again, men are not like women, who can be struck by love at any time in life. This is an inexplicable phenomenon, but men fall in love when the love button is on, with the first girl they like shortly after the occurrence. It’s weird and I have no idea how this love exchange works, but there comes a time when he knows he’s ready for love and will fall in love with the next girl he meets and it won’t happen to the girl who’s been there all along. to fill the space, watch out for him waiting for him to unlock the heart.

Ever heard of the countless stories where two people have been dating for years and the guy was never ready but they break up and after a year he is married to someone he only met a few months ago? There’s no point banging your head against the wall looking for the switches; it’s easier to wait for someone with a key on! Maybe the timing isn’t right, maybe love doesn’t fit into his plans at the moment, but most maybe you’re just the girl who’s good enough to fill the temporary space in the meantime until he can get what he wants. really want!

5. He’s “just not a romantic guy.”

Seriously? Because I’ve seen even the biggest idiots become princes with women they really like. No guy lacks the romance bone. Men are good at hiding it from women who don’t really matter to them. Even guys who seem to have a heart of stone are capable of “flowers, candlelight dinners and endearing nicknames” with the woman they really want. Men with games and emotional constipation should be spared. Don’t treat someone like a king if you’re just a servant to him. If he treats you like a queen, treat him like a king; if he treats you like a game, show him how that game is played.