11 Signs He’s Losing Interest In You (And What To Do About It)

Is he losing interest?

Does he still feel the same?

Is it just your fears and insecurities?

Whether you’re dating, dating, or in a relationship, here are the top signs he’s losing interest — for real — and how to deal with it.

11 Signs He’s Losing Interest

When it comes to losing interest, the most important thing to watch out for is a change in behavior.

  • Is he acting differently than he used to?
  • Does he look different to you?
  • And in what way?

See, all relationships change and evolve as they grow.

People become comfortable.

The things one does at first may not always maintain the same intensity after a while.

Of course, if you’re in a relationship, you have a little more security.

If you’re dating – the interest indeed shouldn’t be lost anytime soon.

Overall, if you want to know if he’s losing interest – look for signs of change.

To help you identify changes more easily, here are 10 key signs he’s losing interest.

See below how many of the signs are true for you…

1. He’s Not So Receptive Anymore

First, if he’s losing interest, you’ll see that he’s not as receptive anymore.

He makes less effort to talk to you, and when he talks to you.

If you’re texting, you’ll likely notice that he responds slower, many hours later, sends shorter replies, seems “off”, perhaps even leaving you unread, in a vacuum.

You’ll also notice that it’s always you who texts first – the relationship is becoming one-sided, with you carrying her much more than he does.

You used to have dynamic conversations, but now it seems like only you do the talking.

He has stopped asking questions about you and your life and shows a general lack of interest in you and the relationship.

If you’re together in person, you might find he seems distracted, he’d be happy to sit there quietly – again – gives very curt answers, and it’s not much of a conversation.

Maybe he’s grumpy.

(Here’s what to do if that’s the case).

Overall, you just feel like talking to him feels like hard work—almost tense.

It’s like he’s become a shell of who he was, and you can’t seem to get into that shell.

2. He’s Letting You Down

Another sign that he is losing interest is if he starts to let you down more.

He used to make plans, show up when he said he would, and seem to really want to spend time with you – now it’s a completely different story.

It’s likely that he’ll cancel dates, and last-minute plans – and often don’t even bother to rearrange plans.

There are always excuses and a real lack of care.

Maybe you’re in a relationship, and you’re finding that you’re spending a lot less time together.

He’s become inconsistent… And you get to the point where you feel like you can’t get excited about anything anymore because you just don’t trust him to be punctual.

3. He Stops Planning

Whatever activity you do now seems to come only from you.

He doesn’t seem to plan anything anymore, he doesn’t make the effort, but what you’ll also find is that he stops talking about the future either.

Is a friend’s wedding coming up? There’s no mention of the two of you going.

That super trip you guys talked about doing? He’ll make excuses or delay the trip.

That’s because, in many cases, he’s not sure if you’ll still be together until then (as much as it hurts to hear!)

4. He’s Not So Affectionate Anymore

If he’s losing interest, he’s also likely to be less affectionate.

I mean, who wants to snuggle with someone they’re already feeling nothing for?

His feelings are changing and, consequently, the way he acts on your side is too.

He can’t even force things, and you notice everything.

On the other hand, it could be that he’s still physically close to you – but that’s it, there’s nothing else there.

There seems to be a lack of feeling, a lack of emotion.

Even when you are physically close, you no longer feel that closeness.

5. He picks up arguments and fights out of thin air

We’re halfway through the text, so it’s time for a big sign!

See, if he’s losing interest, you’ll start to notice that he’s starting arguments and picking fights for the silliest of reasons.

He can be moody… or maybe even rude to you.

He is testing you, pushing the limits with you.

He interrupts you when you’re talking, he doesn’t listen and when he hears and engages in conversation, he says very nasty things.

He almost wants you to retaliate and things to explode, because – in fact – whether he realizes it or not, he’s not feeling the same way.

It could also be that the way he sees you has started to change – not by any fault of yours necessarily.

And so he starts treating you differently, talking to you differently, disrespecting you a little bit in some ways.

