He’s Too Busy For Me

What’s his excuse this time?

He has to work late, drink with co-workers, go to that appointment with some random doctor, take care of his friend’s dog because the friend went on a trip, keep his grandmother company in town, etc.

Whatever the excuse, you can’t guess why the conversation suddenly went from amazing and consistent to short and sporadic.

Now he looks like a running fox!

The messages are like, “Hi, sorry. I’m very busy. Talk to you later”.

A few days later, you convince yourself and ask, “Do you want to go out for a drink this weekend?” Meanwhile, he coldly replies, “maybe next week.”

Well, it’s time to face reality and understand what it all means.

He’s Too Busy For Me: What Does It Really Mean?

Even though we are all busy, with a lot going on in our own lives, there’s no reason not to make time to meet someone we really like.

When you meet a guy and things are going well, everything looks promising and you get excited, but suddenly… Poof!

Where is he?

All of a sudden the consistency and warmth of the beginning of a relationship starts to wane.

You’re confused why he was acting and talking like he was really into you.

Why would he want to walk away from you?

Did something startle him?

There is a good chance that something is going on behind this sudden mysterious “busy” behavior.

Men are hunters and love to run after something they really want.

He won’t give up after the first half of the game, unless he’s covering up some of the many circumstances.


Here are some potential meanings:

  • He found someone else he likes better.
  • He has lost interest in you or is not interested in commitment now.
  • He genuinely doesn’t have time to pursue a relationship.
  • He’s not really into it, but he wants to keep you waiting in case he changes his mind.

If it’s not because of one of these realistic scenarios, then it could be that he’s suddenly realized that the two of you are about to get into a full-on serious relationship.

You might think that maybe he’s “Too busy for me,” but the reality is that he’s potentially afraid of commitment.

It’s easy at this stage for him to commit to other things, so you can conclude he doesn’t know what he wants.

His mixed feelings do not bode well for the future of the relationship.

You should consider the possibility that he might want to end this relationship.

Things with the meaning similar to “he’s too busy for me”.

1. He Is Not Consistent.

As mentioned above, this is the biggest sign that something suspicious is happening to him other than everyday things.

When you’re looking for a relationship with someone, the best way to show them affection is to be consistent.

Suddenly, he’s slipping in attitudes or the days go by without him asking how you are.

If he was ready for a serious commitment, this inconsistent behavior would not occur.


2. It’s Not Clear From The Beginning What He Really Wants.

You find yourself increasingly investing in him and the relationship, while he seems to be leaving things open without a conclusion.

After a few months maybe, you realize that you don’t know exactly what his position is.

That’s a big red flag that he doesn’t want to take you seriously.

3. He Talks About His Ex-Girlfriend Too Often.

It doesn’t matter if he mentions her by accident in the stories or deliberately puts her name in the conversation, that’s never a good sign.

You’re thinking “he’s too busy for me” but the reality is he’s thinking twice in general.

If he’s not ready to give you his full attention, then he doesn’t deserve you.


4. He Doesn’t Get Enthusiastic When You Show More Interest.

When a guy is really into it, he doesn’t back down.

If you notice that he’s suddenly acting vague and too busy to date you, he may be trying to tell you that he doesn’t feel the same way you do.

5. He Still Uses Dating Apps.

If he’s still active on dating apps like Tinder, he’s probably been chatting up some potential girlfriends.

Busy or not, if his emotional energy isn’t completely devoted to you and the relationship, then he’s not taking you seriously.

6. You Have Intuition That Something Wrong Is Going On.

It is important for you to trust your intuition when approaching new relationships.

Don’t ignore your intuition if you feel something isn’t right.

You can like him more than he likes you, no problem.

However, if you can’t feel his love at all or your intuition tells you something is wrong, then it’s best to slow down and stop investing in him.


7. He Texts More Than He Calls.

Every woman knows that when men are really into a girl, they want to hear her voice.

Although texting is the new standard form of communication, in a relationship, phone conversation is paramount.

If your man isn’t committed to calling regularly, then maybe he’s not very interested, and with that, you might get the “why is he too busy for me” answer.

8. He Always Arrives Late Or Cancels Dates Too Much.

Don’t give me excuses like, “Oh, that’s just the way he is,” or “He’s a sloppy guy, that’s all.”

If he keeps showing up late and cancels plans because something has suddenly happened and he can’t date you, he’s showing you that he doesn’t care about you as much as you deserve.

9. He Is Not Interested In Your Family Or Friends.

It’s important at the beginning of a relationship that the two of you spend enough time alone to get to know each other.

However, if he’s not asking questions about his family and friends, then that’s not a good sign… He’s not looking for a long-term relationship.

Also, he’s not introducing you to his friends, so you should take a deeper look at where this relationship is going.

10. He is totally against any gestures of affection in public.

Many people are not comfortable with being too intimate in public.

That’s acceptable if you’re honest about being that way, if it’s well-spoken that you don’t like being cuddled in public.

However, if you take the step of holding his hand or giving him a quick kiss and he doesn’t react the way you want him to, then he’s clearly hiding something.

This is especially true in the early days of a relationship, because when a guy is super excited and attracted to a woman, he can’t keep his hands off her body.


11. He Doesn’t Use The Word “We” When Planning Things.

When the guy is in the mood, he wants to share experiences with the woman he likes.

Often, a person can express this by saying phrases like, “we should go to that restaurant that is my favorite next week!” Or “we need to see that movie soon”.

Men who want something serious want the girl to know this and would like to be by her side longer.

If he’s not taking anything seriously, maybe he can say, “I can’t wait to see that new movie.”

When you realize that he only speaks in first person, then you need to find another guy to eat at that delicious restaurant.


12. He’s Not Initiating Plans Most of the Time.

If he’s relaxed or you suddenly realize that only you make plans for the next date, then he’s not really into commitment, it’s not just because he’s too busy for you.

Real men who want a relationship will show you this by ending almost every conversation with plans to see you again.

He must be super excited the next time he sees you.

Remember that the next time he hangs up the phone without asking you out or refuses to come up with something fun for you to do together.