Anyway, the dynamic has changed, and if you don’t stand your ground – there’s going to be an unhealthy power dynamic… A dynamic that’s not going to work, no matter what stage you’re at.

6. He Doesn’t Care How You Feel

Another one of the main signs that he’s losing interest is if – in addition to picking fights – he also doesn’t care how you feel … or if he does, he doesn’t care enough to show it.

He knows he isn’t treating you right, or he’s behaving irrationally and unfairly, but he can’t seem to avoid this bad behavior.

Maybe apologize, maybe not, but the worst part is the lack of change.

It keeps happening until the relationship becomes toxic.

This can also happen at the beginning of the relationship.

See, the truth is, he’s frustrated.

He’s not sure what to do.

He’s not ready to give up, but he doesn’t feel exactly the same.

So he starts taking it out on you – but he’s still stuck in his own head and doesn’t think much about you.

He’s turning into a pretty rotten person – not the person you started to fall in love with, that’s a fact.

You’ll also find that if you bring things up with him if you tell him how you feel – he won’t pay attention.

Maybe he’ll get angry, retaliate, get defensive, saying he “can’t handle it.”

He will shut down instead of considering your arguments and doing something about it.

It’s all about him at this point and he doesn’t care about the consequences of his behavior.

That’s when you know – deep down – that he’s losing interest and doesn’t feel the same anymore.

8. He Starts Doing Things Behind Your Back

Now here’s a big sign of disinterest, if he’s losing interest, it could also be that he starts doing things he shouldn’t.

So let’s say you’re dating, you’ve moved things to exclusivity, but he’s feeling insecure and has gone back to dating apps.

Maybe you’re in a relationship, he’s having doubts, he’s losing interest and then he starts talking to other people behind your back.

You won’t be sure in many of these cases, of course.

However, you might start to notice that he’s more on his cell phone, he’s checking out other people when you’re away, maybe he’s openly flirting with others, and it all starts to add up.

9. He Is Vague And Indecisive

He’s also likely to keep his life more to himself (whether he’s doing something “wrong” or not).

For example – if you ask him what he’s going to do later in the day, he’s not sure.

If you ask him if he wants to go out, he’s not sure he’ll have time.

That wasn’t the kind of answer you had before!

He’s become a lot more indecisive – largely because he just doesn’t know how he feels.

That’s also why you’ll find him changing his mind, backtracking on plans, and letting you down.

He no longer takes it into account – in many different ways.

Now it’s all about him.

You are not a priority.

You may also notice that he rarely shares his plans with you.

He is no longer open, he is no longer enthusiastic.

When you ask him something, his answers are vague and it may feel like you’re pulling your teeth out every time you try to get an answer from him.

You’re not controlling him, you’re just talking, but even that starts to get harder if he’s losing interest too quickly.

10. He’s Becoming Distant

In general, if he is losing interest in you, you will notice that he becomes more distant.

This is one of the biggest signs that he is losing interest.

You don’t spend as much time together, or when you do – you’re together, but not really together.

He is off: he is present, but he is not fully present.

He’s not asking you many questions, he’s not taking much interest in you.

You feel like you are literally growing apart from him.

He’s pulling away from you, and you can feel it.

The relationship (no matter what stage) is starting to stagnate or recede, and as much as you try to bring it back – it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

11. You Simply Sit On Your Intuition

Some of these signals are quite strong – quite intense.

They are also very specific.

It could be, however, that you feel like he’s losing interest because too many little things are adding up.

You can’t pinpoint a strong, obvious sign.

And that goes back to the feeling of intuition.

Where does this intuition come from?

Usually many small changes in behavior.

Things seem “off”, things are just… different.

And that’s why you start having your worries.

Conclusion :

Keep being yourself, keep being the best partner you can be – but take a step back if you have to.

Focus more on yourself to try not to make the change in behavior personally.

Only time will tell if he is losing interest, why he is losing interest, and what will happen from here.

There will always be things out of your control, but remember:

The right person will love you for you, and they always will.

So stay calm, trust the process, and give yourself a little time to see how things evolve.

I hope this article has helped you.

Good luck!